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essential oil for hair

Essential oils are called volatile fragrancessubstances contained in plants. To date, more than 3000 known aromatic plants, of which only 300 species are of commercial importance. Essential oils are used in medicine, cosmetics and food industry. They possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Their beneficial effects on the human body has been known for thousands of years.

The use of essential oils for medicinal purposes

Essential oils are used for hair not only inprophylactic and therapeutic purposes. To do this, you must identify the problem and find the right oil correctly. Methods of treatment of hair with essential oils depends on the objectives pursued, since each of them contributes to the solution of certain problems.

Thus, essential oils can be used for hair:

  • Increased hair growth;
  • Slow hair growth;
  • Strengthen the hair;
  • Eliminate dandruff;
  • Against hair loss;
  • Gloss and thickness of hair.

Essential oils for hair growth - this oiljuniper, ylang ylang, lemon balm, cloves, cinnamon and fir. With essential oil of cloves hair can not only accelerate their growth, but also to reduce fat, eliminate dandruff and tone the roots. Cinnamon additionally help to reduce hair breakage and to stop hair loss. Essential oil of fir hair is actively nourishes and eliminates itching. Melissa prevents hair bonding and normalizes the sebaceous glands. It will also get rid of dandruff. Ylang Ylang - Essential oil for hair helps restore brittle and damaged strands of hair loss. In addition, each of these essential oils for hair positive effect on their growth.

To enhance and strengthen the hair folliclesuse essential oils for hair loss. This can be burdock oil extracted from burdock root, rosemary oil, lavender, pine, eucalyptus and others. Burdock oil nourishes and strengthens hair roots and restores their structure after coloring and perms. With the help of rosemary essential oil for hair can eliminate dandruff and strengthen hair. Lavender is ideal for oily hair, eliminating dandruff and restores their structure. Using essential for hair pine oil can be good to strengthen them and stop hair loss.

Any essential oil for hair affectscomplex, so they can be used for different hair problems. For example, essential oils, hair tonic at the same time prevent their loss. And essential oils against hair loss to stimulate their growth. It should be taken into account and the fact that they are the most effective impact in mixtures, and then we present some recipes for hair masks with essential oils - reviews, which are pretty good.

If a woman wants to quickly grow hair,You can use essential oils to stimulate hair growth. These include - rosemary essential oil for hair, pine oil, ylang ylang, cinnamon, lavender, sage. And rosemary oil is considered one of the most valuable and aromatherapy. It stimulates blood circulation in areas of application, opens the pores, accelerate hair growth and strengthens the immune system. The essential oil of cinnamon hair has an antioxidant effect, improves blood flow to the hair cuticle and promotes hair growth. But it has a strong effect and may cause irritation, and therefore use of essential oils of cinnamon hair it is best to add to the mixture.

Essential oils can be against the hair sectionand used for their growth and also in the case when the hair is dry, because these problems are interrelated. For essential oils against the section of hair are - Chamomile essential oil for hair oil of geranium, rosewood, sandalwood and ylang ylang. Sandalwood Oil strengthens the hair, eliminates dandruff and improves scalp circulation. With essential oils of chamomile for hair can make them shine and elasticity, as well as slightly lighten hair. Very good effect and geranium essential oil for hair. It is well restores hair and makes them shine.

But the use of these oils will also helpfight with unwanted hair on the body. For this we can choose oils retarding hair growth. These include - mint essential oil for hair and tea tree oil. Apply them as possible after shaving or hair removal, adding them to the cream or any oil-base. In addition essential oils for hair mint well freshen the scalp and gently care for oily hair. The use of essential oils slowing down the growth of hair allows a woman to feel more confident and do not worry about that, about the fact that they quickly grow back.

Essential oils for hair shine is considered oillavender, geranium, bergamot and cedar. Using essential oils for hair lavender can get rid of dandruff, brittle hair, stop hair loss and add shine. A geranium essential oils for hair perfectly restores them and also make the hair shine.
The use of essential oils will allow for hairimprove their structure. They perfectly solve the problem of dry and oily hair. Dry hair is a result of the poor performance of the sebaceous glands, so correctly selected oil will help restore their work. Essential oils for dry hair include essential oils for hair lavender, ylang ylang, orange, geranium, jasmine. To improve the condition of dry hair one of the solutions to this issue could be aromatherapy.

When using essential oils of orangeHair dry and damaged strands of perfectly restored and get shine. It also tones the scalp and dandruff. Jasmine essential oils for hair is an ideal means to care for them, as well as very good for dry and sensitive skin. It nourishes the hair roots and scalp, restores their structure and relieves itching. Hair treatment essential oils will be effective in the event that all the components are chosen correctly.

