" "Pregnancy Week 35: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 35: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

Pregnancy Week 35: signs, symptoms, ultrasound

In this period the walls of the room begin to waterembarrass the kid, very soon it will start to fall. In the meantime, continued development and improvement of all its internal organs. Still it continues leaving fatty tissue, particularly noticeable in the area of ​​okoloplechevoy.

Pregnancy Week 35: uzi. This week the baby's fingernails have grown to the tips. His shoulders are more round and soft. This week your baby will gain about 220 grams weekly. Lanugo gradually descends from him.

For thirty baby weighs about 2550g fifth week. Length - about 33 centimeters.

Pregnancy Week 35: symptoms. In this period it is time to think about leaving on maternity leave. Women are becoming hard to breathe and eat. The reason for this - pressing on the chest abdomen. Therefore, smaller meals is recommended: slowly and with few interruptions.

As often as possible rest, in order to avoid swelling, do not stand or sit for long periods in one position. Now is the time to attend courses for women in childbirth.

Pregnancy Week 35: signs. This week may be some difficulty with sleep. Many women in this period begin to bother how frequent urination and pain in the back. It is the nature in such a way prepares you for the future of sleepless nights. In order to cope with insomnia, try to drink less fluid before bed and during the day - do not bother to hard work.

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