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Art parquet

art parquet

Art parquet has long been considered one of theelements of luxury. Assembled in intricate patterns and ornaments from different types of wood, the floor is beautiful and wonderfully like a rich carpet of manual work. In addition, it is eco-friendly and durable. Like hundreds of years ago, today it is a testimony to the refined taste of the owners and a symbol of their prestige.

Art parquet is a storyor ornamental composition made from a different color and shape of the several elements of wood. With his help create a geometrically stringent designs ( "basket", "square", "square", "Mosaic", etc.), and the most intricate designs - floral pattern, realistic, abstract subjects, and even reproductions of famous paintings.

It is most often used in artistic parquet twoand more species of trees, but there are exceptions. For example, the unique pattern of exotic woods such as merbau, teak and rosewood, and allows you to create masterpieces from one type of wood. Thanks to new technologies became available inlaid parquet other materials - metal, stone, and combine it with tile floors and liquid.

Parquet composition, whether it is simple orcomplex, developed in accordance with the overall style of the room decoration and can either cover the entire floor surface, or fragments of artistic parquet - sockets and curbs. Copies of historical samples of palace furnishings, modern styling in the spirit of high-tech, avant-garde, etnodizayna, etc., as well as the author's solution, which reflects the fancy decorator and customer -.. This is not a complete list of the aesthetic possibilities of artistic parquet, approximating it to the product art.

elite artistic parquet

The palette of wood species

In order to create a unique patternparquet masters use a wide variety of tree species. Familiar, traditional for our area breed -. Oak, maple, beech, ash, walnut, birch, etc., obviously different decorative variety. But not always possible to create an interesting composition without inserts exotic trees fragments. By the "exotics" are trees growing in Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, such as merbau, teak, rosewood, Kempas, Juss, mahogany, jatoba, wenge, iroko, etc.

For the "palace" of parquet manufacturers useup to seventy different types of wood, preferring oak, maple, ash, rosewood, merbau, and tic. It should be noted that the wood of native tree species in comparison with the "Exotics" is more resistant to environmental influences, different hardness and soft, quiet tones. But exotic woods are rich in textures and colors. These shades reflect almost entirely the whole spectrum of the sun-yellow (iroko) and red (merbau) to purple (amaranth) and chocolate (Sucupira).

This gives designers an extensive paletteunlimited possibilities. Artsy art parquet, whose outlet is decorated with large rooms, decorated in a classic style. For the average interior in a classic style suitable traditional solution - parquet "Edelweiss" from several varieties of mahogany, or a combination with other woods saturated colors. And the interior is decorated in a country style, perfectly fit a coating of light wood "Tornado" and "Cleo". Elegant Art Nouveau decorate the "Northern Lights" from rosewood, with its violet-purple palette.

Artistic parquet Rosette

Rosettes, medallions, borders

The most common decorative elementArt parquet - the socket or medallions. They are a multi-colored pattern, enclosed in a geometric shape oval, circle, diamond, square, polygon. With their help, you can create an elite artistic flooring in the form of a carpet pattern. In adjacent rooms or different areas of a room can create a different pattern carpet - it will emphasize their logical isolation. If floor space allows, you can experiment with the form, creating a large oval in the center of the composition, and the rest of the area - parquet background.

Another way to decorate flooring - borders,or friezes, which are patterned stripes. They will help to effectively divide and allocate functional areas in the room. Today the popular so-called studio - kitchen and living room combined in one room. It is appropriate to use two types of flooring: tile in the kitchen work area and parquet in the rest of the floor space.

Create a masterpiece

Integrity of perception can be achieved by repeatingin the floor of the composition, for example, ornamental ceiling moldings, murals, or the contours of the fire line of furniture. Masters of art parquet can play not only standard designs, but also masterpieces of the great artists. They can become a real decoration of your home. Of course, the work of such complexity should be trusted only to highly skilled professionals-handlers.

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