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How to pass the interview: the rules of a job

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  • Communicate with the employer by phone
  • Preparatory stage
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When the device in a decent organization in anythen have to undergo the last stage of the climax of a job - a job interview. Interview with the future employer is a rather complicated procedure for an employee that can be stressful even for experienced applicants. We need to clearly know how to behave during an interview with the employer, can not do that we should not talk, how to answer questions.

So, how to be interviewed? And most importantly: how to make sure that you have a job, choosing from a variety of competitors? To pass an interview, you need to know a few rules.

communication with the employer by phone

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Communicate with the employer by phone

Communicating on the phone with the employer isthe first step in a job where you can express themselves very well and impress. It does not matter who will carry on a conversation, secretary, or myself employer, in any case, if you can put yourself properly, it is required to pay attention. If the conversation conducted Secretary, in such a case, it necessarily tell about your head.

During a telephone conversation on the work to which you are invited, you must know a few rules, how to behave and what questions should be asked.

Be sure to clarify what positionyou want to invite, and ask all questions regarding this position you are interested in. Do not hesitate to ask. The interest shown in the proposed work will certainly be interested in the caller. This will show that you do not care where to work. If you are from the beginning of the conversation to understand that the position for which you are invited, does not suit you, report it politely, citing strong arguments.

At the time of this conversation many job seekersgetting nervous, and finally forget to ask the calling entity. If you currently need to have a piece of paper and a pen, where it will be possible to write the name of the organization, surname and name of the person with whom you are talking, and phone number where you can call if necessary.

Ask the person who will conduct the interview with you. The correct practice is to reference by name and patronymic, therefore please find them.

Ask what the exact address andthe location of the organization, where you are invited. Make sure that the appointed time for the interview is convenient for you, others do not interfere. Note that the interview may take some time, so plan your day in advance. For example, in this day, you are invited to an interview and on the other, respectively, during pick up, focusing on the past, with an interval of two or three hours. you must understand that the conversation will not momentary, because the employer is interested in your skills and experience.

in preparation for the interview review the information on the company

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Preparatory stage

Once the interview is set,you can proceed to its preparation. What is needed for this? Take care of the collection of the necessary documents that may interest the employer. Be sure to have a passport, resume (preferably in duplicate), graduated with a liner (if available), various certificates, certificates, etc., in short, everything that has to do with the position offered to you.

It is recommended to study the information in advancethe organization to which you are going to go for an interview. Find this information you can in any media sources, for example, on the company's website, in newspapers, magazines, etc. Do not leave without attention to the history of the organization, find out how it has evolved, the direction of its activities, achievements and the names of units. With such information, in an interview with a recruiter you can prove himself as the person concerned to demonstrate its serious intentions. To know more information about the organization is useful and right for most of the applicant. And even if at the end of the interview your candidacy is rejected, you, nevertheless, to expand their horizons of knowledge.

Be sure to plan out a schedule of the upcoming day. No employer will not accept delays, especially for an interview. you have to know exactly what will be on transport to get to the place, how long it takes, and when you need to leave to arrive on time. You can even pre-travel to the place where the interview will take place precisely to be sure that you will not be late and do not linger in the search of the building.

Pre-need to be prepared for some issuesemployer, which in any case will be performed during your conversations with them. Absolutely all employers interested in the question about your previous job, why you went there, work there now and where. The answer to the question is better to think in advance. It is important to know what type of answer: "I am not satisfied with the team" could deter an employer who concludes that you can not get along with people.

Often recruiters wonder why interestit has caused their company and why you want to work there. In response to it, is to bring as much as possible the merits (which you learned by studying the information about the organization), to express their desire to promote the company's activities and contribute to its prosperity.

It is advisable to pre-determine for themselves whatcan benefit your specific activity as an employee for the organization. The answer to this question you need to know clearly, to make a lasting impression on the employer, to show his indifferent to the organization, thus his interest.

the interview answer honestly

Honestly answer the questions

You should be able to answer a question about hisadvantages and disadvantages, as an employee. It will be correct to list more disadvantages to prove himself as a self-critical person. It will take you in the eyes of the interlocutor. But it is worth remembering that your mistakes do not have to be very serious, otherwise you will scare the applicant. The main task here - to show that you are able to correct their mistakes, and did it.

