" "The child hanging on his chest

Child hanging on his chest

a child hanging on his chest

The most dear, the warmest, the most fragrant, the most - the most! Depends on my chest.
So when the baby miraculously perched comfortably under the breast and sucks pretty smacking. As a rule, my mother also rests in these minutes.

That's just sometimes it happens that a child hangs onBreast virtually most of the day, taking breaks between meals just 20-30 minutes. Of course, this somewhat limits my mother's actions - not so easy to walk with the baby, not so easy to have time to do housework, it is impossible to fully relax. Typically, such a problem faced by moms kids from one to three months.

Unfortunately, my mother often get nervous insuch cases: he may not have enough milk and he was hungry all the time? Upset woman in this case is absolutely not worth it, but to understand what is happening and whether it is normal that a child is constantly hanging on his chest, you just need.

First we need to eliminate the most unpleasantfor every mom the reason - the lack of milk. After all, the first thing to think about my mother, whose child clock hanging on the chest - this is something that she can not feed the baby fill.

Checking it is quite easy - justcount the number of voiding the baby during the day. If you practice the use of diapers, then replace them one day experiment conventional gauze diapers - so it will be easier to count how many times a day the child wrote. If your score - from 10 to 12 wet diapers, then absolutely do not worry, your baby enough milk.

If you counted at least ten wet diaper- All the same it is not necessary to be upset! Main believe that your breast milk in sufficient and, necessarily, contact a consultant on breastfeeding - perhaps it is simply a poor latch, which entails a lack of milk and constant hovering on the chest.

child is constantly hanging on the chest

Another common reason thatchild is constantly hanging on your chest may be unstable, and sometimes even stressful situation at home, where his mother lives. If you have any reason or constantly check their nerves on the fortress, the child, feeling your condition, intuitively want to protect - and is there for the crumbs to a more secure and comfortable than my mother under the breast? So try to protect yourself and your baby from the problems that make you excited and nervous. Remember mom should be calm and balanced.

Often, mothers complain of night "hovering" babyon the chest, which does not help them sleep. In this case, it should immediately be noted that it is absolutely normal and even necessary phenomenon, because it is the number of the night to suck the milk forms a "request" of the body for the whole day! The main thing to find a position that is comfortable for you and for your baby. Over time you get used to and learn and sleep, and feed at the same time.

If you are calm and balanced, if youenough milk, but the baby is still literally living under your breast, it may well be that he was so - just like that! Yes, like sucking your breast, the other kids suck a pacifier, finger, fist. After all, kids are very well developed sucking reflex - they suck not only saturation, but also just for fun. And also remember that babies up to three months, eating little and often, sometimes several times per hour, as their digestive system is not yet fully matured. It will take quite some time to develop into a "free" mode.

Consultants on breastfeeding are advisedthe mummies, who are so fond of kids hang on the chest, try not to be nervous, and get the pleasure of communicating with your baby while feeding. It is desirable that most of the concerns have taken the family at home. Lactating women is crucial to fully relax, because it is the most important job - to be a mom!

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