" "Hydrocele in boys

Hydrocele in boys

hydrocele in boys

Some parents of young boys sometimesmay face such a disease as hydrocele. If a child hydrocele, treatment should begin as alas, but, as soon as possible, it is impossible to make not in all cases of a child of the disease. If the edema is detected in newborn boys is still in the hospital more often, then the older kids may be diagnosed late.

Many parents noticed something was wrong, not simplypay to change the size of the testicles attention, believing that this age-related changes. It is only when one or both testicles have become excessively large, parents are beginning to sound the alarm. But the sooner the disease is detected, the more effective it is treated. Hydrocele in boys nowadays, with timely diagnosis, appropriate treatment and care of the child, not the child's health is absolutely no negative effects.

This disease is characterized by the testiclesthe baby is a violation of the normal outflow and, consequently, the formation of excess fluid. Edema is of two types - congenital and acquired. Described in more detail below both types of the disease, its symptoms and treatment. After all, just knowing about the disease of all the information, you can successfully deal with it. And doctors, unfortunately, often do not consider it necessary to devote parents the details of the disease and its treatment, and often altogether silent about this, believing that parents know it's just not necessary.

Congenital hydrocephalus

The cause of dropsy is a violation ofthe normal development of the testes. In the fetus descends into the scrotum not only the egg, but also part of the peritoneum, which bears the name of the processus vaginalis. Normally existing in the processus vaginalis hole grows. But if this does not happen in the scrotum child begins to accumulate water. Fluid may resides in the scrotum, and can be circulated in the peritoneum and the child. In some cases, the disappearance of such hydrocephalus occurs spontaneously, without the intervention of surgeons, when the hole is overgrown.

Of course, such violations of fetal development is notthere are just so out of nowhere. The reasons for this development deviations, surely known to physicians, not too little. In particular, these include:

  • The presence of a pregnant woman's bad habits

The use of the future mother drinks containingalcohol, smoking, being in a smoke-filled rooms - all this greatly increases the risk of various complications in the baby, including hydrocele.

  • The use of some pharmacological agents

Certain medications, when they will betake a pregnant woman, can disrupt the normal process of development of the internal organs of the fetus. Including such as cleft peritoneal process and, consequently, the occurrence of congenital hydrocephalus.

  • Infection of a pregnant woman with rubella

In that case, if a pregnant woman becomes infectedrubella, there is a very high risk of developing the child's gross violations of development. That is why doctors are in such a situation is pressing for abortion. If the infection has occurred on the big stage of pregnancy, the risk of gross pathology is significantly less than in their pregnancy. But ovarian dropsy arises in such cases is very, very often.

  • Infection of a pregnant woman with chickenpox

The disease of the pregnant woman with chickenpox does not entail such serious consequences as rubella infection. However testicles edema occurs very often.

  • Genetic predisposition

Hydrocele is often the result of genetic inheritance baby. Moreover, the disease can be transmitted through a one - two generations, and in ten - twelve.

The amount of liquid which, when hydroceleaccumulates in the scrotum, can vary greatly. In mild cases it may be only a few milliliters and in advanced form of the disease - the one to three liters! Moreover, these figures relate to the newborn children - older children upper limit may be even higher. Sometimes the scrotum can be so much to grow in size, that the child is no longer even walk and sit properly. And only in the prone position the child comes transient improvement. You understand that any discomfort this disease brings a child, regardless of whether it is a newborn crumb, or the older boy. Despite the fact that the threat to the life of the child this state can not be held, lead a normal life baby just can not.

Despite the fact that the child, as statedabove, experiencing significant discomfort, pain hydrocephalus usually causes no. However, if too much liquid accumulates, the child can experience some pain, the intensity of which varies in each case. Accumulation of fluid can occur in waves, but often does occur gradually. When palpation of the testes palpable pear-shaped seal, the upper part of which is directed towards the inguinal canal.

His form this kind of hydrocephalus in children than -it resembles an hourglass. dropsy size will depend on the amount of accumulated fluid. Dropsy large size can sometimes make it difficult urination and lead to the development of complications such as acute urinary retention. That's why pediatricians highly advised not to delay the operation and hold it as soon as it becomes available.

hydrocele treatment folk remedies

Causes of hydrocele in infants

Faced with your child the phenomenonedema, the doctor interested in what it is that the impetus for the development of the disease. Nowadays, doctors identified a number of causes of hydrocele:

  • Not completely overgrown with peritoneal process

As mentioned above, in the case induring fetal development peritoneal process has not overgrown sufficiently communicating hydrocephalus occurs. Distinguish communicating hydrocele is very simple. When the baby is in an upright position, dropsy symptoms present. But should the child go, dropsy completely or almost completely disappear, as the fluid moves into the abdominal cavity.

