" "Where to put money tree? Choose place

Where to put the money tree? Choose place

where to put the money tree


  • Definition of the zone of Wealth
  • Terms of placing money tree
  • Wealth Construction Zone

So you got a powerful and promisingmascot of feng shui. Now in your house growing money tree now, and, according to ancient Eastern teachings, the financial difficulties you are no longer afraid. However, not all so simple. Talisman is, and the money will no longer be! And you start to run around the house, put a pot with a flower in one place, then another, and to wait, when the mascot will begin to show its miraculous properties. But it is not enough just to have a mascot - you also need to make it work!

Yes, the main purpose of a money treethe point of view of feng shui - the activation zone responsible for your well-being. It is therefore important to be able to find the zone in his house and put money tree is there. But when talisman will take its place of honor, you must also properly equip this same zone. Otherwise, no way. Otherwise the money tree will remain just a beautiful and useful plants. So, we are looking for where to put the money tree and help him to show all his mystical talisman wealth opportunities.

Definition of the zone of Wealth

According to the teachings of feng shui your entire house and every room in theindividually divided into sectors - the so-called zone of influence. Each sector is "responsible" for a certain area of ​​your life. And it has its own charms for each zone, that it activates. So one of the powerful talismans Wealth area and is a money tree.

Find Wealth zone in your home will help gridBagua. This is a special instrument of feng shui, which determines the location of the zones of influence in accordance with the geographical areas. In a simplified version of Bagua grid is a square divided into nine equal parts:

  • The central square - the Health Sector;
  • To his right - family sector (east);
  • Left - sector Creativity (west);
  • Below - the sector of Fame (South);
  • Top - Career Sector (North);
  • The upper left corner - Assistants Sector (north-west);
  • Upper right corner - the sector of Wisdom (north-east);
  • The lower left corner - Love sector (south-west);
  • Lower right corner - sector wealth (southeast).

Here in this zone and the latter should beMoney Tree. To find the Wealth area in your home, you must first define it in the part of the world. You can use a compass or just decide where goes out the window in the room. When you understand where your home in the north, south, east and west, drawing a house plan and impose on him a grid Bagua, aligning the sides of the world on the grid and on the plane. Now you can find exactly where in your home sector is Wealth - the south-east.

It is noteworthy that the teachings of Feng Shui allowsdivided into zones not only the whole house as a whole, but each to his room alone. Therefore, if the room corresponding to the area of ​​wealth, it is impossible to put a living money tree, you can define this zone in a suitable indoor plants. And in what room you can put a money tree, a plant to feel comfortable?

where to put the money tree

Terms of placing money tree

Of course, for a good growth of a money treeIt needs certain conditions. It is very important to your live mascot was always healthy and fresh, otherwise it will turn into antitalisman and starts to attract and scare away the wealth from your home. Therefore, the plant should pick a room, responsible, primarily, comfortable conditions of existence of green pet.

Money tree refers to the light-lovingplants and endures even in direct sunlight. However, for a long time while under the scorching sun, a tree may begin to drop leaves. Therefore it is necessary to choose a well-lit room for him, but the crown pritenyat from sunlight. So, in this regard, suitable for placing the money tree will be a room filled with bright but diffused light.

Other conditions for a comfortable existencethis succulent - temperature conditions. In fact, money tree is considered to be a potted plant unpretentious, but does not react to strong drafts and sudden changes in temperature. For him you need to find a warm, but not hot room, as well as a place that is protected from too warm or cold air flows and drafts.

For the same reason you can not put the money treenear heaters and radiators, while in winter it is necessary to clean the pot with a flower away from the cold window glass. A moisture regime is easy to maintain by periodic spraying and of the trees, and the air around it. In addition, the room should be well ventilated and empty is. But this is a requirement not only to conditions of detention money tree, how much to the arrangement itself Wealth zone.

where there should be a money tree

Wealth Construction Zone

So, you have identified where your home issector, responding to the financial well-being, and even found a place where there will be a money tree. Believe me, this is enough to make the talisman began to work. However, in full force to show their ability is a miracle tree will only be able to correct the equipped zone of Wealth. This means that it is necessary to strengthen and mascot. How to do it?

You just need to enhance the magical properties of the zones andactivating its mascot. This will help the relevant area of ​​wealth colors and elements. Richness of color zones - purple, green and all shades of blue. Green color you already have - the color of the crown of your live mascot. Black is also present at least in the form of land in a flower pot. So, you need to add a blue and purple. If the color does not fit into the stylistic decision rooms, it is possible to do "a little blood." For example, choose a flower pot blue or lay under it a small purple cloth. If the blue, green and purple are in perfect harmony with the style of the room, then let these colors are present in the decoration of walls, window curtains, furniture or flooring.

Elements of Wealth Sector - Chart and water. The presence of the first elements in this area, you have provided a living talisman in the form of money tree. But to solve the water problem is more difficult. If you have an aquarium, the question of where to put the mascot, there is no - they just need to be placed side by side. You can also put a money tree near the bubbling fountain or hang on a wall painting or photo with a water landscape. It is also important to minimize the presence of wealth in the area of ​​the metal element. In any case, all metal objects must be removed as far as possible from the money tree, a flower pot are not placed on metal trays. The only exception - the Chinese coin, which just increase the power of the talisman. Therefore, they can be hung on the tree branches or buried in the ground beneath it.

Not welcome in this important sector and sharpgeometric forms of clutter and space. So try to maintain cleanliness and order here. Often remove the dust, not only near the flowerpot, and wipe the leaves on the tree.

In short, knowing where to put the money tree onthe rules of feng shui, you can get to work at full capacity this amazing talisman. And it needs to find in his home area of ​​Wealth and make sure that the selected plant site was comfortable. If you can correctly arrange the zone, the mascot necessarily work. The main thing - to believe! And all you get.

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