" "How to wash your car in the car wash and self?

How to wash your car in the car wash and self?

how to properly wash your car


  • How to behave at the car wash
  • How to wash a car by yourself

All drivers are divided into two groups. Someone literally blows away dust particles with his "iron horse" - regularly cleans, washes and polishes it. Others do not give much importance purity and sent to sink only when they notice that the clothes start to get dirty dirty sills and body. Of course, most cars woman belong to the first category. Women tend to be much larger akkuratisty than men. And in the car they are usually treated differently - as a living creature that requires care and attention.

So you've decided that it's time to arrange your carwater treatment. How to wash your car? You have two options - either to wash the car at the car wash, or do it yourself. If you prefer to hire the services of professionals, it remains to solve two problems - how to choose a sink and how to behave there. Of course, ideal if you already have an eye on a car wash. Are you sure that there is good equipment, washers - cool guys, and you know all there. But what if you have not yet found "their" car wash? Do not be lazy and ask a neighbor to park. Driver solidarity - a great thing! Surely they will prompt where to wash the car, and maybe even advise to replace someone better to come - in fact it is also very important!

How to behave at the car wash

So, where in order to wash the car, undecided. Now we have to figure out what to do next. First decide what type of cleaning you want to use. There are two main types of car washes - contact and contactless. Contact - this is when your car will scrub brushes. This sink is cheaper. However, there is a risk that the car is scratched. Contactless - expensive, but scratches are excluded. Therefore, if it is - your personal, beloved machine, it is better to "splurge" on a non-contact.

Next step. Rate "the accuracy of the information." Well, the one that you gave neighbors motorists. Suddenly, you constantly occupy their place in the parking lot, or something else is not pleased, and they will "evil desire." What is needed for that? Take a good look at the cleaners. If you see in front of someone "unwashed, unkempt," in dirty overalls and a fume smell, it is worth pondering. It is better to say that we stopped by mistake - in fact, you do not have to - and quickly leave. If the person himself in the order can not contain, we can imagine how he will wash someone else's car!

If the washer makes a good impression -clean, sober and polite - we can assume that the question of where to wash the car, settled. What's next? Examine the price list. Before you make an order, you need to articulate to yourself what it is you want. Wash the car with car shampoo or without him? Wash whether the thresholds? Tidy up shop today or confine the body and rugs? That is necessary to put the problem clearly - washers do not know how to read minds. If you do not, you will surely be something "wrong" - or you are not satisfied, or the money will have to pay much more than expected.

With this decided? Good. The next step - before handing the car "from hand to hand", be sure to collect all the valuables from the passenger compartment. I think, no wonder almost all car washes post announcement: "The administration is not responsible for items left in the car." Although, of course, is a bit strange ... It turns out that the management is not responsible for the actions of their employees. But, apparently, they know what they say ... So is it worth the risk?

Do I need to control the process? It's everyone decides for himself. On the one hand, if you carefully follow the work, there is a chance in time to tell what and where not done so. On the other - many washers get nervous when they "hang on the soul," and the result of such control is only suffering. Probably better to draw their attention to the "difficult" areas - the bottom of the bumper, wheels, seats under the wings - and then go for a walk or have a cup of coffee. By the way, in many car washes, there are special rooms for clients.

Whether or not the work of cleaners - questioncontroversial. But the result of this work should be sure to check! What to look for? Carefully inspect the car - of course, on the body should not be "unwashed" places. Check the wheels, bottom doors, bumpers. Look in the salon. Make sure that the machine is well dried - otherwise then may have to deal with divorce.

If you notice that the washers shalturili - notunashamedly tell about it. Let all correct. If the work is done "on the conscience" - must thank and give "tea." Then on the second or third time, you will already be considered a regular customer. And this is very important. And to you and to your car will be treated much better and more closely - you'll see!

as the car wash

How to wash a car by yourself

If you have been unable to choose a suitablecar wash or just do not want to trust strangers his "treasure" that you can get rid of dirt and their own. How to wash your car? Nothing complicated here is not present. It would be the time and desire.

To perform the planned you will need:

  1. large foam rubber sponge;
  2. two buckets;
  3. car shampoo;
  4. water hose;
  5. Brush with a soft pile;
  6. cloth microfiber;
  • Turn on the water and pour over the car with a hose with cool water

    Give the dirt melted - Wait at least5-10 minutes. This step is absolutely necessary. If you start to scrape away stubborn dirt, you can damage the enamel of your car. Once again abundantly pour water machine while washing away the dust and dirt softened sponge or brush. Pour in the detergent bucket. Add water. It is desirable that it was fed under pressure, then you get a rich foam. Dip a sponge into a bucket of shampoo and make sure that it has absorbed as much liquid as possible.

  • Getting bath procedures!

    Start at the top. First, wash the roof, and then gradually work your way down. Carefully remove the dirt with a sponge. Avoid too zealous - so you can scratch the car. Wash up until the suds in the sponge end. Rinse the sponge in a bucket of clean water. You took two buckets, remember? Press and dial again soapy water. Repeat the entire procedure. By the way, the water should be changed at least 3-4 times. Otherwise, dirt and sand deposited on the bottom can get a sponge and scratch the car.

  • Rate "the handiwork of their"

    If you notice signs of insect or birddroppings, stains of bitumen or tar, you can not do without special avtoochistitelya. Apply the product on the contaminated sites, wait 2-3 minutes and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Turn on the water and, not wishing obleyte car. The more thoroughly you wash away the shampoo, the better. Remains of funds can leave spots and stains on the sides of your "beauty". Carefully wipe the car. To do this, take a large cloth made of microfiber, expand and put on the car. Grasp the corners and pull. In addition, a special glass cloth wipe.

All. The car - as good as new. Nothing complicated, right? In fact, not so important whether you wash your car at a car wash, or do it yourself. The main thing is that the car, just like you, want to be well-groomed. After washed clean, shining and sparkling windows machine look much better and more beautiful than dirty. And your car is definitely worth it to be the finest in the world. Do you agree?

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