" "How to Make Money on the Internet clicks?

How to Make Money on the Internet clicks?

how to make money on the internet clicks

Earn from home. For many it was a dream. Someone tired of "cute" to communicate with the petty tyrant-chief, someone - a small child who had lost their jobs, others - already retired. Everyone - his own reasons. But for a lot of money on the Internet - it is an opportunity to change your life and make it happier, more interesting, more easily.

Start looking for ways to earn money on the Internet youYou are sure to come across the term "surfing" and try to understand how to make money on the internet clicks. Why this kind of earnings so attracted newcomers? There are several reasons.

The first reason

Surfing requires investments. Agree, sounds tempting? After all, often enough people trying to find work - and not necessarily on the Internet - have to deal with the fact that first you offer something to invest and only then - and, mind you, it is not guaranteed! - You will be able to earn something.

Many, putting "their money" several timessome vague perspective and not getting anything in return, just tired of endless deception. Therefore, the opportunity to start earning, not risking with their own money, it seems very attractive.

The second reason

Surfing does not require professional skills. You do not need to "load" the head of the new knowledge, "dig" the mountain of information, study professional literature.

Just know which side you needto approach the computer and where is the "magic button" which it includes. And, of course, need to have access to the Internet. And before the "dip" in the surf, make sure that you have it unlimited.

reason Three

Surfing - it is simple and pleasant. So it seems the picture - you comfortably in a chair with a cup of coffee and settle down on his knees and turning the laptop to your favorite music on your site ... and the money slowly "drip" into your virtual wallet.

And most importantly, that after a full day's such a niceforwarded to you with a clear conscience can tell who came home from work to her husband: "I also worked all day and was very tired!". And let alone try to argue! No, well, is not this happiness?

how to earn money on the internet for clicks

reason Four

You can get started right now.You no longer need to go to the interview, send a resume and stopping of each call - maybe this is it - the employer! You do not need to "twitch" and puzzle over where to attach the small children if still you find a job. You do not have to worry about a poverty-stricken old age, and only rely on the meager pension.

So, or something like this, argue those who decided to take up web-surfing. And all of this sounds, of course, very cool.

What is the surfing and how to earn money on the internet for clicks?

The essence is very simple. You pay money for visits to various sites. The question arises: who and what does it do?

Paid by advertisers - the owner of asite. And he needs it in order to artificially increase the traffic to your "child", to raise the rankings and - well, of course! - Start earning good money.

One caveat - the web-master pays indirectly,through intermediaries - companies-sponsors. Clicks sponsors - are intermediaries who take themselves a certain percentage of the money that is paid webmaster. Otherwise, they are called the company ATS - active advertising system - or the axle box. To start surfing you need to register on the website of the sponsor.

How to find the "right" clique sponsor?

Find Clicks sponsera - it is very simple. It is not easy to find one that will pay you honestly earned money. Many of the sponsors simply refuse to pay, when the party is gaining some suitable for O amount. Others may simply delete your account, citing the violation of some mysterious "rules". Ways cheating a lot.

On what to look for when choosing a sponsor?

  1. The lack of a forum. This is - a very bad sign, because it was on the forums, you can know the opinion of people for a long time and is firmly connected with the company. Well, if the company does not want to cooperate with it was discussed ... Do the findings themselves.
  2. The absence of the positive and the presence of negative reviews. This is perhaps the first thing that is worth checking out.
  3. The site is located on the third level domain and free hosting. Hence, owners do not want to invest a dime and do not expect to work long and serious profit - a very bad sign.
  4. Poor design. Typically, this indicates that the administrator is not prepared to spend time and energy to their "promotion". So, he does not plan to engage in serious project. Most of all, people want to quickly earn some money and disappear without paying anyone. The same is said for spelling errors, viruses, no banners and feedback from administrators as well as the divergence of prices and conditions on the home page and in the FAQ.
  5. Terms of payment. For example, obviously overestimated the minimum withdrawal amount. Or payment only if the premium-account. Also pay attention to the ratio of advertising and price-per-click. If the CPC is too large, then most likely, you just are not going to pay anything.

Before you finally choose severalsponsors with whom you plan to work, do not be lazy - to register on the forums devoted earnings on the internet and talk to people who have long been engaged in this.

Besides, in most forums, there are "black lists". There are listed unscrupulous sponsors who do not pay money to employees.

