" "Auto bases on the road: the types of fraud and how to protect against it

Auto bases on the road: the types of fraud and how to protect against it

cars on the road bases

Perhaps there was not a avtoledi thatI would not have been familiar with the concept, as the bases of auto traffic. It is quite clear opinion of the majority of girls, that can avoid the fate of becoming one of the avtomoshennikov victims. The main thing - to know the traffic rules, not "scorcher" on the roads of the city, adhering to the rules of "slow and steady wins - will continue." Undoubtedly, knowledge of the rules and caution has not prevented anyone, but not all as smoothly as we would have liked. And, choosing a regular avtopodstavy sacrifice, "romance" a big road show remarkable knowledge of psychology. And do avtopodstavy like a well-orchestrated show, looking at the Stanislavsky himself would exclaim: "I believe!". The funny thing is that to become a victim of the bases you can, on the spot, or rather, without leaving the car park. Do not believe me? Well, let us consider in detail all the steps of the adventure show called "avtopodstavy".

Act I: emery

Every girl has ever been parkedlarge supermarkets, knows firsthand about their almost communal "comfort". Machines are very tightly to each other, and to maneuver between them account for almost a jeweler's precision and caution. This is what the scammers are. While you are relaxing in using shopingoterapii to your car the most severe torture used. More specifically, the rear wing is treated large sandpaper. As if you have touched someone's car at a tangent. After you, nothing suspecting (as you suspect, if your conscience is clear), move out of the parking lot, you are catching up with foreign car and otherwise forced to slow down, clutching the side of the road.

Further action is designed for yourconfusion and the effect of surprise. A few brave men, oblique seven feet at the shoulders begin to tell you and to prove that, leaving the parking lot, you have touched their car. But they are not evil guys and ready to solve everything peacefully. And even offer to call an insurance agent that he considered the damage. And then explain that the case is not insurance, because, in fact, you fled the scene "accident." Then you offer to pay and referred to the amount of damage. What is called for "eye".

We think it is not necessary to continue the story of the futurescenario. Let's see how you do the cost initially. If you are strongly pressed against the side of the road, do not stop! If, however, no choice you do not, stop in the middle of the track, lock all doors and windows. Take your cell phone and dial the police number, name of the place where you are, and say that they had been attacked. It is desirable that the dashing good guys hear what you called the police, is usually enough to play has been curtailed and you are left alone.

the bases on the road

Act II: soap opera

The most amazing thing, no matter how strange you do notIt seemed the name of a setup script on the road, it will take part in, and soap, and Opera. If you rely on Chekhov, the shotgun on the wall "shots" in the last act. But will such a performance in the early morning on the crowded streets of your city. At the next maneuver you will overtake the executive class car, passing almost tightly, and from the rear window of the car in your car tossed a piece of soap. Sound will turn out as a collision. You will be prompted to pull over, and if you heed the arguments of reason and stopped in the middle of the track, in action include "employees" of traffic. However, they are approaching a normal car, but the psychological impact will using flashers.

Further development of the play quite pull onOscar. Threats, fake identity and psychological pressure. Home is your task - to stay calm. Let fraudsters play out there that they put on the script. Your circuit behavior remains the same. Call the police and shouting with all his might, that you were attacked, and called the street where you are. We can say with confidence that the scammers do not want to get acquainted with these law enforcement officers who fake flashing lights are not convinced.

Act III: shocking

But this method was invented real avtopodstavycreators. While for you it is unlikely to be a consolation. Imagine an ordinary gray day. In a moving stream of cars you catches up with the Cheshire Cat at the wheel, or rather, the man in the Cheshire Cat costume. He scratches his head and waving his garden grabelkami you soft paw. Surprised you do not have time to notice that the vehicle in front has decided to slow down. And you imprinted it with sincerity, which is capable of surprised woman. Your guilt is obvious, and there is nothing about it anymore. In this case, to understand or to prove that you are a victim avtopodstavy impossible. You never know who is in what used to go out in the morning from home. And you do not have excuses. But you can console himself with the fact that fraudsters have shown imagination and for a few seconds before impact to cheer you up. And the future will take into consideration that even a surprise should not distract you when you are driving.

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Being a victim of the bases on the road is a chance foreach one of us. The main thing - in time to orient and not to panic and threats fraudsters. As extra insurance, you can buy car DVR to have as evidence the video played out by fraudsters action and your complete innocence in the incident. Better yet, ask for help from the Knights of roads - traffic police. In the end, it is their responsibility to win over all the dragons that you can meet on the highways of large and small cities.

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