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Thermal water Face

thermal water for face

Topical means (especially with the advent ofholiday season under the scorching sun) to maintain your face in good shape is a thermal water for the face. Many people ask - what is needed thermal water? It helps to maintain the skin in moist throughout the day keeps your makeup, as well as nourishes the skin with essential minerals and trace elements. About the need for constant moistening skin dermatologist will tell you any - cosmetics based on thermal water is suitable even for sensitive skin prone to allergies and mikrovospaleniyam, this is an excellent means of prevention of dermatological diseases and unwanted skin rash. How useful thermal water? The water from the thermal spring will help to cheer up the skin before applying make-up (it may be used as a morning tonic), or, as a means of securing meykapa. In general, thermal water for face comes in convenient vials with micro spray, which allows you to spray on the skin a small amount of water sufficient to hydrate the skin, but do not wash off your makeup. Thermal water spray is very easy to carry - to cool off in the car or in the office during the working day. Based on the practical experience of thermal water for face feedback has been very positive - the use of thermal water makes the skin supple and helps to maintain it throughout the day.

Why thermal water?

It would be a natural question - whyThermal water is needed? In spring and summer, our skin is exposed to the most intense sunlight, and it is so necessary hydration. But the realities of modern living conditions - so hard to find time to relax and the necessary skin moisturizing treatments. Bottle of thermal water for the face helps to refresh the skin, relieve fatigue, as well as support your skin with minerals and trace elements.

The use of thermal water

Thermal water - water spilled outthermal spring, so this water is rich in minerals and essential trace elements the skin. Therefore, experts no doubt about the benefits of thermal water. After spraying the face thermal water of the skin - the skin moisturized, saturated with minerals, and becomes extremely smooth, shiny, elastic - you look rested and fresh as after visiting the spa. The main difference from the thermal mineral water that the mineral water much more salts of iron, copper and other elements that are not relevant body in such quantity. The best - thermal spring water, it is suitable for outdoor use - perfectly absorbed by the skin, and all the nutrients that are in it, penetrate into the pores, making the skin fresh and blooming.

The properties of the thermal water

Cosmetics based on thermal water is able tomake any skin beautiful, even out skin tone, make it more smooth and elastic. But the best results of the application of cosmetics based on thermal water are achieved in people with problematic or sensitive skin. The minerals contained in thermal waters, can affect the skin cells, reducing their reactivity, strengthens the cell membrane of the skin, improving the intercellular exchange - thus recovered cell skin balance. Enhanced cellular immunity - and your skin becomes more secure before the external action of the sun, the wind and the environment.

What is the thermal water is better?

thermal water for face reviews

It must be remembered that the thermal water - iswater, poured directly from the source. Thermal water for the face of different brands - poured from a variety of sources, therefore, has a different set of minerals, trace elements, and is shown for different skin types. Choosing the best thermal water - must carefully study its composition and effects on the skin.

  • Avene Thermal Water

Thermal water is used in Avene faceas the primary means of care for sensitive skin. Avene thermal water makes the skin extremely soft, soothing her, gives a feeling of comfort and freshness. With its soothing, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory action, Avene thermal spring water has collected great reviews. It is suitable for use, even if you suffer from eczema or sunburn. Thermal water Avene excellent means soften the skin after hair removal, improve the regenerative properties of the skin, is used to accelerate the healing of the skin after surgery. Avene thermal water for face has a very mild effect, so it can be used for the care of newborn skin.

  • Thermal Water La roche posay

Thermal Water La roche posay - only,which is distinguished by a high content of selenium. This helps to improve the immune microcell and skin regenerative function, reducing the harmful effects of free radicals on the skin. With the help of thermal water La roche posay you can soften, moisturize the skin and accelerate healing. The water of the brand has a strong action, anti-aging skin. Thermal Water La roche posay very well tolerated, even if you have very sensitive skin, prone to allergic rashes.

  • Vichy Thermal Spa Water

Thermal water Vichy - it is water, spilled from thea source located in the heart of France - Vichy. This source is known for several centuries. Vichy Thermal Spa Water has anti-inflammatory effect, perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin, making it very smooth. This water is the foundation of any brand of product Vichy, allowing you to speak with confidence about the healing effect of this water on the skin. The composition of the thermal water Vichy has 17 minerals and 13 trace elements, saturating your skin and helps it to fight the harmful effects of the environment - sun, wind, cold. Thermal water Vichy feedback is extremely positive, as it perfectly evens the complexion and makes the skin soft, small pores are less visible on the skin occurs much less inflammation and pimples.

  • Thermal water I most

Thermal water I can deal with mostthe harmful effects of the environment on the skin - moisturizes and softens the skin, helps to cope with stress. Thermal water The most I can use in the morning before applying make-up day and night - to remove the remnants of cosmetics with skin. The benefits of thermal water you will feel fast enough, allowing your skin to always be hydrated and breathe freshness and yourself - enjoy the comfort.

