" "Fashion swimwear 2016

Fashion swimwear 2016

Fashionable summer 2016

There comes a hot time of holidays and many are already beginning to think about their summer wardrobe replenishment. One of the main attributes of the female wardrobe - it's certainly swimsuit.

Trendy color swimwear 2016

In the summer of 2016 designers preferswimsuit tranquil hues and exquisite, elegant colors. For example, not bright ultramarine, elegant pink, muted gold or silver color. Swimsuit 2016 should look festive at the same time, and at the same time is not catchy or bright. This task is best cope monochrome swimwear. But this does not mean that swimsuits with prints out of fashion.

All the same at the peak of the popularity of animal prints,floral patterns, abstract, African ethnics and geometry. Most familiar to us patterns - a pea, both small and large, and the strip, it can be broad and narrow. Demanded in 2016 exotica: pictures of tropical plants, birds of paradise and fruit. Also popular swimwear in a nautical style. This anchor, gold decoration and marine strip.

Trendy styles of swimwear 2016

fashion swimwear

This season, designers have focused not onlycoloring on a bathing suit, but on his cuts. In the multi-layered fashion, asymmetry, and a variety of decorative accessories: rings, braided ribbon, lace trim inserts of transparent fabrics, laces, slots in different locations, and more. Feel free to buy as solid swimwear, as well as separate, trinkini - swimsuit, in which the upper and lower part of the fabric combined in various elements. Among the separate bathing suits in the lead bikini bodice with "gangs" that have no straps and laces.

Do not forget to complement your swimsuit related accessories, which include a large beach bag, straw hat, sunglasses, a dress or a pair.

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