" "Pregnancy Week 36: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 36: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 36: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Now your baby begins to actively prepare for thehis birth. At this stage in his chubby little body and fat cheeks. When the 36 week pregnancy occurs, ultrasound may show that completely smoothed wrinkles. FACE was Gorny and plump. They have evolved due to the fact that your baby all the time sucking fingers, so he prepares to feed. The skull on the thirty-sixth week is still quite soft. Therefore, at the time of delivery, passing through the birth canal, it may be a bit flattened.

At the thirty sixth week, your baby weighs about 2,750, the length - about 33 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 36: symptoms. By this time the bottom of the uterus is already below the breastbone. The child in the truest sense of the word batters his legs right at your heart. It becomes difficult to breathe.

Starting this week, you are coming to the weekly visitsdoctor. By this time most fruits are placed head downwards in the uterus, but 4% of babies take breech position. In medicine, this situation is called a breech or breech.

Pregnancy Week 36: signs. Pregnancy is accompanied on this term is an unfortunate phenomenon of simultaneous hairiness of the skin. The reason for this - the hormones. Do not worry, very soon, immediately after birth, you will cease to disturb this problem.

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