" "What are the diets for weight loss?

What are the weight loss diet?

weight loss diet

Diet - is matched with any purpose dietfood and nutrition. Diets can be healing and slimming. About therapeutic diets say it makes no sense, they are prescribed by the doctor in each case individually, and nothing to do with weight loss, they do not have.

But weight loss diet today socommon, that there is hardly a person who does not know a single one. Consider the main types of weight loss diets, the effectiveness of these diets, advantages and disadvantages.

The following types of diets:

Diets low in calories - probably, this group includes the vast majority of diets. It is characterized by the use of low-calorie food.

Low-fat diets - the name. Diets, which is limited fat intake in our body.

There is also malouglevodnye diet - they withstand harder than low-fat. One of the most publicized malouglevodnyh diets, this diet The Kremlin.

Mono-diet. Enough hard diet based on the use of a single product. For example: apple diet, kefir, rice and so on.

Protein diet. It is very effective and at the same time strict diet.

Vegetarianism. Overall, not a bad diet, but it is not quite suitable for our climate and our people.

Recently, a few fashionablediets, however, are uniquely characterized by physicians. These include diet, based on separate nutrition, diet by blood group. It is not even a diet, but a certain principle of power, which is observed period of time.

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