" "Stylish accessories reflect the personality

Stylish accessories reflect the personality

In the life of every modern woman's fashion accessories are essential. After all, they mean to much more than costume jewelery - is displaying her personality.

However, fashion is too capricious in our age. Therefore, more and more women give preference for jewelery, which is a great alternative to real diamonds. And it is often the jewelry plays the role of "first violin" in creating the image.

The motto of our time - "attention to detail"

Therefore, among the variety representedvarious ornaments and accessories would like to choose not just pleasing to the eye, but at the same time high quality and fashionable products meet all the trends.

A little about jewelry-producing countries

The most advanced design and fashion areItalians. It is produced in Italy is incredibly beautiful and high quality jewelry from classical to ethnic. The main pride of the Italian masters is Murano glass. Homeland of this amazing material is considered to be the Venetian island of Murano. Murano glass manufacturing secret extant from the deep Middle Ages, it is still kept secret. Families glassblowers it is transmitted from generation to generation. Growing up, their children become real designers. If you see an unusual ring in Rome or Milan, you can rest assured in front of you - all the rage.

In the East, the fashion trendsetter is SouthKorea. Low-cost, but high-quality jewelry from Seoul is in great demand in many countries. Koreans specialize in bent wires and colored glass. And they are the producers of the world's best metal chains that are made of all kinds of weaving, as coated, and without it. Besides Koreans produce marketable studded rhinestone brooches, obodochki, crab, and bobby pins. Such products do not hesitate to buy even picky Italians and French prim.

Australia is a leader on theproduction of accessories in ethnic style. New jewelery is created on the basis of ancient Aboriginal drawings processed in urban style contemporary designers.

Safety and Quality Jewelry

All the jewelery manufactured in these countries notonly high quality, but also hypoallergenic. For the production of high-quality artificial jewelry always used high-tech "jewelery" alloys Alloy and Brass, which, unlike the nickel used for the production of cheap products, never cause allergies.
Thanks to high-quality finishing materials(Silver and gold 750th sample) and the content of the platinum group (palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium), as well as modern deposition techniques provide exceptional wear resistance of manufactured products. For decoration are used as beads, enamel, wood, leather, stone tiger and the cat's eye, and the famous crystals Swarovski.

Fashion jewelry

Today buy quality jewelry importedproduction is not a problem. Now for the convenience and enjoyment of customers all current news from the world of fashion and style are gathered in the online store jewelry and accessories, where you can choose fashion accessories to your liking.

Today the whole world is flooded with "busomanii". This season, the rage massive and multilayer beads, combining bright elements, drawing attention to the neck: glass, stones, beads, plastic and metal.

The most fashionable this season widewood, plastic, leather, metal or forged bracelets are often paired and decorated. Also, wear rings and massive, decorated with crystals and large stones in combination with large earrings.

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