To eliminate the greasy shine and improvethe quality of hair can be used essential oils for oily hair. To this end, good grapefruit essential oils for hair, oil of bergamot, verbena, marjoram, cedar, lemon balm, juniper. Oregano is perfect for oily hair as regulates the sebaceous glands, resulting in hair stay clean longer. Grapefruit essential oil is also good for hair and normalizes the sebaceous glands and improves hair growth. Melissa and juniper prevent hair sticking, reduce their fat content and output dandruff. Essential oil of cedar hair normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, prevents hair loss and gives them a natural shine. With regular use of essential oil of patchouli hair can improve their elasticity and shine and reduce hair greasiness.

Masks, conditioners and shampoos from essential oils

essential oils for hair growth

By the use of essential oils for the hair canapproached from different angles. They can be used in the various masks shampoos, rinses. They can be chosen depending on the desire to get a certain effect. This may be, for example, essential oils for hair gloss or essential oils for hair density, but remember that they act in a complex. Very often oil perfectly complement each other, and thus enhances their impact. Essential oil of orange hair are well blended with palmarosa and ylang ylang - essential oils for hair will work fine with the oils of rosewood, rosemary and petit grain.

To make sure the use of masksframework that can be any vegetable oil. Before applying the mixture it is recommended to warm up on a water bath for better absorption. Prepared oil is rubbed into the scalp for an hour and wrapped up with plastic wrap and a towel. For treatment of such a mask is used 10-15 times a day and for preventive biweekly.
For the normalization of the sebaceous glands to beto use essential oils for oily hair. In 15 ml of jojoba oil, you can add 2-3 drops of lavender, cypress and bergamot. Or in 15 ml of oil to add a few drops of essential oil for hair cedar, juniper, grapefruit and rosemary.

For normal hair as a base can beuse coconut, olive, almond, safflower and castor oil. In 15 ml of base oil, you can add chamomile or for dark hair oil of rosemary. Mix well. A good exposure will and patchouli essential oils for hair, ylang ylang, lavender, geranium, rose, mixed with a few drops of foundation 15 ml of vegetable oil.
For the best hair food make up a mixture ofessential oils for dry hair. In 50 ml of olive oil can be added 10-12 drops of lavender. The same effect will jasmine essential oils and hair, blended with a base of olive or sesame oil. When dryness can also be used for hair essential almond oil which improves the sebaceous glands. Besides long-term use of essential almond oil for hair promotes their growth, gives elasticity and shine.

For greater efficiency of essential oilsstimulating hair growth should be used as mixtures. On polstakana add any vegetable oil clove essential oil for the hair in an amount of 2 drops of pine oil - 2 drops of rosemary and 4 drops of cinnamon. With the help of essential oils against hair loss can make a good mask. You will need a few drops of essential oil of fir hair, 3 drops of rosemary oil, egg yolk, 1 tbsp. tablespoon of honey, 15 ml of olive oil. Keep this mask should be 30 minutes. The use of essential oils from hair loss will improve their quality, but it is also necessary to know how to interact with each other oils that are intended to be mixed.

Well it strengthens hair density and stimulatesincrease the use of essential oils for the hair density. It should take 2 tablespoons. tablespoons sage, basil, rosemary and mint, 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 drops of peppermint oil and 2 cups of apple cider vinegar. The hair is much thicker and look very nice.
Essential oil of lemon for hair helps to revive themand will give a nice shine. It is sufficient to add a few drops of oil to water for rinsing. Very attractive look blond hair, which acquire a beautiful shade. Also with the help of essential lemon oil for hair can soften hard water and curls will be obedient and silky.

The most effective and the best essential oil forHair used to combat hair loss. In this case, preference should be given pine essential oil for hair, which not only prevents hair loss, but also makes them strong, supple and shiny. The easiest way to use it - is to drip a few drops of shampoo in a disposable portion for washing the hair.

Which of the following essential oils will helpoil for hair, do not tell anybody, because they all work differently. Someone has obtained excellent results, someone not very much, because it depends on many factors. If you want to learn more, which are essential oils for hair - about this you can read reviews on the Internet. And we can only add that when using essential oils for rinsing should not immediately wipe the head, and it is better just to wrap it with a towel for a while. You can also apply the essential oil for hair growth on the tip of the comb and walk it through the hair. Using essential oils to strengthen the hair and their growth is better to rub it into the roots. If it used to shine, silkiness and enhance color, then it should be applied over the entire length of hair, focusing on the tips.

With a large variety of all sorts of recipes and mixes every woman will be able to choose for themselves the most appropriate option.

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