" "How to tune in to work after the holidays and the long separation from office

How to tune in to work after the holidays and the long separation from office

how to tune in to work after the holidays


  • How to cope with stress after the holidays
  • Return to normal operation after the holidays and vacations

There is something that working people wouldoffers throughout the year - it's the weekend, holidays and vacation. And this is understandable. This is a great time to relax, communicating with friends and family, the best time to strengthen the relationship between the household. Rather than sit all day at work, we can say goodbye to a stuffy office and go to the mountains, the sea, inviting distant lands.

We can run a shop and take a look atcolorful shop windows, and can stay at home and indulge in blissful idleness in front of the TV. We overeat tasty and sleep at least until lunch. In short, the holidays and vacation give us the opportunity to thoroughly relax and rest from work.

But ... Sooner or later the rest is over, and herealready comes the day when you have to go to work. Returning to work after a long vacation is never easy. Is it only if you are not a notorious workaholic. It is only them, even while lying on the beach, still mentally stay in the office and can not wait for the holidays or weekends, when they can return to work. And what about the rest? How to tune in to work after the holidays or vacation, the transition from rest to work was the least painful?

How to cope with stress after the holidays

Back to work after a long breakIt is really difficult. Millions of people all over the world even suffer from stress, which psychologists call "postprazdnichny syndrome". This is a special kind of stress that can occur after a particularly pleasant and relaxing time of our lives. Getting rid of the stress of this kind requires considerable effort, and sometimes even recourse to experts.

Studies conducted in various institutions, showed that:

  • 66% of employees in returning to work from vacation or a long weekend after experiencing intense stress;
  • Determining the level of stress among workers to measure,during and after the long weekend has shown that at least half of them positive effect of rest disappeared in the first three days after returning to work, and never felt in three weeks, which recently had a chance to rest;
  • Level feelings of stress and fatigue in 76% of workers in the first week after the return to work was close to the level of fatigue in the last days before the holidays.

What are the symptoms of stress postprazdnichnogo?

Here are the most characteristic features, the presence of one or more of which the most obvious evidence of stress:

  • Sadness;
  • Melancholy;
  • Anger;
  • Anxiety;
  • Fast fatiguability;
  • Headache;
  • Muscle pain;
  • Violation of perception, when even simple things seem overwhelming.

How to cope with stress after weekends and holidays

Combating stress postprazdnichnym bring quick results, if a do not let this issue slide. And the need is not so much:

  • Try not to plunge into work with the head in the first days after the weekend, and start to gradually return to the work schedule;
  • Do not plan a major meeting on the first working morning;
  • Do even the most simple physical exercises. Sport is very well to cope with stress;
  • * Make for yourself something nice, do not wait for the next holiday or vacation!

Try to keep a balance between work andpersonal life. This means that you need every day to find time for the four most important aspects of his life: work, family, interests, friends and, of course, their own interests and needs. In the first days after the holiday it is very important to find as much time exclusively for themselves.

This will help you cope with the pressure and fasterget rid of stress. Try to escape from the negative thoughts and emotions, so they do not pile up, otherwise it can lead to devastating consequences.

after the holidays is set to work

Return to normal operation after the holidays and vacations

How to tune in to work after the holidays andespecially after the holidays, to avoid all the trouble that we wrote, talking about postprazdnichnom syndrome? You will not believe but the best, we are gearing up to work after the holiday when starting to adjust to it before the onset of the weekend! Most of us have too much burning look in anticipation of the imminent holiday to start any new business, and we put the solution of the problem to return.

That's just do it and you can not! It is necessary to complete the work before leaving for vacation. If you want to rest went smoothly and the first time he met you mount the backlog of cases, make sure that you are not left behind unsolved problems. Do not leave a mess in the affairs and in the workplace, and then you do not have to start work after the holidays with a grand cleaning.

What else can be done to facilitate the return to work after the holiday? We have prepared for you a few tips:

  1. Do not break the usual daily routine

    Let's you and I agree that from thethe first day of vacation determined not to allow himself to sit near the TV until late at night, or to return from a party with the dawn, and then sleep half a day! All this will lead to the fact that instead of the rest of your vacation you will feel tired, and you will feel exhausted, when the time comes to return to work.

    The best thing you can do to at the timepainlessly enter the normal operating mode - is to go to bed and wake up on vacation in the usual time for yourself. Set the alarm and start the daily business at a time in which it is always doing. Then on the first working day after the holiday, you will not feel sleepy and tired more than usual.

  2. During leisure, do not let your brain idle

    Usually we tend to neglect the need toexert mental effort, when we indulge in relaxation and bliss. But you can not give your brain to relax, it is necessary to "keep on our toes," and all the time to give some kind of burden. Read books, crossword puzzles, play puzzle games. As a result, your brain will not be confused when you're ready to stretch your mental abilities, starting to work.

  3. Stay in touch with colleagues

    Of course, all of us would prefer to completelydisconnect from everyday worries and problems at work when we rest. But those people who keep their invisible presence at work, even when they are too far from home, avoid sudden collapse on them sudden load after return. After all, they are aware of all cases, and it is easier to tune in to work after the holiday. Fortunately, mobile phones and other modern technology allows us to be aware of all cases, even when we leave very far.

  4. When the holiday ends, give yourself two or three days to get ready for work

    It is best to go home a few days beforethe end of the holiday. So you will be able to adapt more quickly to the home, will be able to safely clean up the mess in the apartment and collect everything you need to get started.

  5. Check your work e-mail on the evening before the first working day

    Take it an hour or two in a relaxed home environment, and it will save you the headache of the fallen on you for the next day affairs.

  6. If possible, do not go back to work on Monday

    Try to plan your return on Tuesday or Wednesday. So you do not have to deal with the usual chaos Monday backlog of cases immediately after the long holiday.

  7. Share information with employees

    There are a great way to integrate into the laborsituation: try not only the talk about his impressions of the holiday or after a holiday, but they themselves Ask colleagues what had happened in the office while you are away. Find out what happened to that project, which was developed prior to your departure, and what challenges facing the team today. So you will understand that you need specifically from the first working day.

  8. make haste slowly

    When you return to work after a few days or weeks off, you can expect a very large amount of work. Sometimes you may even feel confused, not knowing where and how to start.

The best thing you can do is not starthurry to do everything in order. Check voice messages, check email, make a list of daily tasks. This will facilitate your transition to the operating mode, and gradually you will be able to tackle larger problems.

We hope that these tips will help you bettertune in to work and facilitate a return to employment. And if you still have a desire to run home and hide his head under the blanket of bulk on your worries, try to calm down and think about why your job better than anyone else.

After all, it is important to you, is not it? It has special meaning for you, and you are pursuing specific goals, doing it. You earn the money needed for the solution of urgent problems, you make a career, you are implementing, as a person. After all, you love what you do!

And if you return to work after a goodleisure time and again turns to you in uniform nightmare, then maybe you should reevaluate his career? After all, when the work is like, you will be looking forward to his return from vacation. Especially if you have properly tuned to a transition from rest to work.

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