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What jewelry is all the rage in the spring of 2016

what jewelry will be in vogue in spring 2012

Nothing decorates a girl like fashionaccessories, and even more so if they are made of various natural materials. At this time, all fashion designers have tried their best, considering the important question, what jewelry will be in vogue in the spring of 2016. For every fashionista is great news, because the abundance of accessories and jewelry is able to turn the head of any of the fair sex.

It would be worth noting that the upcoming seasonIt draws its originality, brightness, originality and extravagance. Actually therefore most fashionable could be called the girl who is not afraid to attract every eye. Of course, for this you will need to replenish their shelves casket and relevant accessories for the entire spring season. Now let's understand the fashionable addition to your image.

Fashion earrings

jewelry and accessories Spring 2012

Fashion earrings 2016 spring all as one massive,large, attracting special attention. Designers have made them almost a piece of clothing, and not in a nice addition. If you are a fan of earrings in the form of a chain, choose the longest. If you love the stones accessories, then pay attention to the large and massive. Do not be afraid to look ridiculous and inappropriate, because fashion offers today to focus on the person, and the bulk earrings - a great option for this.

Very relevant large and medium-sized earrings in the form ofrings, drops, as well as delicate in oriental style. But special attention should be paid to such an accessory in a retro style, for example, large pendants with natural stones or in the form of bulk flowers. Do not forget the earrings in ethnic style, which perfectly complement the image of safari.

Every year, the famous fashion houses are ourattention the latest collection of various jewelry. They show a variety of options, such as daily and evening. ChristianDior NinaRicci and in the coming season have made a big emphasis on delicate earrings, but OscardelaRenta made a most important accessory in the form of presenting us the options of bright colors made of bead "fringe."

An unusual novelty of the coming season can beconsidered Cuff. This earrings that do not need a puncture in the ear. They are assigned to them or in the middle of a special bow. This method of attachment allows you to wear heavy earrings even without tiring and without stretching your ears, and Kaffa decorate your whole ear entirely. With this form of accessory immediately highlights the lip line and, in general, completely over the entire face. If desired, they can be used even adjust the shape of the face.

For those who love clean lines, will appealvolume of Kaffa in the form of lightning, which are represented in the collection BetseyJohnson and earrings in the shape of a star with the hangers will give your look daring, what have focused Dolce & Gabbana.

It is worth noting that the Kaffa - quite a bargainbuy, since it is multifunctional. Already there is an accessory that combines decoration for temple, hairclip, brooch and earrings. In addition, Kaffa will always be a wonderful surprise for lovers of fashion original stuff!

The main rule is that you need to remember -fangled massive earrings require proper selection of hairstyles and makeup in moderation. Do not overload your way of other ornaments. Fashion earrings 2016, you can choose the color of the eyes, in the tone of your lipstick, as well as to the pattern on the dress. Everything will depend on the reason for which they are put, and the preferred style of you.

Jewellery for neck

fashion jewelry Spring 2012 photo

In order to draw attention to the neck,use necklaces, beads, necklaces, chains and pendants. Layered necklaces, multi-row chains and necklaces, and all the accessories of this type of multi-layered and large - it all fashion jewelry spring 2016 photos which are shown below. Particular emphasis is placed on the favorite decoration Coco Chanel - pearl beads in several rows.

The most fashionable trend of the coming of springseason can be considered a necklace-collars. Materials for such decorations - a metal, leather, fur, cloth and plastic. These additions will perform stones, crystals, artificial flowers, and this is not an exhaustive list of all possible options. Each designer in this respect the dissenting opinion: someone adheres to the rigor and conciseness, using modest metal hoops, while others use a large arsenal of various decorations to create a romantic image.

Rings and bracelets

what jewelry will be in vogue in the spring and summer of 2012

These accessories are not less popular in the coming season. Rings and bracelets can enhance the beauty of your pen and complement any image.

Conventionally, the ring can be divided into groups:

  • With large rocks;
  • Long vintage;
  • Rings on the theme of the sea;
  • Under the silver or gold.

The most fashionable are rings on the plant andanimal themes. They are made in the shape of dragons, snakes, butterflies, birds, as well as fruits and flowers. Designers will delight the most avid fashionistas accessories various extravagant solutions, futuristic, ethnic and vintage shapes. It is necessary to pay attention to the current model in a classical style, which is advised to wear gloves on top.

jewelry and accessories Spring Summer 2012

Bracelets continue this year's fashion trend -massiveness. Jewelry and Accessories Spring 2016 rich wooden and plastic ornaments, made in Indian style, old Slavic and African peoples. For example, in ancient Rus' most characters bracelets, freely moving the arm in the form of a conventional hoop. Inspired by the designers to translate into reality the most feminine and light bracelets, complemented by a variety of ornaments in the form of garlands, pendants, flowers, insects and leaves.

If you are a lover to combine several bracelets, the following are some rules for you:

  • Various bracelets wear at the same time, but should dominate thread Baubles or ethnic trinkets.
  • It is considered to be relevant bracelets dark shades, and put them in large quantities can be as soon as your heart desires.

trendy brooches

fashion jewelry spring summer 2012 photos

Quite unfair considered the fact thatbrooch was in oblivion for many years, because it is an incredibly feature-rich, stylish and attractive thing. Still, fashion designers have done their best to every fashionista today can appreciate this accessory.

First of all decided to surprise the fashion house Chanel,presenting his show on the skirt, complemented by sparkling brooches. This idea was quickly picked up by the other designers, and now you can witness a decoration on clothing political activist, show business stars and other representatives of the elite.

But it should be noted that now brooches madeworn not as a few decades ago, when little was fixed on the shoulders, and large - on the collars. Today they can be seen in the most unusual places, such as on bags, belts, skirts, pants, scarves, hats, jackets, pins, wedding bouquets, underwear. But the traditional way of wearing this accessory has not been canceled.

Regarding the design, you can say thatactual flower is the subject to which the animals are easily added motivation. If the traditional brooches relevant only in the wardrobe business elegant lady, for the fashionistas, designers offer abstract, shocking shape of this accessory.

Despite the democratic character of this thing, it is worth remembering the existence of important rules of wearing brooches:

  • Owners of massive, large forms better to choose a brooch round, while women with a slender figure can afford different, even the most unusual model.
  • A remarkable combination is the original brooch in the form is the same as shoes or a handbag.
  • This accessory textile better stickcloser to that part of your figure, which I would like to emphasize or highlight. For example, a pin attached to the shoulder immediately draw attention to the chest.
  • Remember - this decoration should not be merged with your clothes, in this case, it is very difficult to see.
  • Do not combine brooch with bright or shiny dress, which has enough additions and decorations in this case it will simply superfluous.
  • It is also worth remembering that it is not complementary to the image of large beads or other colorful neck adornments, if you are going to wear a brooch. This combination will give you an vulgarity.
  • More advantageously such accessory looks at the background of strict, simple and concise clothes, emphasizing your originality, individuality and making the outfit more stylish.

The most important advice, perhaps, can be consideredas follows: any rules always have exceptions, and in the presence of imagination and taste can be obtained remarkable result, combining the most incompatible. Fashion jewelry 2016 encourages each girl to be bright and individual, attracting male attention and at the same time remaining a.

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