  • Thermal water Evian

Thermal Water Evian - it melted alpinewater, high purity, enriched with minerals and trace elements. Applying makeup of the Evian thermal water allows you to moisturize the skin, relieve irritation and achieve an unprecedented feeling of comfort. Ease of Evian thermal water that is sold in vials of different sizes - that will allow you to always have on hand a thermal water to cool off on a hot day or relieve tension in a stuffy office.

  • Uriage Thermal Water

Uriage thermal water - a naturalisotonic water. Uriage Thermal water is extracted in the heart of the Alps, at a temperature of 27 degrees strictly. This thermal water not only nourishes the skin with essential minerals and trace elements, it moisturizes and smoothes the complexion - this water also has a pronounced antiradical action, prevents premature skin aging. Water Uriage - this thermal water for oily skin, for very sensitive skin, which is suitable for people of all ages. This water is well absorbed, you do not need to promakivat face with a napkin, or wait until the water dries. The properties of thermal water appear so active that even help to relieve symptoms of psoriasis of the skin.

  • Thermal water Dermophil

Thermal water Dermophil - restoresnatural mineral balance of the skin. Suitable for removing inflammation and discomfort after tanning, or a long stay in the sun. The range of effects of thermal water Dermophil wide enough: well absorbed, relieves minor allergic reactions, helps to restore your skin's immune system.

  • Thermal water Kenzo

Thermal water Kenzo - it's thermal water fromnatural source. It moisturizes the skin, it helps to cope with stress and the harmful effects of the environment, evens the complexion. Very well it removes dry skin, perfectly absorbed. In addition, the thermal water Kenzo easily distinguished by a very gentle and pleasant smell, which certainly appreciate any girl.

  • Thermal Water Spa Vosges

Thermal Water Spa Vosges - it's water from thenatural source Vosges, located in the heart of France. This thermal water is hypoallergenic, contains no dyes and perfume additives, and can be used even by people with very sensitive skin. Thermal water Spa Vosges experts believe an excellent way to relieve fatigue of the skin, in order to maintain a smooth complexion, to minimize inflammation and unwanted skin redness. This thermal water for face reviews add some advantages: it is very easily absorbed and leaves a feeling of unprecedented purity and freshness throughout the day.

  • Thermal water Black Pearl

Thermal water can be called the Black Pearlthe least expensive option among the above. Thermal water Black Pearl contains pure Alpine water. The small bottle is very easy to use. The main properties of the thermal water are excellent hydration of the skin and its incredible freshness.

  • Thermal water Yves Rocher

Thermal water Yves Rocher differs from its analoguesother brands for its versatility. Thermal water Yves Rocher can be used as a tonic, apply a cream and used for fixing makeup.

Thermal water in the fight against acne

thermal water avene

You must know that removing pimples from the skinpersons - a problem that must be addressed in a complex: it is not smoking, and eating right (be sure to exclude from the diet of fatty, sweet, flour and sharp), and a healthy lifestyle, and, of course, properly selected cosmetics. As support means - the use of thermal water of acne is considered to be justified. Since it moisturizes the skin, retains its normal balance (the skin is not dry, and it is not necessary to produce excess fat) that are in thermal water minerals slightly dried inflammation. In addition - thermal water from acne - is highly purified water that has beneficial effects on the skin of any type.

Thermal water for oily skin

The use of thermal water in women with problemSkin is able to normalize the natural balance of the skin and minimize redness, improve skin's protective function. With the help of thermal water for oily skin, you can refresh the face during the day, moisturize the skin, preventing over-drying, and therefore increased the sebaceous glands.

How to use thermal water?

Manufacturers of thermal waters of various brandsThey describe in detail the instructions on how to use thermal water. The range of applications of thermal water is very wide - it can tone the skin in the morning before applying makeup, ready to fix make-up, help remove remnants of cosmetics with skin in the evening, or to refresh and moisturize the face during the day. For many the question arises - how to use thermal water? Thermal water spray is sprayed over the entire surface of the face from a distance of about 30 cm, and a few minutes to wipe excess water from the skin of the sanitary napkin.

Thermal water in the home

As the thermal water can be usedhome and how to prepare thermal water? It must be remembered that the thermal water - is water, spilled from the thermal spring, it has already cleaned and enriched with essential minerals and trace elements. Of course, the thermal water to cook at home - it is unreal. But if an urgent need to refresh the skin and relieve irritation, and there is nothing at hand? How do thermal water in the absence of that? - Simply replace it with a simple mineral water, but you need to choose the water with a minimal amount of salt, because they can dry the skin. If carbonated water - you need to leave it open for a few hours, to carbon dioxide out. After that - you can begin to use mineral water. If you do not spray - can simply wash your face with such water or ice cubes to prepare the skin for rubbing. But still the best thermal water - this is the water that has been extracted from a natural thermal spring.

We told you, what do you want thermalwater than they are useful as thermal water used. Many companies, brands are not included in this article, let the cream on the basis of thermal water. You have the right to choose what it is best suited for your skin. In fact, a significant benefit of the health of the skin brings any thermal water - which is better for you to decide for yourself.

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