" "Where to start repair in the room?

Where to start repair in the room?

to begin repairs in the room


  • We plan to work progress
  • Select a repair method
  • buy materials

If a move is two fires, onerepair is several crossings! And so we often put off and put off repairs, even if the delay is already longer. And sometimes just do not know where to start and what to grab first. Of course, the repair repairing discord. One thing is when we just want to freshen up a room, replacing her wallpaper and correct some minor flaws or so-called time marks. It's quite another matter if the room requires virtually overhaul, or we decide to radically change the whole design of your living room or bedroom. However, in any case, the sequence will be the same repair. And begin repair of any complexity needs from one and the same. So where to start repair of the room?

We plan to work progress

Plan to begin to the entire coursefuture work. And not only work, but your actions. In addition, you must decide how to design your room, how serious you need to carry out repairs, and by whom all this will be done.

First of all, assess the condition of the room. What you need to do? The type of repair much depends: from the monetary costs and ending with the involvement of artists of different specialization. Regardless of the future of interior design you will need to assess the need for preparatory and dirtiest work. Are you going to change the windows and doors? Will the tension mount or ceiling? Do you need to replace the wiring or installation of additional outlets? You will align the walls or sheathe their plasterboard?

Assessing the scope of work, make their phased planexecution. As a rule, room repairs begin with the dirtiest work. So, if necessary, replace the wiring label is the second item master plan. Because the first item - a dismantling, demolition work. And first of all need to delete all the old wall coverings, ceiling and floor. Installation of windows and doors should be the third point of your plan. After that usually become involved in the walls, and then comes the turn of the ceiling and floor repairs - the final stage of repair work.

Now you need to design the futurethe interior of your room. It has become fashionable to apply for these professional designers. In general, it is quite reasonable and justified by our desire for stylish and competent design of their homes. A definite plus professional design - really convenient and beautiful interior, taking into account all your wishes. Minus only one - additional financial costs.

If you do decide to save onprofessional design, you still need to have an idea of ​​what your room will be renovated. Today it is not difficult to make, turning to the resources of the omniscient Internet. See page design companies, read the article about the style of the interior and just flip through pictures with examples of design solutions. You will definitely be able to make a design project of their own. Let unprofessional, but according to your taste.

how to start the repair room

Select a repair method

Let's say right away, the choice you have is small. There are only two options. Either you are doing repairs on their hands, or invite artists. However, there is a third option: something you do by yourself, but for something using hired labor. Depending on the complexity of the repair you choose the best option for themselves.

If the repair is cosmetic only and isupdating the walls, ceiling and floor, then it will take you quite capable. Even to hold the wiring and put a new door, many men will be able to. However, householders masterovitye cope with plasterboard, and even with a suspended ceiling and laminate flooring. But personally install a new suspended ceiling glazing or you are unlikely to succeed. Therefore, still need to use the services of professionals.

If all you plan to repairsinstruct the builders, here too it is possible to choose. Firstly, you can invite a team of generalists that you hold all repairs, from the beginning to the end. Secondly, you can work every kind of charge masters narrow profile. How exactly do you solve this problem, it depends only on your financial capabilities and their own view of it. Each method has its pros and cons.

Turning to the repair and construction company,Make sure you read the reviews, and even better - personally talk to clients of this company. Any self-respecting company is required to give you this opportunity. If you are hiring specialists, it is best to do it on the recommendation. And do not hesitate to ask about the timing, discounts and terms of the contract. By the way, a written contract is in any case - it disciplines and the customer and the performer.

buy materials

As practice shows, all buildingBuilding materials better buy in advance. Moreover, the need to pre-calculate all (quantity and value) and buy all the materials with a small margin. Do not buy all at once in one place, even though it seems very convenient. However, if you are not severely limited in vehicles for repair, you can do so. But!

Different stores the same materialsold at different prices. Somewhere discounts, and in some cases they are not. Some offer free shipping, while others only self. Walk around the building shops and markets, check prices, look range. For example, selecting a particular color linoleum, pay attention to the quality and density, and the price.

By the way, it does not hurt at all to know the addresses of allspecialized shops, markets and city warehouses. Although it is said that overseas heifer - mite, but the ruble transportation, today, this saying is outdated. With the spread of prices and widest range of products you can save considerably if purchase construction materials are not advertised in the store in the city center, but somewhere in the wholesale warehouse, located in the suburbs.

So, make a plan and cost estimates, developing design,Having defined the labor force and to buy the materials, you can start to repair. Oh, and most importantly - from repair, please be patient. It is oh, how you need it! So patience and good luck to you!

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