How to register?

So Clicks sponsor is found. How to register? Well, this procedure is very simple and takes literally 2-3 minutes.

However, before you start recording, make sure that you already have an e-wallet. After all, it is there and will come your money. Typically used on purse WebMoney.

Then you fill out a short form indicatingyour email address and the number of purse and wait for letters. After receiving the letter, pass on the link in it to confirm your registration. All. You - a surfer.

What to do next?

Then you start working. Open an additional window in which to load websites. View each of them must be from 20 to 40 seconds. The larger view - the more you earn. It happens that one view is not enough. According to the terms, you will still need to perform small tasks - for example, click on any picture, or to vote for someone.

Like, everything is very simple, clear and tiring. But, of course, this type of income, there are drawbacks.

earn money on clicks

"Pitfalls" surfing

That's how this world - all work for money. Therefore, the main question remains is this: "How much can I earn?".

Unfortunately, surfing - not a job thatIt can provide a comfortable existence. As a rule, they deal with those who are just looking for myself, doing the very first attempt to make money online. Why not be able to make good money on surfing? There are several reasons.

The first reason. Restrictions on views. As soon as you start to work, the sponsor establishes certain restrictions. This is to ensure that one and the same site searched different surfers. As a rule, they have a sponsor much more than advertisers. Therefore, if they wanted to, you can not do a lot of views.

The second reason. The level of payment. Unfortunately, a simple job and get paid very little. CPC is very low. Practice shows that if you work hard for 8 hours a day, you will be able to earn around 150 -170 loans. If you work seven days a week, then a month get 4500-5100.

Price 1000 credits is approximately 30-36 rubles. The result is disappointing: 135-180 rubles a month. Can I change these sad figures?

How to increase income?

There is a way to improve the situation somewhat. To do this, to involve other people - referrals.

What are referrals? Most of the sponsored projects are interested in attracting new members. So they have their own referral program. Referalstvo meaning that you will find people willing to participate in this program and get a reward.

Those whom you invited are called your referrals - invited. And you - the referrer, ie the one who invited.

How it works? The mechanism is very simple. You get a personal link to the project. If someone comes to the site through this link and signs up, it becomes your referral and you will receive a certain income, on what he is doing.

Such a system is beneficial and the sponsor and participants. Sponsor will not be spent on advertising - the new people will cause those who are already working. A participant has an opportunity to increase your income. The more people you attract, the more significant will be your earnings. Then your referrals will begin to attract and build their distinctive pyramid. The more levels there will be, the better for all participants.

Where to get referrals?

Strictly speaking, there are only 2 ways to attract:

  • purchase;
  • advertising.

And he and the other require certain - financial and time - cost.

Purchase. Perhaps the cheapest way - buy referrals from sponsors. The problem is that most people recruited by this method - as practice shows up to 90% - in fact, will not work. They just get their money for registration and then safely "disappear" from your horizon.

Another way to buy referrals - this placeits proposal on the thematic forums on a network. However, there should be careful, otherwise the situation would be exactly the same as with purchases via sponsors. It is better to offer the money at once, for the fact of registration, but only after a person earns the sponsor any, agreed in advance, the amount.

Advertising. The first, easiest, and most importantly, absolutely free way - is to invite to the project of their friends and acquaintances.

The second method is suitable for "advanced"users. This is - the creation of your site. The first site is recommended to create a free hosting. However, it should be noted that the "roll" it will not be easy.

The third and perhaps the most difficult method of advertising -the creation of mailing. To do this, you must come up with an interesting subject - for example, earnings or news - and competently the text of the letter. Each letter can be recommended to their sponsor and leave a referral link.

The main thing is not openly fantasizing andmislead people. Even if you manage to attract more referrals, that ultimately it could work against you. People quickly realize that they are being deceived, and you're just wasting your time and spoil the reputation

If cleverly thought out and combine all of these methods, it is possible to collect several hundred referrals and, because of this, to go to another level of earnings.

Here, in general, and everything from how to makemoney on clicks. Call it "easy" money, perhaps impossible. It's just a regular job that requires a lot of strength, time, patience and perseverance. Of course, to do this or not - you decide. Some - few of them - all turns out. Others - the majority of them - after some time find other earning opportunities on the Internet or even abandon the idea.

But, if you do not try, then certainly nothing will.

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