" "Electrofireplaces in the interior of the apartment

Electrofireplaces in the interior of the apartment

electric fireplaces in the interior of the apartment

Electrofireplaces outwardly no different fromcoal or wood-burning hearth. He is full of imitation. But the installation in an apartment electric handsome and operations associated with less hassle and cost. The main purpose of the heater is a room decoration. It pleases its owners and their guests genuine imitation flame, but also serves as a nightlight. However, if the heating in the house suddenly starts to miss this appliance can heat the room up to 25 square meters for a short time.

Warm and beautiful

The keys on the control panelthe heater, make it easy to select the heating power. Some models are equipped with a thermostat, which will help to maintain the set temperature. If the possibility of heating electric fireplace are unused, you can simply relax, watching the flames in the hearth when the heater is turned off.

Electrofireplaces create complete simulation of combustionwood, coal or even gas. But the logs in the hearth, covered in flames - it is only stamped plastic plate, painted and stained wood by-blow or placer anthracite glow that illuminated from within shimmering orange or red. Its brightness can be adjusted by the buttons on the control panel. The flames look quite natural, and can not believe that this beauty is born "theater of shadows."

electric fireplaces in the interior

Framing fireplace

Electrofireplaces in the interior of the apartment is perfectIt fits with the help of a properly sized portal. He put so that the furnace has been deployed to the center of the room, and had access to the device. In this case, before the electric fire, you can arrange recreation area. For example, to place chairs or comfy chairs. electric fireplaces models differ not only in size but also design. Their design is made using a variety of materials in different styles. And if the repairs are nearing completion or already finished, you must first buy it a portal, but already under it and then pick the right size furnace. Only in this way turns out successfully enter the electric heater in its interior. If you are interested in registration of the heater in the interior from the ground up, the first thing in this case, choose an embedded furnace, and then with a suitable niche portal, and in the end - the right furniture.

The portal can be ordered from the manufacturer of theelectric fire. It is though not an individual, but an unmistakable decision. Standard portals are made taking into account the size of electric fireplaces that will embed them. Ready portals are made of MDF and covered them with natural veneer of oak and mahogany. Effectively look and electric fireplaces, which are built into the portal of natural marble. Manufacturers now offer a wide range of marble portals in a contemporary style.

Electric fireplaces in construction are divided into three types:

  1. Insert electric fireplaces. They are also called cartridges, embedded electric fireplaces, etc. Such devices in terms of design are not finished product. It must be embedded in a decorative portal mounted to the wall, on the floor or in a corner of the room. The portal can be done independently of drywall or wood. Then you can decorate, integrating interiors, decorated in a modern style, country or classical.
  2. Wall-mounted fireplaces, or they are called armchairfireplaces. These electric fireplaces are inserted into the wall niche or fixed on a wall. They are suitable for home decoration in high-tech style. Due to the small depth, they take up little space. Lately it has become fashionable to put electros-wide picture of the frame with a decorative finish. This allows you to visually separate the electric heater and the liquid crystal panel, which is placed over it. It turns out a balanced tandem original.
  3. Electrofireplaces standing separately. Their prototype was the stove and chimney baskets. These electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere. They look good in a classical setting and atmosphere of rustic life imitating. Fireplaces Electric stoves do not need a niche or framing. They were put against the wall anywhere. If desired, they can be moved from place to place. Very impressive, they look in small kitchens, living rooms and even bedrooms. Fireplace baskets with "wood" or "flaming charcoal" is used, either as a single focus, and as an insert in the fireplace. Available to them is, ceramic and plastic imitations of wood.

Stylish accessories

If you want your electric fire struckguests should purchase additional accessories to it, which will not only give the interior perfection, but also decorate your hearth. For example, you can put a decorative screen in front of the firebox. There are models with different design and design, designed for all sizes of electric fireplaces. Decorate the interior and low graceful sets of fireplace tools, which include poker, tongs, fuel, whisk and scoop. They are made with supports and handles, made in different styles, from color or black metal, as well as combinations thereof. Next to the fireplace on the wall you can hang the bellows to blow fire. And you can move up or special drovnitsu bucket of coal to the most electric fireplaces.

Experts note that electric fireplacesa beneficial effect on the person providing the therapeutic effect. Oddly enough, a kind of artificial flames calms, warms the soul, reduces anxiety and eliminates the neurosis. Very nice to have in the apartment at such a device, if you install a real fireplace is not real.

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