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Fashion jewelry 2016 photo

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What can make the female form new tunecolors and fill it with spicy notes of exclusivity, which will certainly provide a lady from the crowd of other. Jewelry and accessories - is the easiest way to make the style unique flavor, which is typical in this season stylists predict special excitement around the accessories, the traditional alternative. About the increased interest in these products, says the widespread desire to fashion magazines publish information on their pages that is a fashion jewelry 2016 photo is intended to demonstrate the variety of stylistic and conceptual solutions that are trendy this year.

Reference accessories this season finallyWe moved away from the half-measures, by virtue of the masters of haute couture, stylists and jewelers calling ladies to hide deep into their boxes nondescript chain, earrings and a small unremarkable ring. Instead, go to the nearest store and buy a massive trendy, catchy and original jewelry summer 2016, as expressed by the eclectic and ethnic motives, as well as industrial subordinated notes rebellious one rule - the trend of impressive, large size women's jewelry.

This season, all is permissible: extraordinary experiments with a combination of different styles, including the image of fashionable jewelry in 2016 from non-natural materials, such as stones, wood, coral; or modeling style using products of modern alloys. If the fair sex prefers classic precious metal, designed in the best tradition, the taste preferences and the like will be relevant. Jewelry by today's standards finally lost the status of "tinsel" and an optional element, on the other hand, those ladies who are persistently trying to avoid the use of ornaments, are not only conviction but also fall under the category of "bad taste".

Fashion jewelry 2016, that offers fashion market?

fashion jewelry 2011

However, the modern fashionista may facedilemma, because in a wide range, which is offered to female attention, not surprising to get lost if you do not know the basic rules for choosing jewelery summer 2016 whether or not to pay due attention to the brand manufacturer. In this case, the fair sex runs the risk of not only ruin the perfection of style she created the image, but also to pass for a lady that has a bad taste. This article - a direct reference guide to choosing fashion jewelry 2016, sustained in the best traditions of the modern fashion trends.

  • Fall into the category of must-have decoration in the style ofsafari or accessories that transmit African motifs with animalistic elements such fashion jewelry 2016 appears in Coro collections, Elsa, as well as the world-famous Dior. Tellingly, the stylistic execution remotely gives hints of hand-made, and all thanks to the use of natural materials: decorative stone, diverse corals, intricate shells.
  • Especially popular among sophisticated bohemiauses the line "Girl-coquette." As the original can offer fashion jewelry 2016, made in the conceptual way? Drapery and it alone: ​​colorful ribbons, bows, combined with sequins, decorative vintage stones in the style of the 30s, like bunches, strung on a massive necklaces, chains and beads and bracelets, a special highlight of which are the thick chain with inserts of fabric . Such stylistic solutions present on the stage at Vuitton, as well as Myriam Haskell and immediately got on the pages of women's magazines, which have placed the information in the column that is should be a jewelry fashion 2011, photo only opened to the masses all the charm of these products.
  • But for lovers of vintage jewelry is notfind more creativity and originality of creative ideas than in collection from Jeanne Azocar, the basis of its last show made up minerals: playing with colored tints Bakelite and Galatia. But not only this one is strong collection of this master, it became a hit summer 2016 jewelry using dried beans in earrings and beads, as well as chestnuts and other environmental materials at hand. All lovers of outrageous and courage can safely go in search of these unique accessories.
  • But Asian slipped ethno motivesMany masters of haute couture. Lady, making a bet on romanticism coupled with the brightness, can find a lot of useful information in these product lines, for example, massive earrings with a cascade of rhinestones or intricate, whimsical patterns. Necklaces and beads impressive size with an abundance of decoration in the form of stones, beads, crystals, and the constant heavy bracelets in ethnic style. Fashion label from Mazer, Marcel Boucher, as well as French Yoco built on the eastern sheet, cutting-edge fashion catalogs posted on their pages trend fashionable jewelry in 2016, passed the photo romantic and intriguing flavor Asian ethnic.
  • Fangled phenomenon, which immediately rankedone of the trends in the trend, steel lacquered accessories. And thanks to modern fashionista should forewoman Nathalie Costes - creator of a series of necklaces and beads of wood, lacquer-coated beads. Shine - a topical solution for the decoration of the season.
  • Obviously, the creative and imaginative designconceptual solutions at its peak - is ideal for the young and trendy, bold and bright, but what is the ladies who prefer a calm classics? The fair sex, who value the traditional products, will be allocated per capita in shows by Celine. Its line - a greeting from the '70s, because it is filled with hints of retro style. Jewelry Summer 2016 should not be reduced to screaming, vulgar ornaments, enough thread "pearls."

