" "English style in the interior

English style in interior

English style in interior

Traditional English style in the interior - it isa combination of "flavors" of different eras, called in our time classics. This style is perfect for creating a cozy, elegant and timeless volatile fashion trends of interior of the house where the family will dwell with average income. For the grand and pompous town residences and villas large area it is absolutely not suitable, as it is modest and quiet for them. The key features of the style are:

  • Solid-colored carpets in residential interiors and rich with spectacular patterns - in the living room.
  • Wood burning stoves with wood carved decor or limestone or marble fireplaces, and located above them mirrors in gilt frames.
  • Lots of natural light combined with chandeliers, wall sconces, frosted lamps and floor lamps.
  • The use in the decoration and finishing of various parts of the interior gilt, brass and crystal.
  • Wooden furniture of dark tones - stained oak or mahogany with curved legs.
  • The application in the design of the windows volume draperies with tails and cords with tassels, swags and insert pads for those who like to sit on the windowsill.
  • A large number of colored fabrics with intricate designs and rich texture - velvet, chenille, damask, as well as the skin.
  • Use the finishing floor mosaic parquet made of wood or patterns on the tiles in kitchens and hallways.

Suitable if you style it?

This style is uniquely suited to you if youBurning passion for antique shops and enjoy antique furniture and prefer the rich warmth of dark wood in the interior. If you are the owner of the construction of a bygone era and miss the atmosphere and charm of the classics, the English style is just designed for you and your home.

However, if you currently reside inmodern apartment, prefer to air and light, can not stand the colorful fabric, color sorting, and plinths and friezes considers unacceptable throwback to past times, you in any case you can not select the style for the decoration of their habitats.

interiors in English style

The color palette style

The color range consists of English stylefrom the warm, deep and rich colors that can fill the interior comfort of home and comfort. For a room with a small amount of daylight is well suited color dark red wine, mustard and deep green. For bright interiors with pretensions to consistency and perfect order fit pale colors - ivory, cream and gold.

In the time of King George (1714-1837) wallpainted only in one color - it could be either white or darker shades. Against this background of a smooth wooden carving in the decoration of borders, skirting boards, doors has been particularly visible and legible. The choice of color is often dependent on the other side of the world, which came out of the room window. The warm golden or pale pink shades used in the northern areas, azure and saturated green - in the south.

In the era of Queen Victoria (1837-1901)dominant were warm terracotta shades. Most often used by three walls of caramel in accordance with the division into three parts: the first level considered from floor to rim of the conventional basement, served as the second section of the wall from the side edge to the frieze, and the third had a portion from the edge of the frieze of the ceiling.

the interior of a country house in the English style

"Little things" in the English style

The interior of a country house in the English styleprimarily made up of the wall decoration. Heavy embossed wallpaper, paint bold colors and wood paneling will fall could not be more helpful. However, it should always be borne in mind that the walls should be in harmony with the rest of the interior, but not the main dominant in it.

English-style interior is unthinkable withouttextured floors with a variety of patterns and geometric patterns. Particularly relevant in the interior of this style will be solid and sturdy rugs, such as Persian rich with dark border and lighter ornament in the center. Suitable as a dense floral design in the decoration of carpets, but the colors in this case, better to choose a creamy cream.

Black and white tiles in a checkerboard patterna fixture in the English style and is particularly relevant in kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. Another excellent option gender in the spirit of the Victorian era can be made of colored terracotta floors and slate tiles.

One of the most important components in the formation ofEnglish style is a pattern. You can link together a variety of fabric patterns and colors, such as fabric with stripes of another color will be an excellent companion damask with floral ornaments two tones. Damask, due to the three-dimensional effect, generally only expressive material, create a contrast of matte and shiny areas draperies. Curtain is better to choose velvet and chenille.

For stylized traditional EnglishInterior textiles main option may be two-tone fabric with broad stripes alternating with narrow strips of color, contrasting to the main. Fabrics with a large padded style Paisley ( "cucumber") rich brick, golden, blue and green tones give the interior houses some oriental tone, and with the help of colorful calico in color shades of sage, cream and gold can be issued more pale interior.

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