" "Family business: where to start and how to succeed

Family business: where to start and how to succeed

family business

If we talk about the path that leadsmodern woman to create the idea of ​​a family business, in most cases it starts with internal discontent and inability to realize their full potential in the workplace.

We all tend to think about their future. To analyze the current to date financial situation. Consider the pros and cons of the existing state of affairs. And very often this analysis leads to a disappointing conclusion. Someone thinks that with his superiors conflicts can not justify any salary, someone wants to add to his work a kind of innovation that is contrary to accepted into the company's rules and who is looking even further and realize that the only way to be truly independent and to build a solid financial base gives his own business.

Note that you will not find yourself alone intheir decisions. Nowadays, an increasing number of girls and women prefer to work for themselves, and most importantly - successfully embodied its decision in life. Especially in the case of selection is a family business, your partners will be the closest people: her husband, parents, brothers and sisters. And who can help better than the people that you trust implicitly?

I have an idea? Voiced her!

As with any innovation, family business beginswith an idea. And if you and your family have decided to combine their efforts, capital, skills and professional skills in order to achieve the same goal, you have to work thoroughly before the start of opening their own business. The most important in the first stage will be the question of "what to do?" And the answer is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

First we need to consider whatskills possessed by each of the participants in the future of the family business. They will become your primary capital. Yes, no reservation is not here. Suppose you've always wanted to start their own company, making fashion and your family are no designer or tailor. And if you begin to stitch boots pieman and cakes oven cobbler, nothing good will come of it. So, the business direction should be chosen on the basis of skills, preferably backed by real experience. After all, you want your business to prosper, and therefore, it is necessary to set realistic goals. But we must not think that having talent confectioner, you should forget about it and base their business, starting from the teacher's diploma. In no case. If you are confident in their abilities - go for it!


The next step - market research. You need to go at it with a service or product that will be in demand, and thus make a profit. Here, according to professionals, many make a major mistake. Namely, trying to offer the consumer or the buyer something completely new. No doubt, innovation can help you to make your product or service unique and recognizable. But! In order for people to accept and understand the value of all the advantages of your product or service, it will take time, but you can not yet afford it. After all, your family business has not yet established itself. Therefore, a more optimal to choose goods that are in demand in the market, but to make something of themselves in it.

At this stage, it is useful to become familiar with"Seasoned" experience. Practical advice on this topic can be found in the literature: the book "Family Business" Christine Jones, or "Managing the family economy" SA Reznik may give clues to those questions that, having no real experience in running a family business, is quite difficult to answer. And yet, at the initial stage of this undertaking will require from you and your team members greater domestic resource costs. And the main thing here - to be able to support each other, calmly deal with the confusing moments. After all, today laid the foundation of the business relationship between relatives. And you should try to start a business so that the business together does not become a source of conflict. On the contrary, it should make your family ties even stronger and more reliable.

small family business

With the world on a string. We are looking for capital to achieve the dream

Any business requires not only physical,mental and emotional costs, and financial investments. It may sound prosaic, but the dream of a family business have to fork out. There are several options and possibilities.

Let's start with the most obvious. If members of your joint business will be the members of your family, it is reasonable to consider the option of equity participation in the initial cost. Determine the required starting amount and divided by all participants. Of course, the equity in the business have to be executed properly. It is possible that some of the team members want to withdraw from the case, and therefore, it is necessary to clearly define what part of the money he can take at the same time. By the way, on the basis of the initial payment will be calculated as a percentage of the profits to which each member of the family business can claim. But before the profit is still far, and therefore consider the second option.

If you are together with a husband or sister-brotherstarting a business, but want to become the sole owner of the family business, then you have to make all their own start-up capital. Take the credit, if there is no accumulation. Or get a loan for small business development. And, by the way, recently the local authorities do not issue such loans only, but also to establish the tax incentives and preferential rates for advertising on local television. And if there is no other way out, you can seek help from the local authorities.

What's in a name?

Another important issue in the initial stagethe formation of the idea of ​​the family business is to identify the organizational form of the enterprise. You need to decide exactly what it is: ZAO, OOO, SP. And if the first couple of decoding unfamiliar abbreviations, perhaps, only to infants, the latter will require some clarification.

