" "Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9

Pregnancy Week 9: signs. The ninth week of pregnancy, the embryo begins to straighten back, "withers" tail, a disproportionately large head tilted to her chest, her chin is pressed. At this stage, there is an intensive development of the brain, the cerebellum starts to form. Also there is the brain of the adrenal tab.

Pregnancy Week 9 - Uzi

Pregnancy Week 9 - Uzi

Pregnancy Week 9: uzi. In an embryo already formed the eye, but still tight membrane and already have muscles. It was during this period he began to move slowly, though his grasp spontaneous movements can only US only. Limbs continue to be formed, and in the palms are very similar to the fins, there is already a hint of the fingers, as the membrane between them gradually disappear.

Pregnancy Week 9 - signs

Prenatal development of the baby at week 9

The placenta delivers food from your child back and return waste products.

If you have a 9 week pregnancy, then, usually, at this period of the embryo is about the length of 22 to 30mm. Weight - about 4 grams.

Pregnancy Week 9 - Symptoms

Tummy of 9 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy Week 9: symptoms. In the ninth week of pregnancy, many women persists nausea, fatigue, dizziness sometimes occur. Although the figure is still not possible to determine that the woman is pregnant, but she already feels the change - breasts swell and become more sensitive, the hair becomes drier skin - more flat and smooth, sometimes can be a yellowish discharge from the vagina. Do not worry - this is a natural and normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Also at this stage, some women become visible subcutaneous veins in the form of blue mesh.

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