" "Pregnancy Week 33: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 33: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 33 signs

At this stage, the fingers of hands and feet babycover groove - the skin picture. Pregnancy - 33 week ultrasound can show how he pushed and tumbles, it is still enough space for movements. However, it gradually narrows and by the end of this week will stop tumbling. Now the baby sleeps a lot, and waking up, listening as the sounds around him, and his own feelings. Cognitive activity continues. Now, millions of trillions of neurons brings ever new connections in his brain.

By the end of 33 weeks the baby weighs around 2000 a length of about 30 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 33: symptoms. From the moment of conception until this period has passed 7.5 months or 32 weeks. During this period, the uterus increased significantly in size. Increasingly, there is a need to urinate. Now physiological anemia gradually loses its edge, as the number of blood cells bounces back and starts comply plasma volume.

Pregnancy Week 33: signs. In this period, women may ache and numb hands, wrists and fingers. Every day pregnant woman become irresistible. Graceful plyuhanya on the sofas and chairs, duck waddled gait. At this stage, many women are increasingly withdraw remarkably vivid dreams at night.

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