" "Dior: the founder of the fashion empire

Dior: the founder of the fashion empire


  • Childhood
  • Beginning a long journey
  • The long-awaited success
  • Death couturier

Christian Dior - the great French couturiers,who revealed to the world a completely new image of a woman: elegant, feminine, sophisticated. He became the undisputed trendsetter 50s, each season offering excellent half "fresh" silhouettes. For the first time introducing a licensing system, the guru has created a fashion empire. The first small shop Dior opened in 1948, seven years later, the doors opened its "grand boutique", which sold not only gloves, hats, underwear, shoes and various perfumes, and home accessories.

In 1957, after the "withdrawal" of the great genius ofChapter Dior empire became his assistant by the name of IS-Laurent. After four years, the art director has been elected Marc Boan, which in 1989 was replaced by Gianfranco Ferre. Women's collection since 1997, is the inimitable John Galliano.

In 1967, he hosted the first women's collection showDior «ready to wear" (ready-to-wear), since the beginning of the 70 men's clothing line was launched, and since 1973, the fashion house begins to develop fur outfits.

Biography of the future couturier - an indicator of the strength of spirit, hardness and tenacity that make Dior name is known all over the world.


Christian Dior was born on January 21, 1905. Childhood boys passed in melenko in Granville in Normandy. In 1911 his parents moved to Paris, where he settled in the area called Passy. His family was quite wealthy. Father involved in the sale of chemical fertilizers: innate flair, wit and ability to trade brought him a good stable income that his wife, with the inherent women easily transformed into a variety of fun. Despite the fact that in addition to the Christian family had four children, the kids in no way needed. Primary education boy was at home. He liked to draw and spend doing this all my free time.

The dream of the young Christian was studying at the School of FineArt, however, his mother and father were against this idea. At the behest of parents guy began to prepare for a career diplomat. For this Dior Jr. even entered the first year of the Free School of Political Sciences, but this idea failed - instead of the lectures on law and geography of the young man spent all his time in the museum, looking at paintings by great artists, he took painting lessons and studied the nuances of art composition. Therefore, in the short time he gave up his studies at the prestigious Academy of Political Sciences and completely gave himself to art.

Christian Dior

Beginning a long journey

In 1928, together with his friend ChristianHe opened his own art gallery, which exhibited works by such great artists as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau. The guy always treated with respect and superstitious awe to fortunetellers. He believed in their predictions, and he could spend more than one hour for the unfolding of solitaire. Once, as a boy, at the children's carnival, Christian, dressed in a suit sewed his own gypsy, selling amulets, and one of hiromantok offered to read his future at hand. She predicted: "You will remain without money, but the benefits and wealth you will bring a woman." After ten years in the family estate in Granville gust of strong wind broke the family mirror. Dior, attaching great importance to symbols, I realized that in front of him waiting for trouble.

So in the life of twenty-five men startedblack line. 1931 became tragic for the Christian. Initially, his younger brother, who from childhood was a strange child, was in a closed psychiatric hospital, where later and spent all his life. Then he died of cancer, his mother, and his father was ill with tuberculosis and suffered bankruptcy. Close and gallery, which for the most part financed by his parents. Not knowing how to go on living, Christian decides to challenge fate. At that time, the whole of Paris was gripped by leftist ideas, and a group of young architects, inspired by dreams of world revolution, going to the Soviet Union. Christian, who appreciated the art of Russian and bowed before him (his idols were Diaghilev, Malevich, Stravinsky, Nijinsky, and Chagall, Archipenko, Soutine and others) finds the money and is adjacent to the delegation. However, he suffered a big disappointment - instead of the great changes and achievements of a man watching the empty storefronts, peeling facades of the gray buildings and poverty.

Meanwhile, the fate prepared him anotherunpleasant surprise - Dior ill with tuberculosis. Thanks to friends who collect the required amount, the man sent for treatment in warm Spain. There, on a remote island of Ibiza, alone with his thoughts, he finally finds "himself." Then he decides to return to his homeland and to dedicate his life to what he wanted to do with early childhood - to sew clothes.

It was then, after military service in 1935,Christian began to sell their homes fashion sketches of dresses and hats, which first published the magazine Le Figaro Illustre. Despite the fact that the most popular models used his headgear, he still decided to specialize on clothing. In 1938 Dior goes to work in the fashion house Robert Piquet, parallel to working with Lucien Lelong.

The long-awaited success

Dior always had a weakness for the flavors. He explained his plan: "In order to have any all my clothes, and every girl who wears my clothes, left behind a trail of fragrant desires, uncorking a bottle enough. After all, spirits - is unsurpassed shade female identity, the image the final touch or like signed his creations Lancret - "Rose" for the dress. " Following a dream, in 1942, Christian reveals his perfume laboratory, which later grew into the «Christian Dior Parfum».

In 1946, with the help of a sponsor - Textileindustrialist named Marcel Boussac - Christian opened his own fashion house not far from the Champs Elysees, which is in the 50s was the most profitable and the largest in Paris. With him began the career such great designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin and many others.

Within twelve months of the couturier releasesthe first collection of clothing called "Corolla line." It was a completely new, hitherto unprecedented "Romantic Collection". These included the skirt to the ankles, or very narrow, curvy or wide, wasp waist, sleeves, kimono, smooth shoulder line, high heels, contrasting accessories. Woman eyes of the designer looked like gentle, graceful creature, dressed in elegant, exquisite outfits. That this was not enough the ladies of that era, "depersonalized" gray uniforms. By creating this collection, Christian had no idea that with her, he will pave the way to a great career.

First belonged to the latter-day coutureskeptical, cautious, but one year later the first woman of fashion, not only in Europe but also America took his style. Due to the innate optimism and a keen instinct that allowed Christian to guess the desire of post-war, "tired" of fighting France, he became one of those who influenced the revival of Paris as the fashion capital of the world. Together with his partner he first introduced into the modeling business license contract. In the late 40's designer streamlined licensing production of its own models in different countries. So there was a brand name Dior, is now known to everyone.

Christian Dior Biography

Death couturier

Great couturiers Dior lived fashion and worried about herfuture, and a few months before his death, he wrote: "The emergence of high fashion is justified for two reasons. Firstly, it is a real treasure of hardworking and honest artisans. She walks ahead of time ahead of him, it was haute couture will be crucial in the fashion trends of Paris in the future. From designer she goes to the shops and boutiques, then - to the producers, and then "released" on the streets and "capture" all the windows. And then each person, depending on their purse will be fashionable. "

The designer died on October 24, 1957 in Italy. The family estate, which is located in his hometown of Granville, is now open Christian Dior Museum. It is annually visited by tens of thousands of fans and tourists.

In 1999, creative director and director ofadvertising fashion house Christian Dior John Galliano is appointed. Thanks to him, the name Dior began to play in a new way, he was able to reveal a young and sexy side of the brand. Fashion house Christian Dior collection is for men, "haute couture 'and' ready-to-wear" women and children, and also produces a line of cosmetics, perfume and accessories.

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