" "Black and white interior

Black and white interior

black and white interior

Classic and win-win combination of black andWhite is often used by contemporary artists of interior design. It is believed that this combination of the interior adds rigor and modernity, moderation and special chic. In addition, according to the designers, black and white interior is appropriate for housing of any size and in any room, and even combined with virtually all known styles.

And if so what prevents us to use thiscolors when you make your home? Nothing. So let's learn the basic rules of the use of such combinations in interior design, and then try to create your own black and white interior.

Features monochrome design

I must say that the possibilities for realization of the ideaa monochrome design is practically not limited. First, you can create such an interior in any room of your home: in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen, living room and even in the bedroom. Second, the use of the color gamut allows you to play on the contrast and colors make the space in the room more clearly defined, graphic design and style underlined. Third, the predominance of black or white in the interior will make the room lighter or darker (depending on purpose). Fourth, the contrast is too bright, you can "extinguish" grayed out, keeping the idea of ​​monochrome and color combinations.

If all the above were not enough, theadd to that the possibility of a black and white combination to connect into a whole disparate elements of the interior, to emphasize the style of housing and tastes of its inhabitants. Still not enough? Then start to draw black and white interior according to the rules and make sure that even the rules do not limit the possibilities.

black and white color in the interior of the living room

Rules black and white interior design

The main purpose of the rules of registration of black-and-whiteInterior - to achieve harmony and avoid heavy and oppressive impression of the monochrome and the lack of bright colors. Here are some recommendations for the design of a black and white interior gives the master of interior design.

  1. Choose a dominant color, that is, givepreference for either black or white. The ratio of color in black and white interior should not be the same. This decision will make the room both stylistically unattractive unrestrained. Only uneven (but proportional) black and white balance to achieve its objective. Namely - the harmony, clarity and chic.
  2. Determine the dominant color, remember thatwhite color makes the room brighter and fresher, and visually expands its boundaries. The predominance of white, black and white will make the interior as close as possible to the minimalist stylistic decision.
  3. The predominance of black too will reduce the volume space of the room, it will add warmth and "weight".
  4. The black color in the interior (used sparingly)It gives a sense of security and allows you to zone and to limit personal space. This is especially significant in the design of rooms for teens. The black color in the bedroom allows for a sense of privacy and relaxation.
  5. To mitigate the bright contrast between black andwhite can be used not only gray interior details and finishing materials, but also items of matte and shiny silver metal. Alternatively, you can use a gray color instead of white for less contrast black-and-white palette.
  6. When you create a black-and-white interior, should be selected, or only black or only white furniture. A floor covering should be of the same color with the furniture.

color in the interior of a black-white

elements of decor

If only black and white interior for youunacceptable, but really want to arrange the room it is in this color scheme, try to dilute the monochrome palette of decorative elements. This way you can give the room a romantic look or, on the contrary, stressed achieve business or classic design. Besides decorative items, furniture or bright color "spots" can either mute the vivid contrast of black and white, or underline it.

One of the secrets of fine black-and-white interior- Decor drawings. For example, objects or decoration with floral or geometric patterns, patterns with smooth tench, colors, rounded or angled shapes. Apply designers spectacular combination of monochromatic background (black, gray or white) and products with patterns, or as plain, but of contrasting objects. As decoration for the black-and-white interior use panels, vases, figurines, tablecloths, bedspreads, candle holders and other home furnishings.

An impressive and elegant black and white will doadditional interior color. The most winning considered red and yellow. But this is not the only option, "dilution" black-and-white palette. In such an interior perfectly fit any colors. So you do not have to sacrifice their own color preferences. Want to add green - Please welcome blue - easily, like orange - "dilute" their interior. The only rule - a combination of complementary colors with the overall interior style. And yet it is worth remembering that all the cool colors should be combined with the dominant white color and warm - with a predominantly black.

Thus, for example, black and white color in the interiorliving in a country style can be supplemented with olive color, rooms are decorated in high-tech style - blue and srebristym and romantic bedroom - pink, mauve or peach. The main thing is to color elements were not "too" - so common black-white palette will not lose its expressiveness and glamor.

An important advantage of the decorative elements can becall them the ability to change the overall style and mood of the room. Since black and white design is considered to be universal, it is an additional color decor helps create a soft and relaxing style or make it bright and bold or even extravagant. And easy to change the style can be changed only decorative elements.

So any additional color in the interiorblack and white design can make it your creation that reflects your tastes and your mood. Experiment, create and to create a unique design for your favorite and unique home!

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