" "How to wean a child from breastfeeding

How to wean a child from breastfeeding

how to separate the baby from the breast

Time runs quickly, and yesterday helplessgrudnichok today is quite independent toddler. And how sad it is not aware of his need for her mother gets a little smaller. In particular this applies, of course, breastfeeding.

When the child turns about a half - twothe year before the mother raises the question of how to separate the baby from the breast. In order for this process went more smoothly, mom needs to know several physical and psychological characteristics, like his body, so the body and the baby.

And above all, to successfully wean a child frombreastfeeding mother should clearly represent the lactation process. It is ignorance of what is going on in a woman's body in certain periods, often gives rise to difficulties and complications of the process of weaning the baby from the breast.

Lactation is divided into three stages of flow:

  1. Stage of development. This step begins a few months before the birth of your crumbs, when produced during pregnancy hormones begin to prepare the breast for milk production. Continues during this period as long as the mammary gland is not adjusted to the needs of the child, about two - three months after the birth of a baby. During this period, possibly intermittent swelling of the chest, possibly even the appearance of symptoms. Unfortunately, it is at this stage of my mother are frightened and transferred to artificial crumb mixture.
  2. Mature stage of lactation. At this stage of the breast as much as possible adapted to the needs of the crumbs disappear soreness overcrowding breast - milk is produced only as much as necessary to the child. Mom does not feel the need to express milk or, conversely, to finish feeding the baby formula.
  3. Stage of lactation involution. There comes approximately 1, 5 - 2, 5 years of baby's life. Most importantly, the characteristic feature of this stage of lactation, this change in the composition of milk. At this time, milk composition resembles colostrum: it contains a very large number of antibodies, immunoglobulin and hormones. The body prepares mother crumbs so that weaning the baby from the breast happened without the threat of his immunity.

It is in the stage of lactation involution most reasonableto think over how to wean the baby from the breast. Numerous studies confirm the fact of pediatricians that children, excommunicated at this time, in a few months almost never get sick. And those kids who were excommunicated at one year of age, in the second year of life, as a rule, carry some infectious diseases, before their immune system learns to function fully. Be sure to pay attention to it, deciding on how to fight off the baby from the breast.

When to wean the baby from the breast? Signs of lactation involution

To weaning the baby went smoothly and painlessly, mom to be sure that it is in the lactation phase of involution. It can be defined by the following features:

  1. duration of lactation period. It normally occurs in 1.5 - 2 years of life the baby, but never after 1, 3, the only exception - it's mother's repeated pregnancies. Due to hormonal changes in the mother, the involution stage typically occurs by 5 month of pregnancy.
  2. When the child lactation involution observedHigh-sucking activity. The reason is very simple: the need for the amount of food the baby has increased dramatically and the amount of milk on the contrary, decreases. The child instinctively trying to increase lactation by frequent and long-term attachment to the chest.
  3. The third, no less important, a sign of involution -the physical condition of the woman after feeding. A woman experiencing fatigue, drowsiness, possibly a manifestation of sore nipples. If you do not pay attention to such disturbing "bells", may cause dizziness, headaches and even fainting.

To weaning the child coincided exactly onphase of involution, pay again attention to his state. To be absolutely sure, perform the following experiment: leave the baby with relatives at least for a day. If during this time the breasts are not filled to such an extent that might appear painful. In the same case, if the first 12 o'clock you will feel a strong filling and pain in the chest, interrupt feeding too early: it does not bring benefits you or your crumbs.

Also, be sure to note the following fact. You can not stop feeding at the first sign of the onset phase of involution. It was at this time there is increased production of much-needed child immunoglobulins and antibodies that protect the baby and from the appearance of possible diseases. Nature thus prepares the baby for an independent life, without physical symbiosis mother.

When contraindicated weaning the child?

wean the child from breastfeeding

In addition to stage of lactation have a few cases,when to wean the baby from the breast is highly undesirable and, moreover, can harm the child's health and development. Having made the decision to stop breastfeeding, be sure to pay attention to the factors described below:

  • Not to leave the child from the breast in early spring,when the thaw begins, because at this time, as a rule, begin the epidemic of SARS and influenza. Baby, devoid of mother's milk, much more exposed to viruses and its chances of getting significantly increase.
  • Summer heat is also not suitable to stop breast-feeding, as the high-temperature air is much higher risk of intestinal infection.
  • Teething - a period when weaningbaby from the breast is extremely undesirable. During the active phase of the eruption of tooth immunity of the child is considerably weakened, and, left without the support of antibodies and immunoglobulins, the baby can be very sick. In addition, the teeth growth period the baby is experiencing the physical, and as a consequence, moral discomfort. Depends on my chest and how he needs moral support.
  • If your baby is sick or after his illnessIt took less than a month, my mother, too, is to delay the termination of breastfeeding. The same is true in cases where someone was sick of people living with the baby.
  • mothers go to work in the child's campaign manger,emergence of a new member of the family, moving and should not coincide with the cessation of breastfeeding. This is explained by the fact that all the changes in the baby's life, as a rule, cause him stress. A deprivation of mother's milk will be an additional stress factor, which will only exacerbate the situation.
  • Another very important factor, which is required toWe need to pay attention before weaning - a stable emotional state of the child. If the kid is capricious and constantly crying, my mother also should wait for a more favorable time to further not aggravate the situation.

