" »How to choose curtains for the bedroom and create harmony of style and comfort

How to choose curtains for the bedroom and create harmony of style and comfort

how to choose curtains for the bedroom


  • Basic Tips on choosing curtains
  • Types of curtains, relevant in the bedroom

Bedroom - a place of solitude and rest. It was in a dream a person spends a third of his life, so the situation should have room for comfort, peace and tranquility. Every detail of the interior of your bedroom needs a careful selection. It plays an important role and the overall color scheme and placement of furniture and decoration of the bed. Feng shui gives some tips on how to make your bedroom cozier.

For example, the furniture should be so that itsharp corners were not directed towards the bed. If the bedside tables are close to it, it is desirable that their edges are rounded or draped fabric. Not the best decoration and bedroom mirror. If they are still there, then arrange them so that, waking up, you did not see his reflection. This may cause trouble in relationships with loved ones.

The sleeping area should be beautiful, comfortable andsolid. Say "no" swinging metal structures with a tight grid. Bed in the bedroom should be on the legs to below it quietly circulating energy. For this reason, in any case can not score existing space different stuff - boxes, suitcases, books and other things.

The bed is best to put so lying on it,you could see the door and its constituent people. But in any case, you should not sleep with his feet toward the doorway, the best location for recreation - diagonally across from the entrance to the bedroom. Bed, located in the middle of the room, creates a sense of uncertainty and anxiety. If the bedroom window watching the sharp corners of neighboring buildings or branches from the trees, then it is necessary to hang blinds or thick curtains. And it was the decor of window openings and is dedicated to this article.

how to choose the curtains in the bedroom

Basic Tips on choosing curtains

Since this is a place to relax, thenLighting in the bedroom is better to make a muffled, pleasing to the eye. Huge chandeliers bushy replace floor lamps and sconces with dim lights. In addition, the room should have to rest even during the day, so you should choose curtains that will not transmit light from outside. With this task will manage the curtain with a special lining, as well as single-layer, but rather made of thick fabric. Therefore, when buying carefully look at the features of this curtain. But installing shutters on the windows or a special roller blinds of fabric density can be forgotten and choose what you like.

Much attention should be paid and the eaves, becauseit should be harmoniously accommodate not only all the layers of curtains, but also to sustain with the overall interior style. Classic includes as main material wood, which perfectly match the heavy curtains with tassels, fringe and lambrequins. Oriental style requires the metallic elements in the frame of brocade or silk. Eclectic least fastidious, so the interior of this type successfully entered the plastic eaves and simple curtains.

Of great importance is the color, predominant inthe decoration of the window opening. After all, what a man sees, barely awake - it is very important. This may be a favorite picture on a wall or an object, pleasant to the eye. Beautiful view from the window is good in that case, if the bed is not exposed to direct sunlight. And to avoid this always help well-chosen curtains. Therefore, give preference to pastel shades such as beige, pink, light blue and light green. Well look in the bedroom curtains and muted dark colors (burgundy, brown, green, blue). Look to the curtain, which have unusual powdery shades. Avoid red, orange and yellow flowers - they overload the nervous system and cause irritation that has no place in the bedroom.

Remember, and that, in addition to color, it is also importantquality textiles. Therefore, a room for relaxation usually choose curtains of cotton, linen and other natural fibers. If you still lean towards a mixed composition material, it is better to buy those where the percentage of synthetic fibers below. Designers are advised to register the window so that the curtains do not blend with the color of the wallpaper, and in harmony with them, giving the interior a bedroom complete.

how to choose curtains for the bedroom right

Types of curtains, relevant in the bedroom

To the question of how to choose the curtains in the bedroom,did not seem too difficult, it is necessary to think of the most popular ways of decorating the windows that exist today. I must say that quite a lot of them, so any buyer, even the most demanding, will be able to find the most suitable option. So, in what style you can decorate your bedroom window?

Firstly, it can be classical curtains. They are a combination of thin tulle curtains and drapes straight on both sides of the window. Depending on what you plan to choose an interior bedroom, decorate this kind of curtains can be ruff, cords, fringe or ruffles. It is important to adhere to the measures and not overwhelm them like elements to result in window decoration not dropped out of the dorm design concept.

If you are a happy ownerapartments, where the sun shines the bedroom early in the morning, look at the Italian curtains. They do not parted to the end and specially designed to always cover the upper part of the window. Especially good looks in this drape the arched doorways and large bay, because it little "pull" of the window height. Italian curtains have a modern look, so they can be used easily to decorate the windows throughout the apartment.

Lovers of minimalist choose Roman blinds,which operate on the principle of shutters, that is going to fall and, revealing only a certain part of the window or completely closing it. They represent a kind of draping, which consists entirely of zastrochennyh flat and fairly wide folds, so that your window will always be neat and uncluttered look.

Particularly popular today acquire curtainsJapanese style. They are a panel of tissues, which prevail below garde geometric elements. Also used and the material with a distinct texture and prints. This type of draping is ideal for large windows, it creates the illusion of transparency and freedom, and the absence of folds gives the fabric panels with similar patterns as pattern and texture to them can be seen very clearly. If concurrently serves as a bedroom cabinet or carries some other function, the work area and recreation area should be separated. Beat it with the help of Japanese panels, and your relaxation room will be transformed.

British curtains slightly in appearance resembleRoman version. However, they only blade when climbing forms a fold, so that you create the illusion of volume of puffs, not concise plane. This type of decoration is made of light fabrics with the traditional pattern of the country in small flowers, stripes or a cage. Such curtains sure to please those who like to combine different types of interior textiles.

French chic ensures your interiorblind, called "Marquise". It is a fabric which is divided into vertical strips, each of which is draped in the semicircular folds whether raised or lowered blind. The silk used as the material that forms beautiful flowing wave. French curtains can add lambrequins and curtains to the window looked particularly bright.

A bit reminiscent of the "Marquis" Austrian curtains. However, they only the lower part is designed as a festoon, and through the mechanism controlled by cords lying down opening of the window. For the bedroom is best to choose the Austrian curtains of taffeta or silk - they give elegance. If you want your box was air, then pay attention to light, voile fabric.

If you like to experiment and seek tonatural and natural materials, try to bring the interior of the tropical element. To do this, designers are choosing bamboo blinds. They are ideal for bedrooms, decorated in a "minimalist" style with oriental accent. The control system of this kind of curtains reminiscent of blinds, but there are other options. But when choosing, keep in mind that the bamboo - a natural material, so over time it can change its color.

As you can see, options for decorating the bedroom windowquite a lot, because the modern manufacturers do their best to meet the needs of customers. Choosing curtains is limited only by your preference, financial capabilities and interior design bedrooms. Of course, fashion trends dictate certain conditions, but do not forget that in the first place should be your own comfort. Therefore, choose the option window decorations in the room of rest and sleep, which is most compatible with your inner sense of harmony and beauty.

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