Parents of children suffering from communicatinghydrocephalus, should be particularly attentive to the health of your crumbs - very often the disease is accompanied by a hernia. This happens because in the process of peritoneal nezarosshy often fall into the scrotum organs crumbs, such as an egg, a strand of omentum or bowel loops.

  • Inflammatory process

The second reason for the development of a child hydrocephalus are inflammatory processes in the testicle or its appendages.

  • Postoperative edema

This type of disease occurs most rarely, usually after surgery for inguinal hernia. Such a cause of the disease occurs in only 2% of all cases.

Dropsy of testicular membranes

testicular membranes Dropsy is also acongenital or acquired. Congenital hydrocele, as well as the testes themselves may also be reported and not reported. The acquired form of hydrocele is symptomatic and idiopathic.

In the case of shells hydrocelediagnosed in a newborn baby, with the treatment, doctors usually try not to rush. They explain their decision by the fact that in many cases, as they grow older crumbs overgrowth occurs peritoneal process and, as a consequence, the disease passes on their own without any medical intervention was. However, if the doctor has taken a wait and see position, at all times it will be very carefully monitor the state of the crumbs, and at the least possible deterioration of the operation.

Acquired hydrocele occurs in the membranesresult of various inflammatory processes, trauma of the scrotum, disruption of the normal outflow of lymph fluid. Typically, in this case for the treatment of hydrocele sufficiently cure the underlying disease. After that, the edema disappears on its own.

The occurrence of dropsy

In addition to the nature of the origin of hydrocele disease doctors are divided into two sub-categories, the nature of the disease occurrence:

  • The acute form of the disease course

The acute form is due to hydroceledevelopment of inflammatory disease, or the receipt of a toddler injury. Also, more rarely, in older children, acute hydrocele can be seen as a complication of acute respiratory infections, influenza, mumps and other childhood infections.

Symptoms appear suddenly and immediatelyin a distinct manner. The testicle swells strongly enough - the swelling can be seen even without medical training. Finding symptoms of dropsy in his son, parents should immediately consult a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon.

  • The chronic form of the disease course

The chronic form of the disease course in allcases is nothing but a consequence of the acute form are not diagnosed in a timely manner or has not received adequate treatment for one reason or another.

hydrocele in boys

Diagnosis and treatment of hydrocele

Diagnosis of this disease for childrenthe doctor does not make absolutely no difficulty. It starts diagnosis, usually from visual inspection. If during the inspection that the doctor - or seem suspicious, he would send a child on ultrasound examination, during which it will be possible exactly to determine not only the presence of the disease itself, but also the nature of its origin. During the ultrasound the doctor does not only recognize the state of the testicles and appendages, but also the nature and volume of the liquid.

In addition, an ultrasonicResearch can also identify or exclude the presence of a child's potential co-morbidities, such as a cyst of the spermatic cord or inguinal hernia. But often these comorbidities are just the primary sources of hydrocele of the disease in children.

In some cases, the diagnosis of hydrocephalusTesticular doctors have to resort to the help of parents. Sometimes detect symptoms of dropsy is possible only when the child is in a horizontal position - especially at night when the baby sleeps. In such a case would be a good tool Photo testicular tumors made by parents at the time, when it is seen visually.

As mentioned above, hydrocele or shells is an independent disease is extremely rare. Most often it is a consequence of the underlying disease. Listed below are the main ones:

  1. Undescended testicle to the scrotum in the end. This phenomenon is called cryptorchidism.
  2. The presence of the child false hermaphroditism.
  3. Have the baby ventriculo - peritoneal shunt.
  4. The birth of a premature crumbs with low weight.
  5. The presence of the crumb of liver diseases, particularly ascites.
  6. Congenital defects of the baby of the abdominal wall.
  7. Genetic predisposition to the emergence of the baby hydrocele.

As a rule, with a similar ailment experienced older brothers, father or uncle of the child. Such inheritance equally often passed both the maternal and paternal lines.

  1. Possible testicular torsion crumbs.
  2. Injury of the perineum and scrotum boy. And often provoke development of the disease could even the most minor injury - for example, not strong blow toy. Therefore, little boys, parents should be very careful and cautious.

