" "TV in the interior

TV in the interior

TV in the interior

To TV can be treated differently. You can blame on what light is, and argue about its harmful effects on the minds and psyche of young fragile organisms. You can day and night to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows, or include it in the background. And you can enthusiastically watch their favorite movies in the air or on disks. And whatever emotions caused no TV, inescapable truth is that in every home it certainly given a place. Moreover, both literally and figuratively. About figurative sense we have already had their say television today is in every house and in many - and not one. Let's talk about the literal: the place of the TV in the interior of your home.

In each living room there is given him not justcentral place. Many television there in the office, in the bedroom, it is installed even in the nursery or kitchen. Today, as the organization of living space in the house is given so much importance, anyone want to see every detail is in place as an integral part into a coherent picture. This, in particular, concerns the apparatus and the TV - in particular. I would like to style was observed in all the details, from A to Z.

How nice to enter into the modern TVthe interior of their own homes - and the question simple and complex at the same time. It all depends on the overall style of the interior, from the TV size and how often you use them at all. For some TV - a family member and best friend, for others - just an unfortunate necessity, the mandatory application of modern life.

Let's start with the fact that a separate roomhome theater - the phenomenon is quite rare for a very simple reason: in an apartment for that do not have enough space. Yes, and it is not particularly necessary because the TV in the living room - the place. A living today in almost every home. Most often, the TV can easily fit into any modern interior, but it is the question the place where you want to install the TV requires special attention.

Interior with niches under the TV picture

Place your TV in a variety of interiors

Today there are many styles andamong them there are those who do not accept certain elements, especially elements from another era, such as the Empire style, with his curls, trinkets and gold. TV it will look alien element, disfiguring and distorting the picture. In general, this applies to all interior styles that have come to us from the past centuries. This problem can be solved by using various design and architectural tricks. For example, in the interior in the style of Louis XIV, the TV can be installed in a special niche, which closes the painting in a gilt frame. Such interior with niches under the TV, which has photo in many magazines on design, can be done in an apartment or house, and in the offices.

A classic interiors with their refinedelegance hide a variety of technological advances, such as TV, video and audio equipment, for carved doors wardrobes made of oak, cherry and yew. There will be a place and a collection of CDs. Even an antique cupboard instead of the usual gilded tableware fine porcelain can hide in its bosom ultramodern video system. But it's only a few cases.

TV in the modern wall

For the most part fit into the interior of the TVmodern apartment is not difficult. He often becomes part of the decor, where all the components are selected, respectively, under standard furniture. Or, put in the living room custom-made for a specific equipment, furniture wall. Natural wood nicely combined with silver and black hardware. If desired, the apparatus itself, and you can choose the color of the furniture. It all depends on the overall style and design ideas.

Praise progress and new technologies! Thanks to them, televisions have become flat. Furniture manufacturers immediately responded to and supported this trend. Flat furniture new generation of wall, graceful and elegant, with a spectacular finish from wood veneer with shallow shelves will themselves be the best place to put the TV. But other than that, they will decorate a design of the apartment.

TV interior

TV on a wall, and in recesses

The most simple and effective solution - itplasma panel simply put on the wall. Thanks to minimalist design and a large size television often dominates in modern interiors. But long gone are the days when TV was the central element of the living room. Today, not everyone wants to subordinate the style of their homes this monster of modern technologies. In this case, you can turn the plasma display in the picture, inserting it into a baguette and place it among the pictures or paintings. Or, for example, is specially made to resemble the portal can not just frame for the paintings, but also the arch or fireplace. In this case, the presence of leveled in the interior of the TV. Today frame for TV panels produced a variety of firms.

Usually whole perception of all equipmenthome theater wall near which it is placed, isolated by another material or color. For large areas are relevant panels of the expensive varieties of wood or natural stone.

Modern TV requires a style for yourselfhigh tech. To get away from it, you can create an artificial contrast of textures and materials, making the wall, which will be located the TV, from the materials that simulate the rough stone.

Demand dictates offer, and today there areseveral ways to accommodate the PDP in the apartment. One of them - a special stand for the plasma. This is probably the easiest option. You can use a stand with wheels. This mobile design is indispensable for those who do there is a need to change the location of the TV occasionally. From the viewpoint of the interior design it is important that the TV rack for placement in the interior can be made of different materials in different colors that are blended with a common interior palette, and if deliberately contrast with it.

Another design approach - a rack forTV in the form of an easel. The modern apartment it looks creative, fresh and artistic. You too can join the art - to create on your 'canvas' picture, you do not even need a brush, you just click on the TV remote control buttons.

Construction of niches - a great way to successfulplacing the television band. Very modern interior looks of the TV with niches, photos which can be viewed in a variety of design magazines. Spectacular solutions can be created with the help of hidden, running as if from the wall, highlight. This is an excellent design option "two in one" - and concealed lighting lamps with wires hidden behind the elegant façade of wood and the wall looks great.

True lovers of video culture is quite satisfiedtelevision in the interior, mounted on the floor. It is important to them, not as it is, and it shows. A design solution is a frame from colorful packages of video cassettes around the big screen.

A perfect solution would be a TV in the accommodationrotatable core, which is disposed in the partition structure. It allows you to watch TV in the living room every sector. The modern interior is very technological solution.

Thus, the flat shape of modern plasma screens to bring them closer to art objects. What else do we prepare progress and design development?

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