Incidentally, it is this form of organizationenterprise (company without legal entity) and is the most used and the most popular, since registering as a SP, you will pay taxes under the simplified system. A tax is a joke "Shark Business" - cry, but pay. This means that you need at the very beginning to do everything possible to the payment of taxes as low as possible problems. Especially if some of your family members do not have a good accountant and you have to hire it on the side.

The vertical of power, or nothing personal

Well, the money is found, the idea meets allthe above requirements, the business plan is thought out to the smallest detail. You can seem easy to start to work, to embody the idea, to which you so carefully prepared and with such persistence sought, overcoming all bureaucratic obstacles. But just here and it is worth special consideration all the pros and cons of the family business.

If you rely on the facts, in this case, plusonly one: at the initial stage when the family business requires total commitment, sometimes not generating substantial profits, only close people can with understanding to emerging issues. Working in emergency mode and take care of the prosperity of the common cause. But after the formation period of each of the team members would like to receive due to it, in his opinion, the dividends. In the form of profit, managerial position or to satisfy their own ambitions. It is these differences and can lead to the collapse of your business. But believe me, it's not scary. The whole world knows a confrontation between two corporate giants Adidas and Puma. But this is a confrontation between two brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler, who made a mistake and brought family problems in the business. For you did not have these problems and you will not only not lost, but also strengthened family ties led to the prosperity of the family business, you have to learn to be a subtle psychologist and a visionary leader. Economists, among other things, it is advised to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Install the power vertical. Your enterprise must be one boss. And family ties do not give anybody the right of family members to deal with employees with master's position. Subordination in business relationships must be present. But, at the same time, it should not affect the relations within the family.
  2. Secure duties. Each member of your team should do precisely that sphere of activity that corresponds to his professional skills or inclinations. But you need to assign responsibilities in advance. And in the correct form. Global issues can be solved with family members. But if each "flourish" you have to get ahead of all the team members, it will lead to business failure. Do not dilute the bureaucracy out of the blue, mark the right of everyone to the solution of current issues and determine their own range of problems whose solution requires joint discussions.
  3. According to exploit and reward. And to put it more precisely, position can not depend on the degree of kinship. First of all, you have to consider the family as a basic asset, your gold fund. Let the education and competence will be the main indicators. No favoritism. Criticism, career advancement, promotion should be treated with impartiality sphinx, regardless of the presence or absence of kinship.
  4. Service attitude and commitment requiredfixing in writing. If you involve your family in the family business, especially at the initial stage they contribute his share in the initial capital must be documented to consider the amount of compensation in case someone decides to withdraw from the case. Here are possible options. Or, going out of business, he gets his fee, or leave it, passing right to control you. But in this case should be considered by the dividend amount and the settlement period. It is necessary to discuss and to document the period in which the investor will be returned to his contribution.
  5. Weekly "brainstorming." In any case, one way or another, there are questions and controversies. And in order to detect them in time and decide, take a rule to hold weekly meetings in which everyone will be able to voice their concerns. You are a manager, and in your hands "health" of the enterprise. It is known that it is better to warn of trouble than to deal with complications.
  6. Fresh ideas. A significant disadvantage of the family business is closed, isolation. If this process does not bring anything new, very soon your business "suffocate". Try to learn from the experience of others, use other people's ideas and learn from others' mistakes. His you always have time to make some.
  7. Career opportunities for young people. A common mistake owners of the family business becomes impossible career for the younger generation. Remember the advice about the exploits and rewards and try to give an opportunity to younger family members to take a position in accordance with their abilities, expertise and education, rather than depending on the time of work for you.

Starting a business together with loved ones,entrepreneurs, in addition to all the usual beginner problems face additional challenges. According to economists, this becomes a reason for the slow development of the family business in our country. Of the three companies, based families, only one survives. But if you learn to find a common language and reading our article, try to avoid obvious mistakes, your small family business over time, it may well become a huge corporation, transmitted by inheritance.

The main thing - do not forget that no profit is notwill make you happy, if they brought discord in the family. And no company is not worth a warm and trusting relationship between the family and loved ones.

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