" "How to choose the right shades?

How to choose the right shades?

how to choose curtains


  • Choose fabric
  • Choosing curtains for children's
  • Choosing curtains for the bedroom
  • Choosing curtains for the living room
  • Choosing curtains for the kitchen
  • Use interesting ideas

Initially curtains served to protect humanityfrom drafts and bright sunlight. And few people were concerned, how to choose the curtains. As time went on, and curtains have become an important element of the room decor. In today's world there is an abundance of textiles and related accessories for every budget and taste, ranging from timeless classics and ending with ultra-avant-garde. As a result, the problem of choosing curtains turns into intractable problem.

Consider everything you need: and the overall style of the interior, and the room size and location of windows, and the degree of brightness of the room, and its functionality. Naturally, everything taken into account the nuances of selection is really difficult. However, you can start from the basic selection criteria. Let's try to figure out how to choose curtains, given the type of fabric and the functional purpose of the room.

Choose fabric

Today, for the manufacture of curtainsuse a variety of kinds of fabrics in many colors - organza, velvet, wool, reps, silk, cotton fabric ... texture of the material even more: shiny and matte textile, smooth, printed, applique and other delights.

Avid fashionistas isolated from the total number of taffeta,which combines elegance and luxury and is ideal for living and for office. Among the favorites are silk and organza, chameleon (monophonic iridescent fabric). Recently it became popular and organza in high-tech style, in which the missing aluminum thread. Such filaments shine when illuminated, change color fabric with a horizontal line, divide the canvas into strips with bright shades, and as a result look stunningly effective.

Fashionable color "orange" still remain, and"eggplant". However, experts recommend when choosing curtains for the bedroom, to give preference to not be as bright colors and prefer tranquil pastel colors. Last word in fashion - the curtains, made of pale blue translucent fabric with inscriptions background light squares: «home», «dream», «love».

There is a growing demand for high-priced textiles fromwoolen yarns and lavsanovyh with intricate embroidery. In fashion returns double tulle decorated with lace. Leaders of artificial materials are viscose with the addition of cotton and linen, as well as a practical polyester. Curtains made of such fabrics are unpretentious in the care and good drape. Equally popular and colorful with the addition of polyester mesh and shiny metallic threads in high-tech style, and a thin colored fleece that resembles frost, flickering in the window.

Among natural fabrics flax leader, whichrightly considered an eco-friendly material. The material is so highly regarded in Europe, many European factories engaged in manufacturing special linen collections. Most often, in the manufacture of such fabrics flax used with various additives which improve its properties. Polyester canvas gives shine and lightness. Woven gold thread makes curtains luxury options like the choice of curtains in the room, as well as living room decorations. Variegated embroidery on linen, as well as funny pictures will help resolve the question of what to choose the curtains in the kitchen or at the cottage.

Latest fashion trends - Compressed tulle fabricoriginal pattern, etched with acid. And this chip in textile design has become a fabric with a pattern of rubber thread - the so-called rubber knurling, looking very impressive in combination with black-out curtains, which she gives a stereoscopic volume.

In a technological environment of modern houseperfectly fit the curtains with a large geometric pattern in retro style, and lovers of classic styles will appreciate the choice of curtains to match the antique furniture, striped, spotted or with a floral pattern. These curtains will be a harmonious part of the interior, for example, in good English style or in the cozy Biedermeier. It should be noted that the solid curtains of velvet and silk require padding that protects them from burning in the sun, hiding seams and helps keep the shape. On the advice of experienced designers to make it a better contrast with the color of the fabric.

how to choose curtains

Choosing curtains for children's

The main destination for children's curtains - athe establishment of a child's room a cheerful atmosphere. How to choose curtains for the nursery? Do not indulge in delights, but rather prefer a simple form and ease of use. It operates the main rule: the fabric is primary - the style is secondary. Of course, you need to take into account the overall style of the interior of the premises and its color scheme. But do not clutter up the screen in the children's room or multi-layered fabrics decorate the room avant-garde trendy curtains.

With its eco-friendlyhypoallergenic fabrics and materials with rich and vibrant colors. Use the opportunity to combine fabrics with different textures and colors. And most importantly, are not wise with the complex mechanisms of the cornice. And if you are installing itself in the children's room, make sure the child understood curtains control system.

Choosing curtains for the bedroom

Bedroom - a special place where peopleIt spends almost a third of his life. Therefore, the curtains in the bedroom should fully meet your individual taste. However, the recommendations of professional designers should not be neglected. What do they say about the choice of curtains for the bedroom that will keep her in comfort and intimacy?

It is best to choose the curtains kit thatIt will allow you to rest easy in this room and in the daytime and at night. Curtains should fit into the interior, and at the same time create a sense of comfort. It is important that the curtains for the bedroom stressed the individuality of the hosts and the room was added some charm. Choose the curtains together with the veil is a sign of good taste. Therefore, designers are also recommended to purchase them at the same time coordinating with each other in color and style. If this is not possible, then a smooth transition between the bedspread and curtains will help to make decorative pillows.

