" "Chemical hair straightening

Chemical hair straightening

chemical hair straightening

As we know, women - being absolutelyunpredictable. Today a woman can look like this, and the next day - is different. The same applies to hair. Those with straight hair curly dream about and whom nature has endowed with beautiful curly tresses, by all means, I want to have straight hair. Straight hair curly learned to do many centuries ago. But from curly to make direct it became possible only recently.

In total there are two hair straightening technology:

  • Chemical hair straightening
  • Thermal hair straightening

For hair straightening thermallyused hot combs, curling-irons. Combs is usually made of steel or brass and are electric or conventional. And the more often the teeth in a comb - better straightened hair. In addition there are combs and curling-irons. Cheapest irons are made with metal plates. Such irons greatly damage the hair, especially if you use this tool often. And irons with ceramic plates are more expensive, but the harm from them is much smaller. Also for straightening, you can use an ordinary hair dryer, but this method is very short-lived.

A hair straightening chemical means somethingin fact, similar to a perm, hair only in the end did not curl, straighten and vice versa. First on the hair applied a special chemical composition, then the lock and finally procedure - air conditioning. This procedure is used mostly in two chemical preparation:

  • Sodium hydroxide. This chemical drug contributes to the opening of the cuticle of the hair, penetrating its cortical layer, and then softens the hair, changing its structure. The more chemical agent is sodium hydroxide, the stronger the effect of smoothing, but also the stronger will be damaged hair. Used tools with sodium hydroxide to a very tight curls.
  • Ammonium thioglycolate. Once this chemical called relaxant. Acts like sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate but the action is much less strong. Therefore, products containing this chemical composition are used for straightening curly hair too.

Straightened chemical means hair will remainstraight forever. Is that at the roots as regrowth of hair will curl, therefore, should be 2-3.5 times a month to correct the result. And the re-chemical straightening made only regrown hair roots.

Before heading to chemical straightening, should take into account several important factors:

  • This procedure is better to entrustprofessional as chemicals spoils the hair. A qualified person will be able to not only take into account the structure of the hair and to assess their general condition, but also to choose the right tool for chemical hair straightening and time necessary for the effective conduct of the procedure.
  • For thin, brittle hair is only suitable lightweight version of chemical straightening, while tight tight curls require a stronger impact.
  • Expose and straightening can be a separate section of hair - for example, only a fringe or back of the head.
  • It is not necessary to go to chemical straightening permed, because the chemical action greatly damage the hair.
  • After the procedure, the hair requires special care and rehabilitation treatment.
  • After chemical straightening when shampooing the hair should be dried without using a hair drier, that is the natural way.

If you want to know how to do a chemical hair straightening, then read on.

How do chemical hair straightening?

So, chemical hair straightening donein the following way. First, dry hair combed, divided into strands and then they applied a chemical agent, which contained either sodium hydroxide or ammonium thioglycolate. Selecting tools depends on the degree of curly hair.

If the funds are used for chemicalHair straightening based on sodium hydroxide, then the hair is not necessary to pre-treat the shampoo. And if the funds are used based on ammonium thioglycolate, the hair must first be washed with shampoo.

Hair begins to process from the nape. If you are using a strong chemical means, first use basis, which acts as Vaseline cream. This cream protects the scalp from chemical burns. And if you do not use too much means that you can do without foundations. In addition, the hair brush or comb special protective cream is applied which itself protects hair from the harmful effects of unnecessary chemicals and then applied chemical formulation. After some time, the hair is thoroughly washed with a large amount of warm water and then treated with a special tool, straightening and fixing of the neutralizing action of chemical agents. neutralization process involves oxidation and restore the pH level, which during use of the chemical agent is greatly increased, which can cause swelling and further damage to the hair. Then the hair is again rinsed and dried thoroughly warmed towel and the towel is best used terry. Only after these steps, proceed to hair styling.

What means are used for chemical hair straightening?

When straightening hair by chemical means are usually used following means:

  • Chemicals for chemical straightening
  • neutralizer
  • Shampoos that are specifically designed for chemical straightening.
  • Special protective cream.
  • Air conditioners for hair straightening.

chemical hair straightening reviews

Various means employed for chemicalstraightening of hair, there are many. But all of them can be divided into several basic types. On two of them in this article, we have already described - it means based on ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide-based. These funds are being used more often. But there are several types of chemicals - based on caustic soda and based guanidingidroksida.