Be ready to tell about their failures in professional work and achievements as a specialist.

Answer the questions as much as possible to be honest,because every lie, sooner or later emerge. Often, the employer can immediately see the lie in the strength of its experience in conducting interviews and by the example of many people, which had to talk. You should never speak negatively about his past colleagues and managers. Suffice it to say the absence of the last opportunities for professional and career growth, irregular salaries, inconvenient for you schedule of work, inconvenient location.

A clear understanding of what has been givenorganization, will help you make an impression on the interlocutor, to understand why their company you are interested in, and what you can do for her. Such knowledge only increase your chances of being accepted for the job.

You just have the right to ask the employer all your questions. Be prepared to provide them, specify in the right form. Thus, you show their best side, show your interest.

Great attention should be paid to their appearance. An old Russian proverb says: "Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind." And indeed it is. Already the first impression about you should bemaximum favorable. When choosing clothes for a job interview, consider the position for which you are invited. Not suitable for each post a strict business suit. Your clothes should look neat, manicured nails and hair, shoes polished. These small rules APPEARANCE necessarily produce a good impression on your interlocutor.

say hello in passing the interview with all the interviews

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At the interview

What you need to remember is interviewed? How to behave?

If possible, try to come toan interview just before the appointed time. It would be much better if you have to wait 15 minutes than the other person will be waiting for you at least half a minute. Being late for an interview, even if the reason for this was significant in the eyes of the employer crosses out your candidacy for the position of the proposed 99%. This does not mean that in the case of force majeure, you have no right to be late. Be sure to call the telephone number that is learned in advance, apologize and ask whether it is possible to postpone the meeting to a later time or even the next day.

Sometimes such situations arise when an employeechanges her mind settle into the organization to which he was invited. In this case, be sure to call the employer to tell him the reason why you decided not to come for an interview, apologize that you have violated his plans, and thank you for communication. Let your last conversation about you will leave a good impression.

If you do decide to go for an interview atthe entrance to the office of the organization is required to say hello and let that come in for an interview. If you were not in the immediate office of the company, and in the business center, you must clearly and correctly know the name of the organization, which came to pass at the watchman could call back and inform them of your parish.

Turn off your cell phone, clear away anything that might disturb you. Be patient, show their goodwill from the start.

At the entrance to the office is required to say hello,smile, and contact name and patronymic to the one who will carry with you a conversation. If the person does not have a card with the name and patronymic, ask how you can refer to it. Wishing to advance to win the interlocutor, tell me how you enjoy the invitation is in their company, how would you like to work here. Recruiters are always pleased to hear when his company respond well.

When prompted, take the proposed siteso that your face is clearly visible companion. Do not cross your legs, do not fall apart on the chair, do not fumble hands. Get the calmness and professionalism.

be careful

How can you listen closely to the questions,who you ask. If you do not understand the question, you can ask again the source, but it is necessary to be careful, because every question to ask again to be an indicator of bad taste. Answer the questions, just waiting to hear them. Answers should be concise, appropriate, do not pour a lot of water for 2-3 minutes to answer - is enough. Avoid "yes" and "no", or the employer decides that you can not substantiate your answer, explain their point of view.

Even with the available job, the source canI ask you to tell us about yourself. Do not go into the details, telling his entire biography. you should well understand that your life is not likely to be interested in the employer, it is important your professional skills, experience, achievements in work.

If during the conversation you are having counterquestions - feel free to ask them. If you are very interested in the issue of professional development, manage to set it correctly. you need to understand that not all positions imply career growth. Before asking this question, you do have to give a detailed answer about your skills, and only then make the source of your findings.

Show interest to existing training programsand further training courses. Thus, you will manifest itself as a focused person, which further raise your candidacy in the eyes of the interlocutor.

A sincere smile, a relevant and unobtrusive good humor, and then about your small blunders no one will remember. Your smile - a measure of your peace of mind and your self-confidence.

After the interview took place, be sure to thank the recruiter for the conversation, even though the final decision that it will take. Good luck and success in applying for a job!

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