" "Country style in the interior

Country style in the interior

country style

What pleasure can sometimes bring freshnessearly summer morning, which highlights the bright sunlight streaming through the starched linen curtains. And the music sounds in the trees wind noise! Tired from the car hum and bustle of the city, we begin to understand how valuable pastoral lyricism rural lifestyle. We are looking at it from a modern head protection aggressive lines and shapes. And then we have the support of good old country style. Although he is not as too old.

As an independent interior style he has developedlater historical styles, and recognition and all received only thirty or forty years ago. It took a while, people were able to feel the charm of unpretentious charm and individual rustic interior. The reliability and the weight of interior, natural materials, and certain forms even in a modern apartment convincingly declare themselves, creating the impression of the original. Consciousness, tired of loads of information, seeking relaxation in the visual simplicity.

Today, the country-style replicated in mostdifferent versions - from functional stressed restrained rural homes to tonal delicacy and plastic olive or Scandinavian interior. Because country-style long outgrown the style of the Wild West.

furnished in country style

With the world on a string

To get started find out what is included in the concept of"Country". First, the term refers only to the country house and one of the musical styles of North America. Do not confuse a country and folk. Their difference lies in the fact that the "folk" means the national, national, and "country" - rural, suburban lifestyle and imagery. In general, the tradition prescribes in relation to the interior operate with the concept of "country", about which we'll talk.

The word "country» - country - translated fromEnglish has two meanings - the country and the village. In recent years, as applicable to the style, the definition broadened horizons and applies not only to the English or American the village home, but also in German, Russian and Latin American motives in urban interiors.

Referring to the pre-image, the original sourceinternational style today, you can find some of the features inherent in each of the races. For example, the American variation involves furniture in country style emphasized primitive forms pale-blue, as if burnt, ocher-colored or reddish - has acquired the color of sunset on the prairie. This interior is very impressive look painted cupboards, wardrobes, beds, quilts. Furniture painted with trees, flowers, sometimes including antennal ornament. In modern American country style influenced vigorous pioneers, the poetry of the Wild West, a certain adventurism undeveloped areas and lyricism Western secluded ranch.

In the English tradition in the country demonstratesall comfort a priority - from planning houses, furniture to accessories. The English-style country is actively used floral designs and bright colors in textiles and handmade upholstery.

country in the interior French style is known,as the style of the province, whose name is derived from the style of furniture are hand-made in the Languedoc, Provence, Normandy and Brittany. Solid big items are designed to reproduce the simplified things in historical styles of classical and baroque. Handmade French furniture and painted signs in the sun bright colors. The special features of this version include the country, like hidden inside a carved wooden box bed Breton. Color in the French country gives additional emphasis to traditional volume and shape. The walls are painted in white and shades of ocher. The bedrooms have wall upholster fabric, and floors, as well as in the time of the Gauls and the Romans do in the French farmhouses made of terracotta tiles.

In Russia, the emergence of a country could be related toArt Nouveau era, when it begins to form a cult of the peasant folk the subject. Things in this period have emphasized rustic design. Fashion for the country determined by social factors - the peasants to move to the city, to bring their own idea about the convenience and beauty and aesthetics of its urban life. Russian national identity emerged in the country to fashion icons - they were considered stylish interior element. In the city tried to enter the apartment veretentsa, stems, spinning wheels, selling in the villages. Today the style of country music became a part of postmodern culture and fraught with intellectual intention.

Country life

Country Style determines the characteristics of a plantaking into account the feasibility and comfort. Zoning and the ratio of rooms, their dimensions and ceiling height are dictated by considerations of functionality. Principles country, with all the variety of solutions, are about the same. Interior country-house in the country style is distinguished the hearth with a chimney or fireplace, and a single space of kitchen-dining room and living room, around which the other rooms are already formed. On the second floor, which forms a gallery, are the bedrooms.

Country-style, mainly determines the atmospheredecorative, conditional rural idyll with a specific national characteristics. Looking at the country-style, it is first a question of a generalized image Village house, and then determined its "nationality" - Russian house, Swiss chalet, cottage British or American ranch.

From planning compositions todaypreferred is free. It allows the central volume increments extra. But adapted to urban conditions country style offers a lot of different, functionally distinct, premises. In a city apartment should do without complex alterations, styling providing decoration. Especially because the country offers all possibilities for this.

Interior country-house in the country style

The design and materials

Country Rank is based on popularityenvironmental design. Stopping the choice on natural materials - deliberately roughly processed wood and stone, country and allow them to simulate, but the main principle remains the ecological purity. For areas in the country style is characterized by cobbled floors, massive wooden floorboards, fragments of masonry and stucco walls. Imitation wooden structures in the modern interior decor element becomes.

Combinations of materials can be veryvariety. The main thing - to know the measure. Walls can arrange paper wallpaper with naive drawings, ceramic tile colorful textiles, facing stone or decorative plaster. Here we must remember that the country itself is a style "warm", so the use of the stone should be reasonable to dose. As suitable metal and an antique bronze or brass. Good fit into the interior of the hand-forged items.

In the design of the windows, walls and floors can beuse arrangements of tissue-companions. You must be able to feel the ratio of textile items. For example, a combination of wool and linen or calico and chintz attractive even by the tactile sensations. When decorating the windows do not need to use complicated draperies. They are compensated in this style texture and patterned fabrics. Environmental design country involves conventional curtains.

In decorating the floors used multicoloredrugs and carpets. For the manufacture of decorative pillows, curtains and decorating elements for walls used in patchwork technique. Quilts are experiencing a rebirth. Patchwork technique through country style has become fashionable for the artistic treatment. The charm and beauty of a country - in the uniqueness and the uniqueness of each item.

Furniture country style to the dining room - it's a buffet,dining table and stools, a bedroom - a bed and a wardrobe of roughly treated wood. This is the minimum, which is necessary and sufficient time. Requirements for these compositions is notorious rural simplicity. It is no coincidence city dwellers tend to these symbols of reliability and stability, which are now embodied in a country style.

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