Tools based on caustic soda - the moststrong. And the harm they cause the hair a lot, although the results from the impact of these funds in the most noticeable. The concentration of the caustic soda solution during chemical straightening can range from 5 to 10%, depending on various conditions and factors of hair straightening. The pH when using products based on caustic soda can range from 10 to 14, and the higher the rate - the faster the vehicle will act, but also the greater the damage from straightening.

Funds on the basis of applied guanidingidroksidahair a little less harm than caustic soda, but their effect is also weaker. Such means degrease the scalp, so in the case of the use of such funds should be before and after applying the product to use special air conditioning.
As already mentioned in this article, for the chemicalrectification using a protective base. Apply protective cream to the entire surface of the scalp with your fingers. And be sure to use cream the neck, around the forehead, under the ears and above them. Protective cream acts as a protective barrier that protects the skin from chemical burns.

Also neutralizers used in the process of chemical hair straightening, which are designed to stop the action of chemicals, and restore the normal pH balance in your hair.

What Goldwell?

If you decide to straighten your hair with a chemical, you have probably a lot about this procedure, read and come across a term such as chemical straightening Goldwell hair. What is this concept?

So, Goldwell - this Japanese-German company,which has developed a special technology to chemical hair straightening. This technology is called permanent. Due to permanent hair straightening is achieved smoothness and shine of hair straightening, and the effect of chemical hair straightening Goldwell lasts up to 9 months. If you decide to resort to permanent hair straightening, you can ask in the cabin, home of the photo chemical straightening hair before and after the procedure. You'll notice that your hair is not only look worse, but on the contrary please look healthy shine and perfect smoothness. Goldwell implies quite soft hair straightening, so that it becomes possible to hair coloring, straightening the day of the procedure.

The only negative for hair straighteningGoldwell technology - the duration of the procedure. Thus, the head between the first and last wash may take much as 9 hours. It all depends on length of hair - the longer, the longer the rectification procedure.

Hair straightening for Goldwell technology:

  • It can be used both for natural curly hair and permed.
  • Hair after this procedure it is perfectly straight and smooth, retained their natural healthy glow.
  • Hair that underwent chemical straightening, curly again will no longer be.
  • Completely lost "fluffy" hair. They look heavier.

The structure means for straightening hair by Goldwell technology includes such therapeutic and caring components such as:

  • silk Proteins
  • Vitamin C-DT
  • Panthenol
  • cationic polymers
  • Essential oils
  • pH Control System
  • Betaine.

Goldwell Funds are suitable for all hair types. Also, these funds can easily cope with harsh hair brunettes. From a series of tools that technology skilled staff can choose a formula that is best for your hair.

Hair Straightening Home

Unfortunately, chemical straightening hair at homeIt is not possible, as this procedure should only be done by a professional. But for the home environment is perfect thermal straightening option. For these purposes, it is best to use a curling-irons with a ceramic coating, especially if you have to straighten the hair in this way on a regular basis. After ironing with a ceramic coating is not only more gently straighten your hair, but also the effect of rectification is far better than that of metal irons.

The use of irons has its nuances:

  • Use on wet hair irons should not be - it is very damaging to hair.
  • If your irons are equipped with a thermometer, do not forget to make sure that the instrument temperature does not exceed 120 degrees.
  • It is better not to use the ironing often 2-3 times a week.
  • Do not forget to use thermal protection by means of hair care products.

chemical hair straightening photos
May, of course, the chemical straightening hair at homeN, but this method is acceptable, is not it? In addition, the hair straightening using irons or hair dryer in the home has one distinct advantage over chemical hair straightening: reviews many women show you that straightening at home is undeniable cheaper. Approximately 15-25 thousand. On the other hand, at home to achieve perfect smoothness and shine will not work. Here, of course, wins the chemical straightening.

In general, before you decide to finallyget rid of frizzy curls, think three times: and whether it is necessary to you it really? Check online forums on women. After chemical hair straightening reviews women who passed through this procedure, have a different character. So, some people write that the hair after chemical straightening are just incredibly beautiful, smooth, shiny and well groomed. And the other - on the contrary, that hair is very thin and more confused, they appear creases, they will get dirty ...

In general, chemical straightening doneHair that is necessary for this, the effect of this "chemistry" we have told you, and only expose their hair this procedure or not - it's up to you and only you! But whatever your choice, we wish you to be always beautiful and attractive.

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