" "Pregnancy Week 42: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 42: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 42: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

The baby continues to grow and gain weight. This may cause some difficulties in childbirth. After all, big baby is somewhat more complicated to move through the birth canal. In addition, it continued aging of the placenta, which can lead to a deterioration in fetal nutrition and the development of hypoxia. At this stage of pregnancy lasts ossification of the skull bones, and the fetal skeleton. Typically, overripe skull become dense, whereby during birth they lose the ability to configuration. This may contribute to a prolonged period of attempts at delivery, resulting in a birth injury may develop in the child.

Pregnancy Week 42: uzi. At this period in a child's eyes are open, grown long hair and nails. In general, it has become more active. If perenoshennosti child's skin can be no generic layer of grease, wrinkled, dry and flaky, and sometimes even can have a yellowish tint.

Pregnancy Week 42: symptoms. Up to 42 weeks' dohazhivayut "only 10% of pregnant women. But even if you hit a number, do not worry, because in 70% of cases initially simply wrong term birth was calculated. However, in order not to miss a truly post-term pregnancy, should be kept under medical supervision.

Pregnancy Week 42: signs. Prolonged pregnancy is fraught with complicated childbirth: hemorrhage and weak labor activity. Therefore, in women with post-term pregnancy due to acute fetal hypoxia and complications of labor is higher frequency of cesarean delivery.

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