" "A woman breast-feeding someone else's child

Woman breast feeding someone else's child

woman breast feeding someone else's child

Breastfeeding - absolutely naturalbiological process, which is absolutely no surprise. But sometimes, for various reasons, life is made up so that the mother can not breastfeed her baby alone.
In most cases, my mother just puts the baby on infant formula. However, the increasingly common phenomenon of a woman breast-feeding someone else's baby.
In the beginning of the last century were very popular nurse. All the ladies of noble families bandaged chest immediately after birth and breast-trust these women.

In our time around this issue is conductedstormy debate. Breastfeeding Advocates in one voice say, that donor breast milk is useful and does not carry any risk for the health of the child.
Pediatricians also warn parents against suchsolutions, citing the fact that donor breast milk can cause serious illness kid. Together with the baby breast milk can transmit such diseases as:

  • AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromeperson). Although supporters of the donor milk feeding and given as a counterargument that the AIDS virus is found in breast milk in minimal amounts and the chance to infect the child is negligible.
  • Viral hepatitis. The risk of transmission of the disease the baby is very, very great.
  • Cytomegalovirus is also very often transmitted through breast milk.

Do not forget about this, it would seem,little things like the microflora in the mouth baby, which is the same individual as fingerprints. It is likely that, feed someone else's baby, a woman after a while finds in the mouth of their offspring unpleasant symptoms of stomatitis.
In addition, doctors - immunologists also expressed sharply opposed to the child fed donor milk. They explain their position following facts research.

As you know, the first few days after birthin a woman's breast produces colostrum. Previously, doctors underestimated the value of colostrum, however, researchers have shown that it is the most valuable. Colostrum contains a large amount of essential for the baby immunoglobulins and antibodies, which have a powerful protective effect on the body of the newborn, which has not yet adapted to the new environment surrounding it. Moreover, in the milk of each specific women contain precisely those antibodies, and that in the quantities needed was her child. The woman, feeding someone else's child feeding, thereby exposing more immature immune system of the baby ordeal completely unnecessary stress. As a result, the effect is completely the opposite desired.

Much the same applies tobaby gastrointestinal tract. As we know, nutritional value and composition of breast milk changes daily, with changes in the children's needs. And the milk, which is useful year-old kid, can harm the newborn crumbs.
Typically, proponents of donor milk feedingin response to this fact cited as an example of those moms who feed their children so-called "tandem", that is, and the older child, and newborn crumbs. At first sight this objection seems absolutely logical: after all, the health of these children do not suffer from breast-feeding. But it is necessary to consider one interesting feature of the female body, in particular, the lactation process.

When new pregnancy occurs anywayprocess of natural extinction of lactation, and then begins the process of preparing the body for the birth of a new life and, accordingly, a new lactation. Very often, this process occurs very quickly, it may even go unnoticed for most moms. But, nevertheless, the body was reconstructed for the needs of the baby. The only difference from normal lactation process in this case is only that produced more milk, since breast sucking, and, therefore, increase lactation, not one, but two children.

In that case, if you can not for some - orreasons to feed a child for a while, instead of someone else to give the child milk, prepare in advance the, decanting it and freezing in the refrigerator. At a time when feeding is not possible, constantly express milk from the breast. So you will be able to maintain lactation until a more favorable moment.

Even if lactation has virtually ceased, butthe desire to breast-feed the left, it is possible to recover it, it's not as difficult as it seems. Moreover, if a woman wants to bring up her breasts foster child, even in this case (in view of the fact that the woman did not give birth), it is possible to start the process of lactation. It is fair to say that breastfeeding is a foster child, is perhaps the only case of a justified use of donor milk.

Doctors call lactation renewal processrelactation term. In fact, to achieve it simply, it is only necessary to carry out a series of systematic actions to comply strictly with the instructions the doctor or lactation consultant. However, the details in this material relactation process itself is not described, since each pair of "mother - child" is absolutely unique. And requires a thorough study of all the peculiarities of the situation, the state of health of mother and child, the child's age, and many other important aspects.

But even if we establish lactation mother, with alldesire, could not, do not risk the health of your baby and check on it all theories, hypotheses and guesses about feeding the child milk donor. Now there is a huge range of different high-quality blends. Of course, none of the best mixture can replace mother's milk. But donor milk is also not my mother, but a mixture of baby guaranteed to not bring any harm.

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