" "How to make money on the blog

How to make money on the blog

how to make money on the blog

The majority of Internet usersceased to consider staying in the network as entertainment. And more and more often thought about the question, how to make a virtual part of life in an additional source of income. Let's look at the simplest way to make money and try to figure out how to make money on the blog.

A worldwide network of more and more like a "fieldWonderland ", Pestryaev proposals become rich, burying a couple of coins. All sorts of gurus of network business at every click beckoning to invest their hard earned in the "safe" mutual funds and "tested" securities bought to you if they do not turn into an instant during the second Rothschild, then at least you will have something to leave our grandchildren in inheritance. But as you know, free cheese - a clear sign of the presence of a mousetrap. And from the sky pouring money only in fairy tales and movies. In reality, the way to make money on the Internet is there, but this is a way to make money, and not to enrich the blue, creating capital out of the air.

Set up or return to the life blog

If you already have a blog, the onlywhat you need to do - is to clean it from the old posts. We are starting a new stage in the life of your network. And if you do not have a blog, then rewound it. But not thoughtlessly, where anyhow. Choose a platform for your blog. At first it may be a blog on a free host. He will provide you with a ready platform, and all that remains - is to start filling your blog interesting and useful content. Plus free hosting is that it costs you nothing, and the number of users is large lounging. And if you choose the correct theme for your blog, the attendance and popularity can grow very quickly and easily. But only just.

A significant negative free hosting isthat the ability to monetize your blog it is minimal. Yes, and management of a blog is purely nominal. At any time, the administration without explanation can close your blog. Do not believe me? Be sure to read the user agreement and see for yourself. If you set a goal to make a profit from your blog, it is best to buy a domain, and to find reliable and affordable web hosting. you need to come up with an interesting name for a unique domain. It is very important. blog name should be short, original and giving an idea of ​​the subject of the blog.

Meet on clothes

Another important detail would be for youengine of your blog. Basically, those who earn on the blog for a long time enough Russified recommend WordPress. This is a very convenient platform for blogging. After installing the engine should work with the design. It must be in harmony with the theme of your blog. If you want to emphasize your individuality, it is possible to order a design specialist. It's - "packaging" for your "product". And so it should be recognizable and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

No matter what, it is important - as the

If you think you have the ability to earn ablog depends on what you write - you are mistaken. Studies show that there is not very important topic, and your personal interest in her, the awareness and the ability to make a theme popular among readers. It - readers, because we are talking about women's issues blog. In your professional life, there is something new and interesting? Write about it. Do you have a hobby, and you have something to share? And it can expand the circle of people who are ready to come to you for the useful, and most importantly, beautiful and well-described information.

Even his own work may cause suchinterest that traffic to your blog will soar to unprecedented heights. Sphere of interests of people every second dissecting the internet, so wide that your blog be sure to find your regular readers, ready to share with you your interests. It should be noted that women are often unable to earn on the net no less than men, and sometimes more. The main thing that all the entries in your blog have been on the same topic. Just imagine that you have to tell someone about what topic your blog is devoted. Presented? And now try to express it in one sentence without using the word "and", "or even" and "or". No need to rush from one topic to another. If you think it is possible for itself to conduct a couple of blogs - Get another one. And blogs fill the relevant content. Your persistence will certainly help to solve the question of how to make money on the blog.

We write often, write a true

But that's not all. Infrequent blog posts - your enemies. You have decided to earn, and therefore, it is necessary not only to cause initial interest, but also to maintain it at the proper level. Many women bloggers are earning, telling the secrets of various handicrafts. Some share their culinary secrets, and someone says on his blog about the latest trends in the fashion industry. There are those who do become skilled in making their own fragrances that even now can teach you how to create a perfume that will suit to you. The main thing is to write about everything beautifully. But other than that, your information should be as unique and relevant as possible. It is in your blog reader should receive what will not find in any other. And do not forget about the audience. Any of your text should be written as much as possible is available to your readers.

Make a blog

Your friends - your wealth

You have created a blog and think that he instantlyto become popular. But not all so simple. At the initial stage of promotion of the blog you want to learn how to make friends. It is to be friends, but not to compete. Only cooperation can benefit. Take advertising your blog. Walk around the sites and forums with a similar theme. Meet with people, communicate, share information. And in their own profiles, these sites and forums to post links to your blog. If you behave competently enough, people will come to you and stay, if they like what you write.

