" "What kind of curtains to choose the kitchen?

What blinds to choose the kitchen?

some choose curtains for the kitchen


  • Choose a model
  • Choose fabric
  • Choose a color

If you have decided to upgrade odezhku for yourkitchen window, you will need to determine all three parameters: the length of the new model and color of curtains. In many ways, your choice will depend on your own taste, but it must be done correctly. That is, the curtains must comply with the overall style of the kitchen and make a dissonance in her situation. Besides, the curtains should not bother you at cleaning and cooking. So, let's look at how to choose curtains for the kitchen.

Choose a model

Unfortunately, most of us live inApartments are spacious, not name. And the kitchen in our apartment buildings, as a rule, always too small: the penalty because we believe the kitchen is large and spacious. So choose the model of curtains for a small kitchen most often (six to nine square meters). However, it is for a small kitchen and it is overdue, because in the large kitchen will look great almost any model. There is already the main thing - a good choice of colors and textures.

Choosing curtains for a small kitchen, we haveconsider not only the material and color, but also style. Properly chosen model and can visually enlarge the room, and the low ceiling lift, and become the main focus in the kitchen interior. And it is important not to overdo it, because for the decoration of the window in a small kitchen, the rule "less is better". Therefore, immediately discard the cumbersome multi-tier model with a large number of drapes and curtains up to the floor. Prefer compact models.

The Roman and roller blinds

Roman blinds - quite laconic modelwhich fit into the interior of the smallest kitchen, but will also look great on the screen in a large room. Roman blinds holds its shape due to special rails and suitable for windows of any size and any shape. It opens a window, climbing up through a special mechanism and gathering in folds. Roller blinds Roman blinds work exactly as the model. Only they, rising, are not going to fold, and wound on the shaft. Raises blinds special mechanism.

For windows on the sunny side of the Roman and rollersew curtains of dense fabrics for shade - from light and translucent. The main advantage of the Roman and roller blinds - the small size and versatility. These curtains fit into the interior, decorated in any style, from country to high tech. In addition, such models can be fitted into the opening of the window or hang on the outer ledge, which also changes the overall impression of the window, closed or Roman blinds.

Classic kitchen curtains

It so happened that kind of genre classicsfor kitchen interior design steel curtains in country style. This model is made up of several elements, closes the window at different levels. As a rule, the classical model of kitchen curtains consists of a pair of short curtain covering the window from the middle to the window sill, and two long lambrequin paintings hanging on the edges of the window from the top of the cornice to the window sill.

The model is rather romantic, which is not enoughsuited to modern interior style, but fits perfectly into the interior of classical kitchen (country, Provence, cottage). Its distinct advantage - the ability to use different in texture fabrics for window decoration, as well as the combined color.

Curtains on the grommet

This is a new but already quite common anda popular window design. Curtains on the grommet used in the design of the windows in all the rooms of the house, regardless of their functionality. Eyelets - a special rings (usually plastic) which easily superimposed on the circular openings at the upper edge curtains. Then these rings are worn on the round ledge and blind turns penetrated eaves pipe on which these rings easily slide by sliding the curtain aside.

Curtains on the grommet are very fashionable today. They are also quite versatile and suited for a window in the kitchen in either a modern or classical style. The highlight of curtains - very beautiful and uniform folds, which are formed by equally spaced eyelets. Eyelets can hang on tight and curtains, curtain cloth and mild. These curtains can be placed on a ledge or on two or three different levels. Curtains on the grommet provide great opportunities for decorating the windows, despite the relatively simple style. It turns out this is due to the combination of fabrics and the use of grabs and tucks.

Curtains panel

Another new area of ​​window design. Curtains panel are functional and easy to care for. For the kitchen window is usually chosen narrow and short curtains panel. The contrasting combination of several paintings to help visually expand a small kitchen area. Plastic curtains fishnet panels can be combined with fabric curtains or decorate a window exclusively by them.

how to choose curtains for the kitchen

Choose fabric

The first thing to consider when choosing curtains forkitchen, their frequent washing or cleaning. Unlike the other rooms in the house kitchen curtains they get dirty quickly absorb food odors, collect dust and soot. Therefore, you need to choose such fabric and materials (bamboo, plastic, straw), which are easily erased or cleaned. Also important and the chosen style of curtains. Indeed, the window in the kitchen, you can decorate the curtains of any tissue, but preference should be given to a light and natural fabrics. An excellent solution for the kitchen curtains will be linen, organza, silk, jute, hemp and cotton fabrics.

The kitchen will look good blinds,combined different fabrics, similar in tone, but different texture. Excellent will look on the kitchen window, one-color curtains in combination with colored curtains or plain tulle with printed cloth. And almost a win-win for the kitchen interior of any style and any size room - light translucent curtains of a monochromatic fabric.

Fabric, of course, you have to choose on the basis ofstylistic solutions and their financial capabilities. In the latter case, you should be guided by the immutable rule: the simpler model of curtains, the more expensive the fabric should be used for it. If you opted for a sophisticated model, then choose cheap fabric for her.

how to choose curtains for the kitchen

Choose a color

color curtains for the kitchen can be absolutely anything, anddoes not match the color with some other elements of the interior. However, such a bold decision may be taken only by professional designers, or people with a designer flair. In most cases, we have to follow certain rules which, by the way, use in their work, and professionals.

  1. If the fore when choosing curtains you putsavings, then go ahead and choose curtains in tone furniture. In this case, you can choose curtains of rich fabrics. If the savings are not included in your plans, then choose the color of the curtain wall.
  2. Win-win choice - curtains the color of kitchen fronts. Particularly relevant this option with multi-colored kitchen.
  3. For non-professional kitchen design, it is desirable to choose a neutral shade curtains. Beige, sand or cream-colored curtains will never go out of fashion and fit into the interior of any style.
  4. Curtains neutral color can always be supplementedparts, combining the color of the interior of the main tone or its individual elements. So, for example, you can choose a neutral color curtains pelmet, sew them colored border, and similar grabs.
  5. Emphasize that the window can be brightly colored curtains. Only in this case, use the same tablecloth, pot holders and napkins complete with curtains.
  6. For polychrome interior kitchen, it is desirable to choose curtains pale colors and without a pattern. Monochrome interior revive the curtains of printed fabrics and bright colors.

In general, the texture and color of fabric for kitchen curtains are notWe must prevent the penetration of light into the kitchen. Kitchen, regardless of the style and size, should be light. Therefore, most of the kitchen window curtains in bright fabric is selected, and the main fabric curtains made translucent. And here is how to supplement curtains to shade and revitalize your kitchen depends entirely on your own preferences and ideas about the cozy kitchen. Good luck to you the choice!

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