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It is believed that the hygiene of girls muchmore complicated process than boys hygiene. But as practice shows, inexperienced mothers of boys are more often at an impasse. Very often causes difficulty hygiene newborn boy and crumbs first year of life.

It would seem that could be easier - washed sexauthorities crumbs with soap and water, and be done with it. But it was not there! If you want the baby was well-groomed, I grow up healthy and did not know the problems, it is important to observe a number of very important rules. This is what you now know.

Hygiene boys up to a year

To begin with the young mother should understand exactly what it should not do in any case:

  • Do not pull the foreskin!

A newborn boy as an adultmen, the penis is covered by a skin - including the head. That's just the skin that covers the head is called the foreskin. Foreskin adult men completely mobile and fully bares head. But the boys until three or four years the foreskin virtually does not move as fits closely to the head of the penis.

And the main mistake most moms - an attemptpush it to wash the boy. Or is that not the best, trying to wash under the foreskin with the help of a strong water pressure. So - do it is absolutely forbidden! You may injure the foreskin crumbs or worse, provoke a denial of the glans penis. What is fraught with surgery.

  • Do not abuse the soap!

Very often the mother, in the fight for the purity, toomuch zealous and namyvayut son's penis with soap and water almost every hour. However, this love of purity may result in irritation of the foreskin and skin dryness. Therefore, use soap only if really necessary - for example, if the penis stained faeces. In other cases, sufficient pure water. And, by the way, wet wipes.

Change diapers? Just wipe the buttocks and genitals wipes crumbs. Of course, you should only use specially those napkins, which are intended for babies - they will keep no fragrances and dyes. That means no risk of allergic reactions.

  • Do not apply any creams!

In no case do not apply to the penisboy no creams and especially powders - treat only the ass and folds. Otherwise, it may start irritation and even inflammation of the foreskin.

Hygiene boys in the first year of life is the same as hygiene newborn crumbs.

newborn boy hygiene

Health preschool children and adolescents

No change in nature of boys and hygiene -preschoolers, as, indeed, and teenagers - and timely cleaning the clean linen. But, of course, some differences are still there. And this is ... a difference in yourself!

From about the third year of the life of the boysyou need to teach yourself to be washed away. If at this age, parents do not invest in the minds of the sons of that boy's health - an integral part of life, they are at risk of teens who and presenting any of hygiene are not.

  • The frequency of cleaning the

Once your boy learn to walk on the pot,It will be enough to wash it once a day - in the evening, in the winter season. And in the hottest time of year will be only two times a day. Of course, if there was no "accident", which is two to three years are common and are commonplace.

But teenagers cleaning the morning shouldbe mandatory, as they are typical for wet-dream - involuntary ejaculation during sleep. By the way, about this phenomenon need to tell the boy in a timely manner, so that he was not frightened.

  • Your help

Of course, the first time his son will need yourhelp. And home is your task - to teach the child to do it right. Until then, until the head of the penis will not open, the baby should just wash the penis with soap and water.

And then, when the foreskin begins to pull awayno problem, show your child how to wash the head. Doing this will just need to remove the accumulating under the foreskin smermu. Otherwise there is a risk of inflammatory processes - particularly in adolescents.

boy Health

The boy's parents should closely monitorthe state of the genitals of his son. Of course, much easier with babies - teenagers not so easy prokontroliruesh. But the teenager can be explained by the simple truth, that he kept his health under control. And be sure to periodically be interested in it!

And remember the simple truth! In that case, if the penis is your son - and it does not matter, it is a newborn, or it is already two to three years - makes you even the slightest concern, you need to go to the doctor!

Blushed or, even worse, swollen foreskin? Swollen skin or head of the penis? Difficult urination? In no case do not touch anything hands - give this matter expert - to the urologist. And let your young gentleman is growing healthy and happy! And help him in this proper hygiene boy.

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