A good way of promotion of your blog willwriting articles on topics similar to the popular resource with link to your blog. In addition, it is useful to write SEO-optimized articles. For example, using Yandex.Direct system, you can learn the most frequently requested by users of search phrases for a certain period of time, and based on them to create content for your blog. To some it may seem that it is too time-consuming process; but we have already said that this is a real job that requires effort and responsible approach.

Reputation should work for you

You have worked enough on its reputationcompetent and skilled blogger? Now it all work for you. Number of visitors of your blog has grown enough? Quoted your entries exceeded even the wildest dreams?

Incidentally, all this can be called easier. TIC - thematic index of quoting used by Yandex to rank pages of search query results. The more external links leading to your blog, the higher the index. The same applies to abbreviations PR - an indicator of the Trust, only search engine then the other - Google. But note that it is important to not only the number of links, but the quality of the material itself.

Now you can go to the advertisers. At first, you may have to look for advertisers. And to work, despite the fact that your blog is popular enough, you need to be from the heart. After all, the idea of ​​how to make money on the blog, you did not come alone. Now that your blog has started to generate income, it should be monetized.

paid articles

We go to the nearest exchange (such exchanges on the Internetweight, they are willing to work with popular blogs, since there know exactly the impact on the minds of readers literate bloggers). And placed in his blog article paid. This could be a story about some event, a product, a service or site. Because this article will appear in your blog, you should definitely pay. But we must note that payment is calculated based on attendance, active links (links that will lead the reader directly to the advertiser's site) and the time during which this article is slack in your blog. And if you yourself will write an advertising article, where to insert a link to an advertiser, it will be able to earn more. The main thing that you have an idea of ​​what writing. So try that, even in this case, the advertising article coincides with the theme of your blog.

Trying to make money, do not forget about readers. They are real people, and if your blog will turn into one big advertising the post, you just stop coming. Then you not only did not earn, but was confused those people who were interested in your blog. Everything is good in moderation.

Partnership programs

Wondering whether you can make money on a blog,pay attention to participate in affiliate programs. Affiliate programs, if possible, should be close to the theme of your blog. And then the advertising will look more organically from the rest of the material. For example, if most of your blog is dedicated to domestic soap or candle production, your affiliate program may be the appropriate training courses or online stores where you can buy everything you need for this activity. You will earn yourself and help your readers get the necessary and useful information for them. Advertising novelties of the literature on a given topic is also nice. The main thing is try to familiarize yourself with what it is you are promoting, because the deception does not go far.

Circled contextual advertising

It's all very simple. You place on your blog text or image ads, and you paid for each click-through to the advertiser's life. The amount you earn depends on the traffic, so do not forget about the constant replenishment of content on the subject of your blog. Some advertisers are very meticulously relate to attendance and the "age" of blogs, which place the advertising. Although you can find and those who work with newcomers.

Text links and banners

It seems that all of our article on how toearn on a blog, designed to convince you that everything is very simple. But it's really simple, if you previously worked on conscience and your blog is popular. The blog you give the announcement of the possibility of placing an advertising banner, you bind the advertiser - and all! You get money for what your readers go to the advertiser's site from your page. The only thing is to discuss - is the period during which the banner will hang in your blog. Usually, the term is for one or several months. In your case, the longer the better. Such banners and text links can be few.

Earns on sharing services

This way to monetize blog is unfairconsider the lot of beginners. It is difficult to earn a lot, but an extra hundred dollars will not hurt, so we take it on board. First, you need to fill in useful for your readers files in one of the sharing services and get paid for that with your blog readers come back to download the file.

Paid access to articles

In his articles, you talk about the secretssuccessfully earning a blog or write an entirely new way of correctly cut out the matter of the dress? Your readers will see you as competent in the field chosen for an article? This is to take advantage of. For information - it's money. And this, too, can make money.

If you carefully read our article,realized that the answer to the question whether it is possible to make money on the blog - yes. And if you try it yourself, you will get confirmation of this, expressed in monetary terms. Regardless of whether the earnings on the blog of the primary or secondary, remember - it is work! If you want to make a profit, you have to try. We'll have to invest in your project forces, time and new ideas.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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