" "Feng Shui bedroom. What do I need to consider?

Feng Shui bedroom. What do I need to consider?

feng shui bedroom


  • Prepare the room for change
  • Determine the furniture
  • Set bed
  • Additional objects of the interior

What place in the house of the most comfortable and alluring? Of course, a bedroom. Where we sleep, so - we spend a third of their entire lives. This room has a special energy, it calms and relaxes, adjusts to the desired thoughts. After all, before going to bed, lying in a comfortable bed, we often take the right decisions, which, in the light of day for some reason did not come to mind.

In order to become a bedroom for you a place whereall "becomes a full circle," where fast asleep and all problems fade into the background, it is necessary to approach to its design. And here can help you tips feng shui. So, let us try to understand all the intricacies of this ancient teachings and create a feng shui bedroom.

Prepare the room for change

First, you need to spend in the roomspring cleaning, and even better - to make easy cosmetic repairs. Repaint the walls, wash the windows, get rid of unnecessary things. If the ceiling in the bedroom, "decorate" the complex structure - remove them. Or at least hide under flat ceiling.

Ideally, the bedroom door should not "look" atdoor to another room. Such an arrangement can lead to quarrels and scandal in the family. It is understood that breaking openings and re-planning of rooms do not all agree. And here comes to the aid of the usual curtain, such as bamboo or beads.

Wash chandelier and sconce above the bed. Dirty things are not allowed in the bedroom - depends on your financial well-being. If you once regularly leads the room in order, discard the cumbersome lampshades and prefer simple designs.

Be sure to take the time to the closet and dresser -conduct an audit there. Surely you have The old bedding stored "for a rainy day", or things that you no longer wear, and do not dare throw. Gather the courage to throw all this stuff! It does not contribute to the improvement of material wealth, and the whole atmosphere in the house.

bedroom on feng shui

Determine the furniture

If the bedroom has bedside tables,pay attention to their height. They should be flush with the bed or below it. Only so favorable energy waves can provide you with a full and restful sleep. Clean the cabinets with extra stuff, ideally (in the philosophy of Feng Shui) All surfaces should be completely empty.

By the way, furniture for the bedroom is best to choose arounded edges. Sharp corners stir up the situation, not make the atmosphere soothing and broken and rough. The bedroom should not be any electrical appliances: cell phones, speakers from the music center, and even a TV should be removed. They tune in to prevent good rest. I do not need to take with you in bed laptop - insomnia in this case ensured.

Set bed

Particular attention should be given to location of the bed. It is important not only in the room in which it stands, and in what direction it is deployed base.

  • The most convenient location of the bed - the headboard to the wall so that on both sides it was free approach;
  • You can not sleep with his feet toward the door. Even if you can not rearrange the bed, cut off from the doorway light screen;
  • Do not let the bed was reflected in the mirror. This can lead to the fact that your spouse will be the mistress. And making love, you will not be able to fully relax, feeling the presence in the room of strangers;
  • Single bed mattress should have a common, even if you sleep on two beds shifted. Otherwise, you will not wait for a happy family life;
  • The headboard is the window? In this case, all energy flows entering the room will immediately fall on you. And it's no good will not. If you can not rearrange the bed, put on the windowsill a vase with fresh flowers or crystal;
  • Gross violation of all the principles of feng shui - to set the bed (headboard) to the wall adjacent to the tub or toilet.

Feng Shui in the bedroom

Additional objects of the interior

Bedroom on Feng Shui involves competentdistribution of all the pieces of furniture and interior design. Here, the value is every little thing. Firstly, on the window sills should not be anything other than fresh flowers and crystals. It has recently become fashionable to decorate the room with artificial ivy sprigs of grapes - this can not be done! Artificial flowers are dead energy.

Second, set in a small bedroomfountain. Water is a purifying element, whereby all the negative energy is transformed into neutral. But aquariums and paintings with sea views are not allowed. "Big" water only brings doubt and anxiety. Third, make sure that the doors do not creak and clapping from the slightest draft. These sounds are a source of negative energy.

If you recently got married, it is worthto issue a bedroom in red and cherry color. These colors evoke the passion, keep happiness in the family, as well as accompany the conception of the child. When family relationships are already resistant, should be to design the interior in soft pastel colors. But the attraction of the red shades of the same is allowed, so that passion and love never abated.

Harmonious look beige and sand color,turquoise and lilac. They act as a sedative, to have a leisurely conversation and deep sleep. It is undesirable to use in the interior dark, saturated colors too - they will "push" on the consciousness and create tension in the air. If you are still alone, get to decorate bedrooms paired objects. For example, two lamps above the bed, two bedside tables, two padded stools, two candlesticks. Single items prevent the appearance of the couple.

Art lovers should take into account that for the bedroomby feng shui fit portraits of children or still lifes. Landscape with the image of autumn decorating the room is not recommended, as this time of year is associated with aging and fading. Be very careful with mirrors! If the mirrored cabinet doors, then at night they should be easy to close the shutters. It is believed that during sleep our subconscious mind leaves the body and attends the parallel worlds, including the mirror.

Do things rationally, intelligently place the furniture,approach to the arrangement of bedrooms with imagination and good humor. Of course, we should not rush into extremes and put the bed in the middle of the room, expanding it on the diagonal. It is much easier to use screens and light curtains. And the main rule - do not let strangers into the marital bedroom. This also applies to domestic workers. Let it puts things in order in all areas and bedrooms cleaning - it's your personal responsibility. After all, you do not need other people's negative emotions, is not it?

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