" "Pig disease: care and treatment

Mumps disease: care and treatment

pig disease

pig disease. For sure, about this disease with the funny name they know everything. Few, however, clearly imagines the process flow of the disease, as well as all the consequences that may entail pig. Let's try to find out more details about this disease and how to reduce the likelihood of developing such complications to a minimum.

And we start our story that the pig - thisname used colloquially. it is called "mumps" in the official medicine. This disease is contagious nature of origin and is characterized by a strong affection of the salivary glands parotid. Because of this defeat, the patient's face swells, resembling the snout little animals, after whom this disease and received popularly known as "pig."

The course and symptoms

As with any infectious disease,pig has its incubation period. As a rule, it is an average of twenty-one days. However, quite rare, but nevertheless there are cases of atypical disease - in these cases, the incubation period is extremely short and lasts no more than one - two days. Remember that a sick person, usually a child, all that the incubation period is very dangerous to others as a source of infection.

The disease is fairly typical, and has a strong and easily recognizable symptoms. These include:

  • The deterioration of the general state of health

As with any disease, the patient's conditionchild when the disease gets worse very - it can start acting up all the time to sleep or, conversely, to be extremely excited. Parents should not leave this state without due consideration to the child.

  • Increased body temperature

Typically, immediately after theterminates the incubation period, the child sick with fever. Most often it is in the range 38 - 39 degrees, but in severe cases may increase in body temperature to 40 degrees.

  • Swelling of the glands

Around the second day after the increasebody temperature sick child may begin to complain of pain appeared in dimples behind the ears and neck. Usually, pain appears only with the first one side and then - with the other. After about a day in the same sequence will appear and swelling of glands.

At the touch of these swellings are doughyconsistency on palpation (palpation) rather painful - usually the baby rarely gives quietly feel the prostate gland. In addition, marked soreness and swallowing, chewing and even just opening his mouth. All this brings a lot of discomfort ill child. Another hallmark of the fact that the child is ill with mumps is very specific skin tumors in the area - she reddened, very smooth and shiny.

Swelling gradually increases in sizefor about five days. As a result, the whole cheek is swollen, or even both. And only after that the swelling begins to subside. However, please note - it will disappear completely not earlier than the tenth day of the disease. At about the same time the child's normal body temperature, improves overall health.

As I mentioned earlier - this disease insome cases may entail a number of specific complications. Mumps disease: effects may be such as inflammatory processes affecting the meninges, the gray matter of the brain, the pathological lesions of the middle ear. Boys complications can affect the reproductive system.

pig disease

Treatment and care

But do not panic - it almostall cases, complications arise as a result of improper care of the sick child. That is why doctors continually remind parents of the need to carefully follow all the recommendations for child care, the sick pig. These recommendations are quite simple:

  • Private room for a sick child

Ideally, a sick child needsto provide a separate room, especially if a family has more children. The disease is highly contagious. That's why a sick child should have separate utensils and towels and other hygiene items. Although, in principle, they should be and have a healthy baby.

  • bed rest

A child at the first sign of the diseaseI should immediately go to bed. And stay there he must stay until full recovery. Of course, many children, it is very difficult to keep in bed - sometimes almost impossible. However, parents will have to make every conceivable, and sometimes unimaginable efforts. This is especially true of boys. Otherwise, the likelihood of complications is very high.

  • Access to the sick child doctor - pediatrician

Even if you are sure that yourthe child is ill with mumps, still call house doctor. Only a doctor can accurately determine this pig, or the inflammation of the lymph nodes. This requires a serious inflammation of the treatment of antibacterial drugs. If the disease does not recognize the time, you can lose precious time.

Treatment of mumps

Generally, treatment typically occurs in a childhome. However, in severe cases, the child has to be hospitalized for treatment of infectious department of the hospital. This happens very rarely, so if you really a doctor insists on hospitalization, refuse in any case impossible - hence the disease really has taken a severe form of the flow.

No specific treatment of the disease requires. only those measures which are aimed at facilitating the general condition of a sick child can take. These measures include:

  • Bandages and compresses on the throat

In order to remove the pain of the baby onthe neck can put a bandage of gauze and bandages, or tie a warm scarf. You can also make a warm compress oil. To do this, heat a few tablespoons of any vegetable oil, soak it in gauze. Look carefully to ensure that the napkin was not too hot - otherwise you risk to burn the skin of the child

  • Gargling

Let the baby as often as possible gargling with warm soda solution - a glass of water, take one teaspoon. If the child is too young, let him drink as much as warm as possible.

As a rule, these measures are quite enough for the child to successfully recovered.

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