" "How to pass job interview and show their best side?

How to pass a job interview and show their best side?

how to pass an interview


  • How to behave at the interview
  • How to prepare for a job interview

The Internet is full of advice on how tothe right to be interviewed for employment. To understand them, sometimes just a normal person is not possible. Especially for you we have collected in this article work best and effective psychological techniques to help tune in the desired way and receive the desired job.

How to behave at the interview

The main line of conduct

You want the interview went well? Then, in no event should not take it as a test. It is, rather, equal negotiations. On them, you together with the employer (or his representative) to discuss terms, clarifies details, analyze the options for work situations that may arise.

One goal: everyone should get the answer to your question. You, the applicant must be the end of the interview clearly understand the fit for you this post. And your counterpart is to be sure that you are the candidate that he is looking for (or one).

For HR-manager is no one worse than the sluggish,apathetic and not interested in the position of the employee. The question is, why bother coming to this meeting? If you want the employer saw your motivation to work, be persistent, but not pushy, and show activity - ask a question and specify details of future activities.

Responding to questions, try to be extremelysincere. This will position yourself to a potential employer. It is not necessary to look better than you really are. If you talk only about their merits, trying to hide her weakness, it immediately alert the companion, and he will doubt your sincerity. Will respect his desire to understand what kind of person you are. Show your strengths and not be afraid to talk about the weaknesses. Ideal people do not happen, and your partner is well aware of this.

When this truth boundaries may be sufficientbroad - everything depends on the perception and understanding of each individual. For example, the fact that one is slow, for another - corrosiveness and attention to detail. Do not lie and tell about itself what is not in sight - if you do not communicate, it is not necessary to specify a quality resume. But try to compensate for the absence of his other virtues (and you have them anyway).

Another very important point, we can say,key. Remember: do not qualify for the post for which you are obviously not fit (and that you will not do too). Otherwise, your interview will actually remind exam, to which you, unfortunately, are not ready, and the recruiter inevitably turn into a strict examiner, which wants to fill up the careless student.

How to convince an employer that position foryou are applying for, really you on the shoulder? It is quite difficult, and there is no ready-made recipes, and can not be. It very much depends on the specifics of a particular job, and paint the algorithm behavior is almost impossible.

For example, in very different ways to behaveinterview people applying for the post of designer and Chief Financial Officer. In the first case you need to demonstrate qualities such as creativity, creative mind, hard work, and in the second - the deep professional knowledge, self-discipline, critical thinking, etc.

The interview may take place in different ways. How to behave if you applied in relation to so-called stress interview, during which the recruiter creates circumstances that trigger you to misbehavior, and he behaves in the most insolent manner?

If you really want to send him to hell,stop and try to understand perhaps the employer simply tests your ability to handle stress? In this case, try to get out of the situation with honor. stress interview is often similar to the circumstances that will be faced during the work activities. The most important thing - it's confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Be polite in dealing withemployer, follow the rules of etiquette. Do not forget the important role played by the appearance, so get dressed according to the desired position. And most importantly - be punctual. There is nothing worse than a late applicant, - well, except that drunk.

You want to become a leader?

It is possible that you do not want to just getany work, and have an interview to a managerial position. It requires some adjustments to the guidelines, because the work of a manager has its own specifics. The manager - is not just an ordinary employee, a person, which to a large extent depend on the income and the company's future. Therefore, in the interview you have to give everything one hundred percent!

An important factor influencing the decision-makingof leadership positions - the credibility of the candidate. This does not mean that you have to interview, "swear not move the" but ability to win and inspire confidence - this is your trump card. Do not hide your eyes, speak calm and confident tone. Actively give examples of how you are able to solve problems.

Head - a confident person,which is able to make decisions independently of any complexity and to take responsibility for those decisions for themselves. It is possible that during the interview or that the situation will be deliberately used to test this ability. Your task - to quickly adopt an adequate solution that will bring you profit.

And, finally, we must not forget about the mainfunctions of the head - the ability to organize collective action. Agree, it is very difficult - to force a person to do their job. Being in the role of a leader, you are in one way or another, will affect the people around you. Probably, the employer will try to test this ability, so you would be superfluous knowledge of human psychology.

how to be interviewed

How to prepare for a job interview

Do I need to prepare for the interview? Be sure! You should be able to answer the most tricky questions of the recruiter. A list of these questions and answers we have prepared, you need to simply project themselves.

  • Your strengths and weaknesses?

It is worth mentioning its advantages, importantjust for this post. Do not forget about the shortcomings: some of them mention that you have successfully compensate, and that will not be a hindrance to the office. Do not use cliches like "My biggest drawback - workaholism" - this is just irritating.

  • Who do you see yourself in a few years?

This question evaluates your motivation, abilityplanning, your expectations from the job. Answer it should be gently - do not talk to the employer about his grandiose plans, if you arrange a stable position in a small company. In this case, you can tell us what projects you want to realize, being in this position. If you park in a large company that encourages career growth, you can pay more attention to their dreams of a managerial position or promotion.

  • Why do you want to work in our company?

First, the answer to this question indicates thatdo you know about the company and how to treat it, and, secondly, it becomes clear your main motivation. It is therefore useful to learn more about the firm, which are going to work, and quite honestly answer this question. Why be honest? Because then it will become clear whether your motivation is suitable for the job.

  • Why did you leave the previous place of employment? Why are you looking for a job right now?

In answering these questions it is not necessary to respondnegatively on the old job or former colleagues. It is necessary to indicate that you are faced with a really significant obstacle for you, who could not overcome in any other way but to search for a new job. For example, you have peaked in the company and can not fully realize their potential, so looking for a position with greater powers and prospects.

  • Your salary expectations?

To answer this question you need to prepare,analyzing all the factors: your knowledge and experience, the cost of a similar position in the labor market, wages at the previous location, interest in the job and other times.

  • Questions about privacy

Responding to them, try to show yourinterest in career, but do not go too far. Man with a complete lack of privacy in the first place, it looks strange and a bit scary, and secondly, does not know how to relax and prone to burnout and, third, may not reflect the image of a perfect employee (as it understands the employer).

Remember that there are no insurmountable obstacles. To the interview went well and you get a decent position, it is necessary not so much: the professional knowledge and skills, self-confidence and well-built line of conduct. All this you have, and then you are bound to find a good job and be able to be realized as a specialist.

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