" "The color of the purse to attract money

color purse to attract money

color purse to attract money

Everyone knows that the money is stored in the wallet. It was in your wallet and not in your wallet or purse. These items are not suitable for the storage of money, and they have a their destiny. And here is how to ensure that the wallet had money? And always. And not flowed through his fingers, as it often happens in our lives.

Every nation has its own rites whichdesigned to raise money. Despite some differences, all of these exercises are similar to each other and are reduced to one - the purse to attract money is not just a cheap accessory that is bought for 50 rubles in the near stall, it should be special.

Choose a new wallet

First, you need to consider your budget. If he was not the first youth, is worn and unsightly, it should be discarded without hesitation. Keep purses old bad luck. After the old wallet was finished, we go to choose a new one. And to this question we need a special approach. According to the legends of many people, buying a new repository for the money to be on the growing moon, and even better at full moon.

The following condition - new purse should beexpensive. Cheap accessory for keeping money will only cry about the poverty of its owner, rather than to attract finance. Money always go to the money, so an expensive accessory they will go with pleasure. If you can not buy an expensive purse, we can restrict the average for the price, but it is obligatory condition that he looked respectable.

Next, the second prerequisite when choosingpurse - it should be spacious. Money in it to be cozy and comfortable. Suppose it is required to present a handy compartment for small coins and a small office, where you will put all the charms that attract money.

However, to purchase expensive storage for personalsavings are not enough to immediately attract the money has gone into a new purse. Choosing this stylish accessory, it is necessary to think about the material from which it is made. It must be natural materials: leather, suede or cloth. Artificial materials do not allow the natural energy of money. You probably should not talk about the fact that buying a purse should be checked in the store, not with it on the market, where the genuine leather brand you sell something unknown to science.

What color should be to attract a pursemoney? Cash was always attracted to the color of wealth, that is, the color of the earth, and metal. Never buy purses water color, ie blue, blue, green. In this case, finance will flow away like water from a purse. The most optimum color purse to attract money - it is black or brown. Also available in all shades of yellow and gold, or silver.

what color should be purse to attract money

Amulets to attract money

After observing all the conditions werepurchased a new repository for the money, we begin to fill it. Do not rush immediately to put money into it. First, it took its place amulets, which are designed to raise money in the purse. This may be Chinese coins with holes, the US dollar, that is unchangeable small coin or bill, oriental symbolic figures and runes. You can put a true Russian and amulets. Good to keep in your purse a bean, cinnamon and horseradish. Bob is designed to save money, cinnamon attract its aroma, horseradish collects the material energy in large quantities. And fuck you can not buy on the market. It needs to dig and dry thoroughly. Only then it will be given to him by nature. You can also put our native Russian ruble, which is also unchangeable coin. Before you go to this coin purse that already will never leave, it should be clear, that is, for three days stand in a strong salt solution. Color coins by salt action will change, but it will get rid of negative energy other hand, in which she traveled.

fill the purse

When all the charms took their seats, go tolaying ceremony in purse money. All bills must be carefully smoothed his hands, so that they get to know them better. Stack the bills should be in order from large to smaller, necessarily portraits upstairs. As soon as the first note will fall into a purse, give the task to the new keeper - "bless and multiply." In the future, to the purse should be treated with due respect. It should never be left without content, that is, it should always be money. Let the little one a loaf of bread or a trip on public transport, but they should remain there.

Now it must be said that that should not bein your wallet. It should not be anything extra. Notes, checks, only the garbage will multiply in your wallet, leaving no room for the money. In addition, the wallet can not keep pictures of children or loved ones. Images of people block access natural energy of money. In addition, they can impose on the people depicted in the photographs constant care about the money. Photos are best kept in a wallet or purse, the same shall be kept non-cash money, that is, bank cards.

It remains to say a few words about the purse. It should certainly buy yourself. Do not rush to put their savings in a given wallet, especially if it is presented to you do not really know the person. This accessory is powerful. How do you know for what purpose he gave you? From such a gift is best to get rid or just defer to the far shelf.

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