Methods of weaning

Very rarely it happens that the kid aloneand absolutely painless refuses to breastfeed. For most mothers the question of how to wean the baby from the breast, is very, very important.

For many years women have tried mostdifferent ways of weaning. Some of them are very effective, others do not bring no effect, while others openly hurt the psyche of the child. Young mother may get lost, standing in front of goal.

We asked a consultant on breastfeedingfeeding tell our readers about the most popular ways of weaning the baby from the breast. You can estimate the pros and cons of each method on how to wean the baby from the breast, and choose the most suitable for you and your crumbs.

  • Many mothers on the advice of the older generationThey prefer to smear some nipples - a bitter substance, such as mustard. This method can be very effective, but it is not necessary at this forget that this kid can be a real tragedy. Try to imagine yourself in the place of crumbs: mother's breast from birth was not only a source of food for him, and gave a feeling of peace and of security. And here, once again, running up to her mother, the child feels in his mouth the bitterness. It can cause severe emotional stress.
  • Another way of how to stop feedingbreastfeed, it is a lubrication nipple zelyonkoj. This mom explains to the child that the breast milk and it hurts no more. It also sometimes works, but do not forget that little kids always very sincerely and strongly empathize with the pain of others, and especially mothers pain. If your crumb is too emotional, do not make him worry.
  • Very often in response to the question of the mother howthrow breastfeed, she hears the advice to leave the house for a week - another. These methods are highly controversial: on the one hand, it really helps the child to throw his chest faster. On the other hand, a child may feel abandoned and not fit mother. Of course, over time, impaired emotional connection will be restored, but the nerves mother and baby will be badly marred.

How to separate the child from the breast?

Since otsadit child from the breast, making itthe process less painful for the mother and for the baby? The most important rule to be observed is as follows: in any case it is impossible sharply to interrupt breastfeeding. Number of feedings should be reduced gradually. Every three days, replace one breastfeeding on supplementation. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the duration of breast-feeding itself. The last step is to eliminate the night feedings.

In that case, if the child categoricallyrefuses to eat or drink a mixture of plain milk, try giving him expressed breast, but from a bottle or cup (depending on the age of the crumbs). If the kid is stubborn and stubbornly refuses the bottle, ask your dad or grandmother to give him a bottle. Often the baby agrees, while the hands of the mother, he does not want to take a bottle.
If the baby is still stubborn, try to skip one feeding. In the end, hunger will do the trick.

Also very important question of how to separatebaby from the breast during the night. After all, the problem of deprivation night breast-feeding a child is most acute. Almost all the kids at night, wake up and cry. And, as a rule, it is the best way to calm the chest. The child becomes accustomed to this ritual reassurance as to what - something natural and self-evident.

And in a "beautiful" night, not findingusual breasts, pipsqueak arrange hysteria. All attempts to appease his mother often leads to the opposite result. In this case, the ideal situation would be that the child will try to reassure the pope or someone from relatives. Of course, my mother would not be easy to hear the lamentation of their crumbs and soothe him while. But only a certain toughness and perseverance will help you succeed in this difficult matter, how to wean the baby from breastfeeding.

It is a question of much debate when and howto separate the child from the breast. Komorowski (pediatrician) argued that feeding the child only useful up to a year. However, as shown by the latest research, early weaning is only possible if the further feeding is physically impossible (serious illness, the mother's departure). And it is very important to know how to stop breast feed, in order to minimize the risk of complications in the mother. In a dramatic feeding before the involution stage often used the methods below:

  • Pulling the chest. This method does not lose its relevance for many years. Unfortunately, this method is 90% only leads to occurrence of mastitis. This fact is explained by the fact that the war chest in no way affects the amount of produced milk. And certainly not reduced its amount. A tightening of the milk ducts cause a blockage.
  • Reducing liquid a woman drinks alsoIt brings nothing but harm. The amount of milk is not dependent on the number of drunk liquid. Moreover, a woman who drinks three liters of fluid a day, lactation stops faster.
  • The use of drugs that reducelactation. Enough effective method, however, is totally unacceptable to take any - any drugs on their own. It is much wiser to decide how to wean the baby from the breast, along with the doctor. It will help to choose the right drug at the optimal dose.

In conclusion, it is necessary to add: the most important key to success is how to wean the baby from the breast is your solid confidence in the necessity of the act. If the mother feels the slightest doubt, an attempt is doomed to failure. We wish you and your kids quickly and painlessly pass this important stage of growing up.

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