" »Ivroshe: herbal cosmetics for Russians from Yves Rocher

Ivroshe: herbal cosmetics for Russians from Yves Rocher

The high-quality and affordable for 50 yearsherbal cosmetics of the famous French brand Yves Rocher is very popular among women all over the world. For its anniversary the company has decided to update the concept of online stores in Russia.

The motto of the company ivroshe: "Natural cosmetics should be accessible to every woman." Looking into the store cosmetics, any woman is in the beauty studio, where each line of cosmetics allotted a separate rack. Comfortable and pleasant store Yves Rocher atmosphere with spectacular color backlit shelves, wooden furniture and attentive vendors have to ensure that every shopper wanted to come back here again and again. Reasonable prices in stores ivroshe continue to please Russian women.

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