If found hydrocele in boys, treatment should be timely. Hydrocele requires constant medicalcontrol, regardless of whether it comes to a small child or even a teenager. Child suffering from hydrocele, put on the account in the pediatric urologist - andrologist. In the event that there is an excess accumulation of fluid and, consequently, the voltage egg shells, the physician usually resorts to puncture. The purpose of the puncture in this situation is to remove the excess liquid, to avoid complications. Sometimes doctors have carried out a number of such punctures to stabilize the child's condition.

As a rule, acquired hydrocele in childrenOlder most doctors prefer to treat surgically. The situation with newborn babies suffering from congenital hydrocele, is a little different - doctors prefer to observe the child for at least the first six months of life, without resorting to surgery. Ideally, if the child's condition allows, it is desirable to have recourse not before the child reaches the age of two.

The exception to this is the emergence of the baby the following complications:

  • Joining a hydrocele inguinal hernia.
  • The presence in the scrotum too much liquid, which causes excessive tension of testicular membranes.
  • The child begins to regularly complain of intense pain in the scrotum. Or, if it is too small to show constant concern.
  • For hydrocele joins any - any secondary infection.

In children, the elderly observationcourse of the disease without surgery is usually performed in the event that a child diagnosed with a form of traumatic hydrocephalus. The child's condition is estimated by doctors for three months, during which doctors monitor the dynamics disease. And only if the condition does not occur improve doctors resort to surgical intervention. However, one should pay attention to the fact that this expectant management in traumatic hydrocephalus is only possible if the resulting injury is not the integrity of the egg was broken.

The most difficult case is the treatment of hydrocephalusdropsy, arising as a complication of surgery to remove an inguinal hernia. In this case, the disease is very important to carry out the operation on time - if it is done too early, it will not bring the kid almost no help.

That is why doctors usually carefully watchingthe state of the child, make regular ultrasound tests to adequately assess the dynamics of the disease, as well as how effective the treatment. And only on the basis of comprehensive studies and supervision of a physician decides to proceed with the operation.

Hydrocele disease in adolescents

A bit more complicated is the identificationdisease in adolescent boys. From a physiological point of view, of course, the diagnosis is simple and is carried out in the normal way. But the difficulty lies in the psychological characteristics of young people in the transition to adulthood. Parents usually naked at this age of his son will not see - the child goes to the toilet on their own, in the bathroom and does not need the help of parents. Thus, self-detect the presence of hydrocele parents can not afford.

In adolescence, many teens feelingmodesty sharpened particularly strong. And even in the case when a child finds a presence of a tumor, it does not always go for help to the parents, even if they have a great relationship.

Parents can guess that their son that something was wrong, only relying on indirect evidence, such as:

  • The child is often locked in a closet or bathroom, spending too much for a long time.
  • Also, parents may notice that the child's gait has changed, become more "Utko shaped."
  • The child became interested in a variety of prints and books on human health.
  • The internet browser history, you suddenly find traces of visits to various specific medical sites.

If you see two or more of the abovetraits in his son, you should ask the child - whether all in his order. There is an opinion that these topics should talk with the boy's father. However, child psychologists in this regard have a slightly different opinion - talk with the child should be the parent who has a close contact with the child.

If a child is when you try to talk away fromresponse, it is not necessary to play in a friendship with a teenager. In this situation the question of the health of the child. Of course, we should not try to forcibly remove the linen from the teenager, but parents must insist on the need to campaign to the doctor. And do not trust the child's word in this situation. It can be a sense of restraint not to go to the doctor, and you say that he was there. Be sure to go to the doctor with your child. At the same time you get the opportunity to learn about the health of his son from the doctor. Many parents fear that's so blindly, based only on hunches, take the child to the doctor. However, nothing - no doctor refuses to examine the child even if the parents' suspicions were not confirmed.

hydrocele treatment

The effects of the disease

Despite its apparent harmlessness, whenthe absence of proper treatment of hydrocele in boys consequences may lead to the most negative to the child's health, often those that will be felt only in the distant future, when the child becomes an adult.

Edema, which hurts the child overquite a long time (two years or more), has on egg permanent mechanical impact, causing compression syndrome. As a consequence, in the normal egg disturbed blood flow and the movement of lymph, and as a result, developing a testicular hypoplasia, or if an older child is sick, even to testicular atrophy.

Among other things, the presence of dropsythere is a significant violation of the physiological temperature in the scrotum. Such an increase in temperature for a long time leads to disruption of the full process of spermatogenesis. Under normal conditions, the formation of sperm and further development occurs in the conditions of temperature, which is about two degrees lower than body temperature of man. In boys, the long dropsy disease can lead to such complications as infertility in adulthood.

