" "Decor walls with his own hands

The decor of the walls with his own hands

wall decor with your own hands

And let's you and I try to transform theirhouse? And not just to transform, and to surprise the guests and even yourself! That, they say, what I am dreamer, restless inventor and kreativschitsa! And help us in this wall. They will be for us, as a blank canvas for the artist, a place of creativity, a place of realization of ideas on transforming the house. The decor of the walls with his own hands without the use of sophisticated finishing techniques and building secrets. That is what we will deal!

What do I need? Fantasia (well, that we do not hold!), Free time (also found), humor (there), materials and items for decoration (shall find, produce, prepare to build). Well, if all in abundance, then - go ahead! Make way for creative ideas!

Creative kitchen wall

Here we need, first of all, kitchenutensil. For example, baking dish. Now on sale the weight of various molds: for biscuit and cake, and cookies. Circular or rectangular, with holes in the middle and with a shaped bottom. And, maybe, and you do not have to buy, and need only delve into the "storage places" - and it easily can find something suitable.

What will we do with them? Walls decorate! Rather than keep them hidden in the closet, hang on the wall. Playing with the size, color and shape of the utensils, we get the original, delicious and creative decoration of the walls with his own hands. I do not like the molds on the wall? Okay, let's leave them alone, and to look at the contents of the internal drawer for cutlery.

Take a tray, paint it in the appropriate color,fastened to it cross-bars (like stripes on the vest, but not so much). A strap is placed under the forks, spoons, knives - a miracle-ready panels! Hoisting the tray on the wall, and next to it - baking tins (well, really want to see how they look on the wall). Okay, okay, do not touch the molds.

And what's that? The old lid from the pan? What is not material for the decor? We get them, take the paint and brush (or may napkins for decoupage), we turn cover ... well, for example in multi-colored cap, or painted cover, and only them - on the wall. Here you have a creative décor, while others say that it is not? Perhaps these ideas naveyut you and some other options of using kitchen utensils to decorate the walls? If "yes", then do not forget to share with us. And we, having finished be creative in the kitchen, move the living room.

wall decor in the apartment with his hands

Creative living room wall

Here, of course, cooking utensils by no means intheme. But it is "in the subject" all kinds of foam imitation stucco. No, no, do not be afraid to use it for its intended purpose, we will not. Leaving this possibility to the boring and not very creative people. Themselves to buy a variety of polyurethane outlets (which are mounted under the chandelier on the ceiling). Take these rozetochki, and so that's nice (and most importantly - creative) mounted on the wall. If the walls are white, you can put a wall outlet contrasting foundation itself or polyurethane paint in a different color. How do you like this idea?

A blind you've been changed in the living room? If yes, then it's time to do it, and along with materialchik to prepare wall decor. In general, curtains curtains, but for us it is more important walls. So we take the same cloth (preferably colored and patterned), from which we sewed curtains, pulls it on a frame or on a wooden hoop, or a round frame for a mirror. And it is possible, and all at once, and then the resulting panels (or multiple panels of different shapes and sizes, but one color) use for decorating the walls. Say uncreative? Do not tell!

No excess tissue from the blinds? No problem! We are doing the same panel from any other fabric scraps. By the way, even if your "zagashnike" these patches are not there, they can be very cheap to buy at fabric stores. So colorful and diversified produce panels of fabric stretched over a frame - voila! Creative panels in the living room ready.

wall decor with your own hands

Bedroom also need creative

And here it would be appropriate to showhandmade own achievements. Crochet or knitting needles? Perfectly! Tie a few small openwork fabrics of bright yarn. Attach them to the contrasting dark base and place it in the frame. These are the creative paintings can decorate the walls in your bedroom. Instead syazannyh "paintings" wall decor, you can use any other handmade paintings. Which technique you own: Quilling, origami, textile sculptures, stucco? Do not hesitate to flaunt their creations, making them objects of interior design.

Crafts are not your thing? Well, use for decorating the walls in the bedroom, such as a collection of hats, belts or ties with. They successfully replace a panel or become creative material for its manufacture. Arrange on the wall showcases the likeness of a jewelry store by hanging on hooks necklaces, chains, bracelets, necklaces and other your "jewels". Remember, wall decor in the apartment with his hands - it's not necessarily expensive materials or architectural delights. This is a "two in one" - your imagination and sense of style.

Children's room - a springboard for creativity

Talk about what a beautiful and simpleindispensable decoration of the walls in the children's drawings and crafts will be your children, we will not. This is because we all know, alas, no longer creative. But you think you are just such? And not afraid to experiment? Then ask your child to decorate the walls of their own. Just give him this real paint for wall painting and approach to the process seriously.

Discuss the concept, sketch, draw, discussstages of realization. Believe me, even if the result of such a painting would not meet your aesthetic needs, it's worth it! Your child will remember those moments as one of the best, he would be honored by your trust and will answer the same.

But there is another, less extreme, but notless creative option. Take colored paper and cut out of it different figures (fish, birds, butterflies, men). Then place them on the wall as it is pleasant to you or your child. In general, do not forget that it is to live in this room, and his opinion should be considered. And nakreativite so that the upset (at least) their child.

In general, you probably already understand the basic ideacreative wall decor. Nothing standard, all only exclusive: either the idea or the material or the method of decoration of the walls with his own hands. So do not stop the work of his "ideological" generator. Invent, dream, sneer.

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