Jewelry Summer 2016: choose and wear the right

jewelery 2011 photo

This abundance of ladies' helpers in the struggle forbeauty is not surprising to get lost, so knowledge of jewelry trends 2016 - not a guarantee of success to create an attractive, harmonious way. To flirt and fashionista really was a success and received the attention it is important to know how to choose the accessories that were not at odds with a stylistic solution and stressed the individuality of its owner.

Although this year obliges almost all productscombine weighty massiveness and certain ladies should carefully acquire such models. For example, tiny, undersized "Thumbelina" have to think ten times before you pick volume, highly decorated with beads or necklaces. They visually figure down to earth and overshadow their fragile possessor. Petite women of fashion designers recommend to pay attention to something easier, for example, products made of transparent glass beads or light, they can combine the volume trend, but it does not overshadow his mistress.

But the ladies, which nature endowed lushforms and amounts outstanding - lucky, because the trend is massive jewelry trend 2016 met in full and at the same time is great for larger women. Thick bracelets, earrings or a hefty cascading beads soaked in the best, for example, Roma traditions - the ideal solutions, they are designed to shift the focus from the extra kilos fashionista, these accessories will serve as a bright spot and a kind of "red herring."

What kind of color scheme can be advisedthe fair sex, based on the size and jewelery models? The most commonly found on the boards of high fashion jewelry golden color, as well as models of deep browns, fashion magazines are rich on information, which explains what should be the fashion jewelery 2016 Photo also showcase its range. So, the smaller the accessory, the more catchy and screaming can be its tone, this indicates an unwritten rule for choosing the jewelry trend.

On the contrary, weighty and massive, fortifiedpompous drapery of pebbles, shells, ribbons or strings accessories required to be carried out in low-key colors, as the product risks being overwhelmed and give hints of vulgarity.

How to combine accessories? design Tricks

summer 2011 jewelry

As the current season allowsthe fair sex to experiment and implement the most daring fantasies into reality, you can easily beat the variety of jewelry styles. For example, aggressive and sleek industrial with its metal jewelry with an elegant classic, considered very spectacular combination of ethnic ornaments peculiar to them futurism with models in safari style. Women's magazines are often trying to find new images, so they can find pages of fashion jewelry 2016 photos show that spicy unique style can be achieved by skillfully chosen accessories.

Minimalism is now out of favor, it's about ascolors and decor touches. But this is what complicates the combination of colors. Imagine if the bracelet repeats the print zebra or leopard, the compatibility of this product with a blood-red coral necklace is highly questionable. It is important that the image does not lose its integrity and committed to a single idea. For example, the abundance of diversified one bracelet on a female hand will support youth image coquette, fashion catalogs show the trend in the creation of individual style, including its page fashion jewelery 2016 photo already demonstrate that change - it's easy.

Far in the past are the days when accessories andDecorations were considered unnecessary sophistication and an echo of the bourgeoisie, and now jewelry is a direct indicator of a bright personality and unique style of ladies. With the help of well-chosen ornaments modern fashionista doomed to feel its own irresistible and admiring glances involuntarily passionate spicy notes and highlight, the secret of which only open summer 2016 jewelery.

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