" "Pregnancy Week 40: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 40: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 40: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

By the time your baby is terribly tired ofdark, besides, he has to be very close to your stomach. Pregnancy Week 40: uzi. Movement of the baby on the fortieth week of pregnancy slowed down, he looked forward to the onset of his finest hour - the birth. Now the child sticking out his chest. This is due to the high content of estrogen in the woman's blood.

Your child asks out. Take it!

96% of babies are born head first. As soon as the fetal head erupt for vulvar ring, obstetrician with a vacuum pump starts suctioning of mucus from the baby's airway. This allows the infant to make faster your first breath in life.

Pregnancy Week 40: symptoms. While waiting for the onset of labor, your body has long been preparing for this moment. And this long-awaited moment has come - you went into labor. Try not to get irritated and do not be nervous over nothing. Now you need to save power for the important process - the birth. Prepare to be that you will be hurt. If you decide to give up the pain relief, remember, you have the right at any time to change your mind.

Pregnancy Week 40: signs. The appearance of an heir you notify a loud cry of the new inhabitant of the planet Earth.
You've done an incredibly difficult job! For this feat he awaits hysterically screaming and squinting from the light of your long-awaited baby - your treasure and your continued.

Shortly after the birth of your babymeasure and weigh. Then take a newborn will carry out its first in life the toilet, getting prevention gonoblenorrei (eye disease) and bask. At the foot of the newborn and the handle is attached tag with the year number and the time of birth of the baby, as well as your name.

The average birth weight is about 3500 grams, length - about 48-51 centimeters.

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