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Mechanical exfoliation

mechanical peeling

Every woman wants to be beautiful,attractive and remain so as long as possible. A guarantee of a natural attraction - especially healthy, clean, smooth, radiant skin. And if a young man, almost any woman can boast of perfect skin - the older we get, the harder it is to maintain the natural beauty. The skin on your face becomes thinner over time, there are fine lines, complexion is not as shining as we would like - and this is only for those lucky who managed to avoid the traces of pimples, freckles, age pigment changes in the skin, burns and scars. What to do if you want to be beautiful, and, at the same time, to avoid surgical intervention in its beauty? Come to the aid peels - is peeling the skin cells by using a special, light abrasive, which will help to make every woman beautiful and younger. Exfoliation helps to align the color of the skin, reduce wrinkles, remove the traces of pimples, freckles, traces of skin aging, to achieve a lifting effect and many more. Professional peeling - and the home, which makes the woman herself, twice a week - are completely different things. You can never get at home is the result which can easily provide you a professional in the cosmetic center. Depending on the kind of problems you have encountered skin, dermatologist select your desired peeling procedure - peeling fruit acids, mechanical or chemical.

The essence of mechanical peeling

mechanical peeling face

What is a mechanical peeling? At its core, mechanical peeling can be compared with how professional polishes any surface - gently and precisely remove all irregularities, leaving the surface is unusually smooth and radiant. Special abrasive microparticles are sprayed on the skin under high pressure, cutting off dead skin cells. This procedure not only removes skin aging, but also activates cellular metabolism, improves microcirculation, increasing the protective skin system. Cosmetologist professional can adjust the degree of pressure of the abrasive particles on your skin - depending on what effect you want to achieve: to make the skin smoother, or completely leveled (remove scars and the consequences of pimples). Ease of mechanical peeling that you will not experience any pain, but the likelihood of getting infection is zero.

Mechanical exfoliation can have a different degree ofeffects on the skin: it is easy to peel - brossazh mask film, scrub, ultrasonic peeling; or peeling deep impact - microcrystalline (Mikrodermaobraziya).


Brossazh - a soft, gentle exfoliation, whichIt can be done 1-3 times per month (depending on what your skin type). Brossazh is as follows - the special brush with natural bristles gently polish your skin, removing the stratum corneum. This reduces the thickness of the epidermis, aligned complexion, improves skin microcirculation. Gommazh - is peeling on the basis of fruit acids - organic acids papaya, pineapple, figs reduce communication keratinized skin flakes on your skin, and they are easily and painlessly removed together with the drug. Such peeling instantly makes the skin smooth, smooth, tender, saturating it with vitamins and microelements. Ultrasonic peeling - is a completely painless procedure, which will moisturize your skin and make it younger. The essence of ultrasonic peeling is that special light applied to the skin the drug or mineral water, and then ultrasonic treated with a special skin preparation, the skin is aligned with and actively I saturated with moisture. This procedure is especially useful in the summer season - if the skin retain moisture sun.

The last and most effective mechanicalpeeling face - it mikrodermoabraziya (microcrystalline peeling) - the latest development in the field of dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. When mikrodermoabrazii, the skin under high pressure are applied to tiny particles of aluminum, exfoliates dead skin layer, leveling it and removing freckles, redness, signs of age-related changes in the skin, pulling it and making it a more youthful, healthy and beautiful. This procedure is performed by a special device, under the control of a professional dermatologist. This is not a one-time procedure, if you want to even out the skin of your face, you should be prepared for what will have to spend a few sessions. In contrast, chemical peels - a painless procedure, allows to achieve the same result, without damaging the skin, without any allergic reactions and a long recovery period. Microcrystalline peeling is often called vacuum - is the fact that the device for mikrodermoabrazii consists of two tubes: one causes tiny particles of aluminum on the skin, and the other - there is a vacuum treatment removes them with the horny layer of the skin. The skin after such a peeling becomes soft, smooth, supple complexion aligned, age-related changes is minimized, you become younger and more attractive. Dermatologist can adjust the degree of exposure to abrasive to your skin - from mild to deep peeling.

Why use mechanical peeling? If you need to prepare for life in the fastwith any celebration, if you have acne or increased skin pigmentation (the presence of freckles or the appearance of age-related changes in pigmentation of the skin), if you want to prepare the code to other anti-aging procedures (after mechanical peeling anti-aging serums are absorbed much better, increasing their effect on the skin), if you want to look younger, you need a mechanical peeling face. If we talk about the benefit that brings the mechanical exfoliation - reviews skin becomes almost the same as after the chemical, at the same time without a long recovery period.

What will be the effect of a mechanical peeling face? Diminish fine facial wrinkles, the skin becomes more smooth and even intensify microcirculation skin - which will improve its protective properties, remove traces of pimples, and - reduce the likelihood of their recurrence, you will look younger, the skin is tightened, facial contours become clearer .

Mechanical exfoliation ratings "The use of vacuum peeling allowed me to get rid of acne traces, made my skin more even and smooth, it has become very flexible - and I can finally enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin. I have sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions, so I is contraindicated in chemical peels. But a few sessions of vacuum peeling allowed me to achieve a noticeable effect. "

Mechanical exfoliation at home

Mechanical exfoliation reviews

It should be remembered that the mechanical exfoliation inhome - and professional exfoliation - is a completely different thing, if you need a tangible, visible effects from peeling - you should contact a professional cosmetologist. Mechanical exfoliation at home can only keep your skin smooth and soft, without removing freckles, age spots and traces of pimples.

Mechanical facial peels at home -is primarily scrubs - special formulations containing a abrasives, polishes your skin. Scrubs can be on the basis of salt, sugar or natural abrasives (such as crushed apricot seeds, nuts, medicinal components mud or sand). To choose a scrub - you need to know what your skin type, and whether you have allergic reactions to constituents of the scrub. Using a scrub at home, remember that the frequency of the use of scrubs for different skin types is different. If your skin is oily, prone to rashes - you need a gentle scrub for each day, and more intense for weekly use. When combined skin - scrub should be used once or twice a week. At the same time, it is best to choose a scrub with fruit acids, which are able to reduce the amount of fat produced by the skin. If you have dry skin use a scrub should not exceed once a month. With the help of a mechanical peeling at home remove dead skin cells, polishing it and improving the microcirculation of the skin, so after each scrub application procedure, do not forget that skin hydration is necessary. Moisturizer should be applied to the skin immediately after mechanical exfoliation.

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