" »Women's hats knitted. Knitted hats autumn winter 2011 2012

Women's hats knitted. Knitted hats autumn winter 2011 2012

Women's knitted hats

What accessories are required in ourgirls' wardrobes cool autumn and the colder winter? Of course, it's hats for women: Knitted or fur, they care about our health in frost and cold, giving us a feeling of comfort. But while any headpiece chosen not only because of its convenience, but also due to the style and beauty, because of the impression that he produces. Naturally, you need to choose the most elegant and sophisticated options among all caps Diversity - understands that each of us. Therefore, this review is completely dedicated to winter hat, beautiful, classic, interesting and unusual. That is precisely the model that will be successful in the coming season. Let's analyze the trends and see what is fashionable women's hats are planning to please us known design houses. Especially as headgear paid a lot of attention - they are well represented in the collections of Diane Von Frustenberg, Hermes and many other fashion designers.

Knitted hats are popular ...

... This is the conclusion to be drawn in the firstqueue. Designers tell us that these are the hats will be a choice the most avid and demanding Russian beauties. Therefore, with a variety of knitted winter hats women should read close - let's look at those chips, which promise to be the most vivid and spectacular in the coming season. Then we will be able to choose not only interesting, but also emphasizes our excellent delicate taste variant of a headdress.

Women's Winter Hats

  • On the wave of success will be knitted winter hatladies 'stockings', and it will be a pleasure to wear beauties of all ages. This option will create an interesting combination of light, the youth pointed to negligence and unobtrusive charm of a truly self-confident woman.
  • Also designers tell us thatclassically simple knitted hat with a lapel women will not lose in popularity - it still will wear. Such a headdress for the upcoming season embodies the practical, but it is faultlessly elegant Casual.
  • But lovers of interesting options we wantadvise women with pompom hats - they will definitely be visible and be able to distinguish a girl from the crowd. With such a child a positive, cheerful, optimistic, but grown-up fashionable and popular headdress can be easily, effectively and successfully emphasize their originality.

If you want to find their way aroundthe variety of women's knitted hats, photos latest collections will be your reliable assistant. Burberry Prorsum, Anna Sui, Tommy Hillfinger and other designers are offering us hundreds of interesting new products - among them, no problem choose a hat to his liking.

Hats with earflaps - decoration season

Special attention should be paid to anotherexcellent trend, promises to please both fashionistas and their loyal fans. We emphasize that the female cap with ears will be popular "in any form", so that each can find beautiful headdress to his liking. To do this, simply read the latest collections of Gucci, Christian Dior, Hermes and other design houses. But, of course, and we will try to ease your choice - we now want to tell you about a few "win-win" stylish women's hats, meet all the requirements of this trend:

hat autumn winter 2011 2012

  • Fully fur models look luxurious andreally rich - if she wishes to emphasize how gorgeous she is able to put on, they fit her in the best way. Women's autumn hats with earflaps fur will be an excellent choice with the expectation not only for the coming season - they are the brightest representatives of the always spectacular classics.
  • Also of interest are expected to be combinedmodel with uppers of leather or suede. This women's winter hats 2012, which look perfect and are quite practical for our Russian frosts and snowstorms. In addition, the combination of two different materials always look quite original and interesting - you can play well on the contrast.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the diversity ofushanok-caps and with inserts of fabric and textiles - they will be another super-popular trend of the coming winter. Again, in the case of these hats can choose a contrasting and harmonious combination - with them she has an opportunity to add to its appearance another vivid detail.
  • And, of course, fashionista can not simply bypasstheir attention hat with earflaps knitted women - we are confident that they will please everyone, without exception, girls. After all, these hats are combined just two fashion trends of the coming season - they are simply doomed to success.

In short, today is not only possible, but necessarychoose "eared" winter hats for women: photos of popular models will provide us with this invaluable assistance. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest collections of Hermes, Dior, Gucci and other fashion "monsters" - they know a lot about flawlessly beautiful headdresses.

Colors fashion caps 2011-2012

knit hats for women

And here our beauties big enoughfreedom of choice, because the popular will use different variations of headgear. Of course, in this situation has its own rules: for example, women's fashion fur caps should only be natural colors. Remember, even if the headgear is made of faux fur, his invoice must still be classical and simulate the same sable or mink.

But women's knitted hats can bevirtually any color as a strict classical and very bright. This is not surprising, because the color must be combined with appropriate shaped headdress. For example, a combination solar yellow, orange, red is perfect for a knitted cap, but it will be nowhere near as stylish look in the case of fur model.

Of course, the headgear of the same mink, foxor sable need to look at the measure of solid, so they should be self-colored. But knitted hats can be quite colorful. Then, in the simple style of Casual notes will be brought originality and brightness. And the same lady's hat knitted ear flaps can also be decorated with bold stripes, diamonds, other patterns and designs. In the case of hats, not made of fur, can not be afraid to play on the contrast.

The abundance of stylish women's hats pleasantly surprised ...

... That's right, and it seems that the designers decidedfashionistas put in difficulty by offering so many cool options. Those Gucci and Dior show that not only the fur and knit hats women will live the coming season.

His fans will find even hats that add toimage of the girl even more elegance. And they are not only an excellent example of caps for autumn - designers orient these hats, and more cold weather. Hats as with wide and narrow fields, insulated fur - fashion houses are worried not only about beauty, but also the health of girls.

  • You can not be surprised, and the diversity thatgive us designers. Recent European collections show the growing popularity of his cap. These hats will be a choice of bold women, who like to supplement your wardrobe with a little showy and provocative combinations. Oh, and do not be afraid that the cap will look too masculine - are women knitted winter hats are always graceful and elegant.
  • Also, designers have provided a great optionfor fans of sports style - knitted hats. Girls looking for stylish women's hats, autumn winter 2011 2012 offers us a vivid model, a sin not to take advantage of this gift. For knitted hats are a spectacular example of the creativity and originality of design. Just look at women's knit cap: Photo Latest Collections exactly deserve your attention. Only bright patterns, beautiful drawings, interesting combinations - these models are designed for those who want to move away from the classics.
  • Bribes and female models knitted caps,in the shape of a pot, and all because they are 100% elegant and stylish. This headgear will be interesting to look like combined with an evening dress, and in combination with Casual dress. Looking through fashion shows, you know that among the variety of hats, bowlers model detain glance. Immediately "cling" for how effectively and, most importantly, they look modern. That is why these ladies knitted winter caps included in their collection, without exception popular design houses.

In the scope of this brief review is difficult to accommodateall the nuances of popular and current trends. The main thing is that the right choice to make is simple - if you want to stay in one of the women's hats, the variety of collections and describe trends, above, will come to your aid - we have compiled this article so that you can choose for themselves a headdress with ease.

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