" "How to get a grant for a young family?

How to get a grant for a young family?

how to get a grant for a young family

It just so happened that we trust the Statesomehow we did not used to, but the statement that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap, believe one hundred percent. However, in our society there is an unstable opportunity to receive assistance from the state. In recent years, it has undergone several legislations, which young families, as children, and without them can count on a subsidy for the purchase of housing. This type of subsidy provided by the state in a number of conditions under which fit almost one-third of the families of our country.

So how to get a grant for a young family? Make it is not easy, but possible. Of course you have to learn their rights, to tinker with a bunch of documents, but the new apartment worth.

Prerequisites for subsidies

  • The most important thing - to participate in this program, it is necessary that the couple did not exceed the age of thirty-five years.
  • The family, according to the supporting documents must be in need of improvement housing conditions. To compile the relevant documents must be invited to a special housing commission.
  • According to the presented certificate from the accounting of both spouses, the family must have sufficient income to repay the total debt remaining after the use of subsidies.
  • According to the decision of the State the right toreceiving grants have the advantage of public sector workers. work experience should exceed five years. Also, preferential benefit can be used by single-parent families, one parent age again, shall not exceed thirty-five years.
  • If there are no children in the family, the cost of subsidies for the purchase of housing is thirty-five percent of the purchase price.
  • If a family has one child or several children, the percentage increases to forty of the property value.
  • If the family does not have children and wish to build their own home, buy a new home, the amount of the subsidy is significantly increased up to fifty percent.
  • If you have one child or several children, in the construction of their own home or buying a new object state property increases the payout to fifty-five percent.

According to the set position, subsidyIt provided non-cash, term orders which must not exceed six months. In some regions of the Russian Federation provided additional subsidy, which is appointed by the local governing body. To participate in the provision of an additional subsidy should apply to the regional administration in the Department of Youth.

As you can see in order to know how to getsubsidy for housing young families, first of all need to learn all the necessary conditions for granting funds established by authority of the RF subject. According to regulations, such right is granted only once and takes place entirely at the expense of the federal budget.

The amount that you will be given

Cash flows are calculated according to the standardsproviding housing subsidies. Sets the object for purchase or construction, is determined by the composition of the family, features comprehensive income. Then the calculation of the interest. For a family of two people total area of ​​the dwelling shall be forty-two square meters. If the number is three or more people, the living space area to be calculated from the conditions - eighteen square meters per person.

how to get a subsidy for housing for young family

Required documents

According to the state program on how a young family to get a grant for an apartment, you must provide a number of documents on the basis of which the Commission will put forward a solution:

  • The statement about the desire to receive the subsidy, according to the present form, which must be made in two copies.
  • Appropriate identification documents of family members. Also, a marriage certificate.
  • A special document confirming the right of the family to participate in this program. The recognition of its need of better housing conditions.
  • An income statement. The calculation of the solvency of both spouses in case of repayment of the residual amount after the use of subsidies.
  • A copy of the account.

According to the document, beginsoperation verification information, which last for a period of ten days from the date of submission of documents. Based on the findings, a decision is made. After that, the young family receives a special certificate. The certificate is awarded by the local authority at the place of permanent residence.

The subsidy, according to the state program,granted on the basis of available evidence, the calculation takes place by means of transfer, by transfer of funds to open a bank account. The owner of a special certificate after the receipt must pass it to the bank within two months. If the prescribed period will be held - the certificate is not accepted by the bank. To reactivate, in the event of expiry, you must apply to the local authority.

How to dispose

According to the received certificate young familymay acquire any existing housing. Provided that the property is acquired within Russia. Families can engage in cooperative housing, to buy housing in the initial stage of construction. Use a mortgage or loan in the purchase of real estate.

Following the decision of the Russian Federation, to pay for housing young family must provide to the bank the necessary documents:

  • Bank Account Agreement.
  • Agreement on purchase - sale of real estate.
  • The certificate of ownership and related documents of the total family income.
  • The contract must be prescribed term and procedure for payment of debt.

The grant can be used by a member of thecooperative as introduction of a contribution for housing. To perform this operation, a member of the cooperative shall submit to the bank the following documents:

  • The document on introduction of a contribution and the remainder of the amount required to fully repay the debt.
  • A copy of the current articles of association of the housing cooperative.
  • An extract from the register, was subjected to belong to this organization.
  • A copy of the document, which confirms ownership of the housing co-op on the property.
  • A copy of the decision to transfer the right of ownership of the object of the cooperative housing member.

Taking into account the necessary conditions ofsubsidies competently approach the issue and follow the rules and regulations according to the laws, the positive decision and a new spacious apartment not long in coming!

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