" "What is the ceiling to choose: the tension or rack?

What ceilings choose: stretch or rack?

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Since the beginning of repairs in the house in front of you with allsharpness gets a lot of questions, and one of them - how to choose the ceiling. Because of the variety of contemporary ceiling finishes eyes just run away, and I want to do in my house something non-standard. Selecting ceiling finishes today is so vast that you can just get lost, some of them still the best and what their general superiority of one over the other.

We save on repairs of ceilings

Let's start with the economy version. It involves, in fact, putting in order the existing ceiling without any design refinements. No modern technology and expensive finishing materials. From the ceiling, first remove the old paint or whitewash. Then it is necessary to close up all cracks and joints, and align their zashpatlevat. Thereafter, the primer is applied and then finishing paint is usually water-based paint. All this, though troublesome, but it will cost you is not very expensive. All anything, but there are some disadvantages: if the ceiling is very uneven, then make it not that perfect, but just even be difficult and expensive.

Use a repair ceilings can be in anyareas. In the houses of modern construction, where ceilings are used concrete slab of polished slabs, this would be easy. But in Soviet-built homes for this purpose will have to hire professional artists. This ceiling without major repairs, except, of course, force majeure, will serve you for at least ten years. Just sometimes you need to refresh the ceiling and paint it with latex paint.

On lined ceiling instead of paint canpokleit ceiling wallpaper. From domestic wallpaper suit consisting of two layers of embossed wallpaper for this purpose. They can be a good idea to hide minor imperfections and irregularities. Suit and paintable wallpaper. Ceiling after pasting wallpaper so you need to be painted with latex paint.

With ceiling wallpaper can hide wellvarious small defects and irregularities of the ceiling. These ceilings can be done everywhere, except for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. In rooms with high humidity such ceilings can get damp, come off, and even covered with mold. Ceiling wallpaper have to be replaced after five years.

You can cover the ceiling with ceiling tiles,producing an extruded polystyrene. They can be glued to any surface which requires only a small alignment. Ceiling tiles are conventional and laminated. The ceiling is covered with conventional plates can be painted with latex paint. Then in the course of their operation will be enough to wipe with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. In rooms with high humidity is best to use a laminated ceiling tiles. These plates are covered with a thin film to protect it from moisture. They are good because they can be washed.

Typically, such plates are used for decorationceilings in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you fill the neighbors, these plates can go spots. Spoiled fragments removed - they can easily come unstuck - and replaced with new ones. Papered ceiling ceiling tiles, you can forget about repairs in the next five to ten years.

what to choose stretch or rack ceiling

Modern ceiling - what to choose?

This category may include suspension tileceilings, hanging rack, plaster and tension. All listed ceiling coverings are good because for them there is no need to align the surface - they simply close all the irregularities. Furthermore, using these layered structures can be "sewn" wiring, ventilation pipes, and other communications. With their help you can successfully "beat" highlighting the premises - they can be installed and hidden built-in lights.

Very easy to use easy to install hangingtiled ceiling. The only drawback - the inability to achieve a flat surface across the ceiling on large surfaces, so the apartments are not usually set ceilings. They are often used for decoration of ceilings in offices. To install a suspended ceiling tile around the perimeter of the special bolted metal corners, which are mounted guide rail along the length and width of the room. The resulting thus the cell is inserted into the plate, and crashed built-in lights in them.

Ceiling tiles are of several types: acoustic, moisture-proof and film. They all differ manufacturing and material types used in different premises, depending on their properties. All plates can be wiped with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner, and water-resistant - and even cleaned with a soft sponge. When installing ceiling tiles room height is reduced by 10 cm.

Simple ceiling tiles in contact with themThey absorb water and swell it, so if the ceiling flood, they will have to change. Waterproof plate withstand such a test, but they may be stained, which will have to wash. Steel plates in this case simply wiped dry, and the film with nothing will happen if the water does not leak only on the perimeter. In this case, they should be washed with soap and water. Ceilings, finished ceiling slabs are from five to twenty years, depending on which of the plate made.

It is popular and hanging rackceilings, which can be used both for internal and for external furnish. Such ceilings are mainly installed in offices, shops, bars, swimming pools, sports facilities and in residential areas - in kitchens and bathrooms. In such ceilings covering member slats are made from aluminum strip coated with varnish. Pinion ceilings are very practical. They are durable, eco-friendly, moisture-proof and absolutely non-flammable. But it is not only their dignity. It is equally important that this is one of the most inexpensive options for finishing the ceiling surface. Appreciate them and for visual appeal. A wide range of textures and colors can create a very effective compositions. So still do not know what to choose: a tension or rack ceiling!

Even if you fill, and suspended ceilingsspots appear, they can be easily removed simply with a cloth. When installing suspended ceilings room height is reduced by only 3-5 cm, and serve such ceilings you twenty years.

Dull white ceiling thing of the past, andglued wallpaper, it always was tasteless and primitive. Progress in the production of modern building materials has significantly expanded opportunities to design their own home. One of the most popular ceiling systems today is plasterboard ceilings, which experts consider the best option for the home. Plasterboard has several advantages. Use it to make perfectly smooth ceiling. Differences of the ceiling, which sometimes reaches 8-10 cm, and ceiling cracks easily aligned and masked plasterboard ceiling. Gypsum ceilings are quick and easy to install and provide unlimited scope for design ideas. If the height of the room allows, it can be shaped layered ceiling, and grille lamp will help break the space into different lighting zones.

Install plasterboard ceiling can beany premises. For rooms with high humidity producing moisture-resistant drywall. Depending on the configuration of drywall ceilings ceiling height may be reduced by 5-10 cm., Such ceilings will last at least ten years, if you do not flood the neighbors above. In this case, there will be spots on the ceiling, which is necessary, as in the normal ceilings, clean, paint and putty.

And finally, such popular today, tensionceilings! When repairing them today are choosing more often. And no wonder! PVC film, which is used for suspended ceilings, makes it possible to carry out any of the ceiling design. Choose the material for ceilings, very simple, because the range of today just wide. Matt and satin texture of the film will create an even perfect imitation of the classical ceiling, painted matt or slightly glossy paint. Lacquer film will allow visually increase the ceiling height and create a sense of space and light. Metallic create the illusion of highlights and shades, and using printing on the ceiling, you can make any image - from the earthly to the sky in the clouds of cosmic starry space.

Stretch ceilings have a number ofbenefits, and provided them with such popularity. With their help, you can align any surface, and they are installed very quickly without dust and dirt. Stretch ceilings are easy to conceal any defects ceiling, as well as design features, electrical wiring, ventilation ducts and so on. At the same time they "eat" not more than three centimeters in height of the room. They are durable, as no fear of moisture, they are not formed fungus. Protection ceilings are you and flood the top. The margin of safety they have a large - hundred liters of water per square meter. After the flood, the water can be simply drained, and ceilings themselves are easily reduced. In case of contamination simply wipe detergent. And such ceilings serve you for thirty years, because only they have the warranty period of twelve years.

Summing up, we can only say that weWe tried to give a brief overview of finishing features the ceiling surface in your home with all their advantages and disadvantages, and you just have to decide which one to choose the ceiling as his draw and how to reconcile all this with the rest of the design of your home.

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