" "Pregnancy Week 39: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 39: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 39: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Now your baby is almost no room for too much action. He is ready to be born right now: he has a strong grip, knees pressed to his chin.

Pregnancy Week 39: uzi. On the body of the baby almost did not vellus hair remains. Fingernails and toenails are already fully industry. By this time your baby has already become a completely independent little man, he was able to independently perform all its vital functions. In this period there is a small chance that the cord may be wrapped around the baby's neck or tied in knots. The baby continues to gain weight.

He now weighs about 3250 g Its length - about 36 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 39: symptoms. In this period the woman is shortened and opens the cervix. Now more than ever for the entire period of pregnancy bladder feels very strong pressure. A sign of the upcoming birth are more frequent and intensifying the fight, coming at regular intervals.

Pregnancy Week 39: signs. In this period it becomes easier to breathe, maybe even some women weight loss. The fruit falls deeper into the pelvis, and with it the bottom of the uterus. On the eve of related genera woman may experience a little nervousness. What other signs of the upcoming birth? Bloody discharge from the genital tract says that will soon depart mucous plug. It is also characterized by increased appetite and dilution of the chair. It remains quite a bit before delivery!

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