Features of the operation

As mentioned above, if the dropsy of the testicles isBoys, surgery is often inevitable. Of course, the very word "operation" extremely scares many parents. However, in all cases, the alarm has no basis. The operation for the elimination of dropsy is scheduled and does not present any complications for the surgeons.

Many parents ask doctors to refuseOperation and resort to puncture of the testicles, in order to remove the fluid. However, such a measure is a temporary measure, since the cause of the disease is not eliminated, and as a consequence, the liquid continues to accumulate in the testicles of the child.

The operation is conducted in order to excludeCommunication between the abdominal cavity and scrotum. For this, during the operation, the doctor selects and binds the vaginal process, which has not been transplanted. Also during the operation, the complete elimination of water education is carried out.

For surgical access in communicatingA hydropic surgeon does absolutely small, no more than two centimeters, a cut. But in the event that a child suffers from an isolated form of dropsy, the surgeon's access is provided by a cut in the scrotum.

Recovery of a child after surgery, asThe rule is very fast. As a rule, already two hours after the surgery, the anesthesiologist allows milking and feeding the child, and after three hours most children get up on their own. The first day children, as a rule, are injected with non-narcotic analgesics. Parents of small children are extremely important to ensure that babies do not do any sharp movements in the first few days.

For the application of internal seams surgeonsUse threads that have the ability to dissolve themselves after a while. But the external seams will need to be removed. As a rule, seams are removed on the fifth - the seventh day. Of course, most children are very afraid of this procedure, but it is completely painless.

Treatment of dropsy testicles folk remedies

In various sources of information, oftenThere are various prescriptions for the treatment of ovarian dropsy with recipes for folk medicine. However, in no case should you try to treat dropsy with folk methods in children under the age of ten. But the state of health of a teenager folk medicine can relieve significantly, and sometimes helps to avoid surgical intervention in the body.

A few very effectiveRecipes that have been helping thousands of children for decades. However, remember that the use of folk remedies for ovarian dropsy does not in any case remove the need to visit a urologist andrologist and follow all his recommendations.

Also, be sure to consult the child's doctor in advance and apply the medication only after the approval of the physician.

  • Decoction of chamomile

As you know, chamomile has a powerfulAntiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Receiving chamomile decoction effectively removes the inflammation of the testicles, and also prevents the attachment of bacterial infection. To prepare a decoction you need to buy at the pharmacy dry inflorescences of chamomile. In an enameled container boil one liter of water. After the water boils, pour into it three tablespoons of dry chamomile inflorescences, reduce the heat and simmer for 3 minutes.

After that, you need to do the following. From the gauze fabric, pre-sew a bag with which you strain the resulting broth. After the bag has cooled to body temperature, attach it to the dropsy, top with a plastic wrap and a cloth. Leave the compress for about an hour. In the same chamomile broth add sugar to taste and give it to the child every 4 hours for half a glass. The course of treatment should not exceed two weeks.

  • Decoction of dioecious nettle

It is not less useful when taking testiclesInside the broth of nettle dioecious. The broth of nettle is prepared as follows. In the summer, it is preferable to use the leaves and stems of fresh nettle. In winter, the nettle, purchased at any pharmacy, is also suitable. Place two tablespoons of the crushed raw material in a saucepan, pour half a liter of water and bring to a boil at low heat. After 5 minutes of boiling, turn off the broth, cover it tightly and leave for three hours. After that, drain the broth, and give the child before going to bed and in the morning on an empty stomach for 100 grams of broth. The course of treatment with nettle decoction should not exceed ten days.

  • Infusion of birch buds

If the disease caught your baby earlyIn the spring, when the buds on the trees have not yet blossomed, the infusion of birch buds can greatly alleviate the course of the disease. Of course, you can try and use the dry kidneys purchased in the pharmacy, but the effect will be several times weaker.

So, boil one liter of water, place the kidneysIn a gauze cloth or colander, lower it for a few seconds into boiling water and remove. After this, pass the kidneys through the meat grinder and again pour into boiling water. Turn off the water in a minute, cover it with a lid and wrap it tightly with a warm cloth. Insist birch buds need for 24 hours, then strain through gauze. Take the decoction of the child should only after eating, twice a day for 50 grams. The decoction of birch buds can be continued for three weeks.

And remember that the treatment of dropsy testiclesFolk remedies should only take place under the strict supervision of a physician. And in the event that the doctor does not approve of such treatment, or found that it did not help and insists on carrying out the operation, the parents should not insist on their own. It is much more sensible to agree with the treatment offered by a doctor.

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