" "Apple pie in multivarka: useful tips on cooking

Apple pie in multivarka: useful tips on cooking

Charlotte with apples


  • Recipe "in haste"
  • Recipe with yogurt or yogurt
  • Sour cream and apple version
  • The recipe for "Charlotte" in multivarka
  • Useful tips for cooking charlotte

From France a distant land came to us Nameculinary dishes "charlotte". But it was Russian women cook an original recipe of "Charlotte" with the addition of apples. French apple tart in multivarka appreciate not only all your household, but also free up your valuable time.

Baked apples have always been recognized by the people as aproduct that are beneficial for the body's health. Therefore, the "Charlotte" with apples cooked in different recipes, is a useful and low-calorie dishes.

In fact, there are so manyrecipes for apple pie. you can try to cook any of them. What a recipe you like best: complex or simple, "in a hurry" - you decide. In any case, apple pie - it's always a most tasty culinary product, which any hostess will be a success.
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Recipe "in haste"

The easiest recipe for "charlotte" cancook, with a simple set of ingredients, which is always in the kitchen the hostess. This recipe was called "domestic" and was popular in the days of food shortages.

So, for the preparation of "home" cake with apples take the test for one glass of sugar and flour, add 4 eggs. Apples, approximately one kg, need to chop.

Cooking dough

Eggs are a good whisk whisk or electric mixer,carefully add sugar. When sugar "disperse", can be added to the flour. For pomp test using slaked soda. You can add a small pinch of salt to taste.

Bake charlotte with apples

The form in which we will be baked applecake must be thoroughly lubricated with oil. Allowed option bake on parchment paper. In the prepared pan lay the sliced ​​apples and fill them with batter. That's all the preparation. It remains to put our cake in the oven. Bake for "apple pie" should be at 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Calorie content of this dessert - 250 kcal / 100 g

Each family there left their"Charlotte" original recipe. Many people think that cooking apple dessert requires a certain culinary experience and skills. This is true when it comes to the preparation of the classic "Charlotte." After all, this French dessert recipe is quite complicated to implement and requires the most patience. But if we consider the Russian version of "Charlotte", the preparation will not be any difficulty.

open pie with apples

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Recipe with yogurt or yogurt

The recipe, which will be presented below, containsbasically yogurt, whey or yogurt. Cake prepared for this instruction is soft and lush. And its taste surpass all expectations.

So, take the dough 2 eggs and beat themwith yogurt or yogurt. Gradually adding a mixture of the sugar (400 g), continue stirring. Next you need to add the flour until the dough will not resemble a very thick cream consistency.

Apples should be cleaned from the core and finelycut. The form of grease. For baking, you can use multivarku. To do this, place the apples in the pan, fill them with batter and place "Baking" mode. After the desired time multivarka itself will shut down and go into the heating mode. Immediately advice to you: do not remove the "charlotte" from Multivarki for another 15 minutes after the alert. Leave it to "rest." Pies in multivarka distinguished by their delicate taste and never burn up. Calorie content of this dessert will be 325 kcal / 100 g
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Sour cream and apple version

Instead of yogurt in this recipe is the basissour cream. You will need 1 cup. Still it is necessary to knead 200 g butter. The eggs for the dough is enough to 2 pieces. Sugar - one cup. Add the flour until a thick mass. The rest of the preparation of "Charlotte" is no different from the recipe above. But the calories in the dessert will be much more. And the cake itself will turn out much more nutritious.

In order to make apple pie refined taste, just add to it the original filling. It offers space for your imagination. The experiments can be carried out with the addition of apples of different pieces of fruit or berries (to your taste). You can try to add charlotte cinnamon or vanilla. Even caramel or chocolate can make your dessert a unique flavor. It is possible to give up sugar and replace it with other sweets.

In general, do not stop, and experiment!

apple pie in a hurry

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The recipe for "Charlotte" in multivarka

The easiest preparation in multivarka containscake recipe, called "bulk". The name he has acquired through the method of preparation. The fact that all the products are literally just poured into multivarku.

So, we will pour:

  • About 1.5 kg of apples, previously rubbed on a large grater.
  • Flour in quantity of 1 glass.
  • Butter - 200 gr.
  • The semolina is 1 cup.
  • Vanillin to taste.
  • Sugar - 1 cup.
  • Baking powder in the amount of two teaspoons.

All ingredients (except apples and butter) needStir to obtain a dry mixture. Then in a saucepan of multivarka lay out layers, alternating apples and a dry mix. Grate butter on top of the grater. All. You can bake until ready in the "Baking" mode. When the cake is cooked, allow it to cool completely and only then remove it from the mold.
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Useful tips for cooking charlotte

  • The more apples, the more delicious the dish is.
  • To make the apples not black during the cutting, sprinkle them with lemon juice.
  • To eggs are whipped better, pre-cool them. During the whipping process, add a little salt.
  • Do not beat eggs to too thick foam.
  • Always lubricate the mold with oil.
  • When baking in a multivariate, do not turn the cake. Baking time is about 60 minutes.

A fragrant and useful French dish in RussianPerformance has long been popular with housewives, especially in the summer. It is the garden apples that give special benefit to charlotte. Baked garden apples are rich in vitamins, iron, very useful for vessels and heart, are irreplaceable in the treatment of digestive tract problems.

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