Curtains lambrequins can even miniaturethe room turned into a cozy boudoir, which is especially important for sleeping. However, these curtains will fit best in classic styles. There will also be relevant heavy curtains made of thick fabric that can separate the intimate room from the bustle of the outside world, dampen excess light and absorb the noise of the street. But for a bedroom, decorated in a modern style more suitable light translucent fabric and fashionable Japanese, Chinese and Roman blinds.

Choosing curtains for the living room

The living room has a completely differentfunction. This is a room in which to hold family celebrations and meet the guests, where every day all family members together to communicate and relax. Therefore, the curtains for the living room is usually chosen and solemn ceremonial. However, experts in the field of design there are no definitive recommendations about the choice of curtains in the living room.

In this case it is necessary to rely on the general trendsYour home, taking into account the preferences and tastes of all family members. In specialty stores represented a wide range of curtains in different styles: classic, modern, high-tech, techno. Here there are the usual sets of tulle and heavy curtains and asymmetrical drapes and curtains. Naturally, with such a variety of easy to be tempted to choose a brand is not something that is suitable to the interior of your living room. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to think clearly necessary for you style curtains.

Typically, the curtains for the hall arekits and tulle fabric curtains, lambrequins supplemented. But even such traditional curtains fairly easy to transform, drawing them in to catch it, or decorate decorative elements - fringe, clips and other special accessories for curtains. Typically, the curtains for the hall are made of thick heavy fabric, so they need to purchase high-strength rails.

Curtains in the style of high-tech set in the rooma special atmosphere. They are able to refract light in such a way that take over the entire focus. Asymmetric blinds have an impact on the perception of the form of the room. At the same time it does not fade curtains popularity of Art Nouveau and classic curtains with different rich fabrics, fine lines, a variety of colors and patterns.

The curtains in the living room - it is a kind of businesscard your home. It is to them in the first place will pay attention to the guests, and it is for him to be tried on the taste of the owners. Keep this in mind when choosing curtains for your living room.

how to choose curtains

Choosing curtains for the kitchen

If in addition to the members of the family in the living room therestrangers, the kitchen - it's more intimate place, in which the sacred process of cooking and socializing all the loved ones around the table. When deciding the choice of curtains for the kitchen, you must consider many factors, each of which plays an important role. The interior style, cloth practicality, as well as the ability to create in the kitchen the most pleasant and welcoming environment - these are the key points that determine the choice.

What blinds to choose the kitchen? Heavy curtains and expensive luxury materials - definitely not for the food. Very popular at the moment are the so-called Roman blinds made of materials which are easy to wash. You can optionally install the rails in the window opening, blinds, curtains or air curtains, almost reaching the level of the window sill. The best alternative to salon curtains - Roman curtains or blinds, which with the help of simple mechanisms is easily raised and lowered by being mounted directly in the window opening. Modern shops offer curtains and with a special automatic remote control.

Kitchen, made in the style of techno, deservesspecial attention. This clearly does not fit the curtains, which are selected for the kitchen, decorated in a traditional style. But here will look great with a geometric pattern drapes or curtains of transparent organza and shiny metallic fabrics. Curtains as kitchen itself in a techno-style should be simple and concise. They can be both roman blinds and Japanese panels, ergonomics and functionality.

However, the classics never go out of fashion. So lovers of tradition and the adherents of the classical style is worth paying attention to natural fabrics. Traditional calico or linen curtains flowered or striped perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen, where there is a good-quality wooden furniture, the walls are hung potholders and towels, and a table laid out with a cloth. In short, the choice is yours.

Use interesting ideas

Modern fashion trends dictate not onlytexture and coloring of fabrics, but also ways of draping, where traditional design with an abundance of jewelry and parts peacefully coexists with the charm of a self-contained element of the decoration of the room. The beauty of the original curtains do not require special emphasize since it harder than ever to mute.

Individual and unique composition may becreate using simple techniques: assembly, assembly, perekidy. Now there is a tendency to eliminate the use of heavy curtains and exposure of windows, bringing the curtains look weightless and airy. An alternative to standard curtains started performing versions of "layer cake", when used at the same time more than two curtains - translucent and dense one night.

Designers recommend to periodically adjusthome interior, updating it curtains. It is also cheaper than doing the repairs, and opportunities gives much bolshe.Vse know what are the curtains in the store, but why not make your own curtains, which are exactly no one will? Collect the squares into a whole different tissues of the same density and gently drape - you will have a unique shade. Another original option - to pull on mobile frame, which are located on the guides, beautiful cloth. Thus, you Construct colorful opaque screens. A great way to transform the old curtains - make them applications to match the wallpaper. Generally the curtains - this is a unique thing in which the great expanse open to our imagination. How to choose curtains - a purely personal matter.

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